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Started by pokemanandsons November 14th, 2020 12:44 PM
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We are new, I use to collect a long time ago and now my sons and I are starting a new adventure. Any support this community can provide is helpful. I am thinking of teaching them using the online TCG version o f the card game. It just seems to me that would be simpler because all the rules are built in vs have to know all the intricacies of the game at first. Any thoughts on how to teach a five and eight year old without driving the mad.
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I can't say I have any experience since the people I've taught have been older than that age, but I think the online card game is a great way to get someone to learn, and should still be easy for them to understand. Maybe just sitting down with them while they play and being there to guide them or answer any questions they could have could help them a lot.

Having them play against each other could be helpful as well, as they're just going to be playing against other real people after learning the game anyways.

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I've sadly never played the TCG in many years, nor ever tried the online version at all! but you're right in that it does seem a lot simpler to learn using the online version for many reasons, so I hope your family will get accustomed to it =') it's lovely to meet you all, welcome!
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I used to only ever collect cards lmao never ever learned to play them. Even until now I'm clueless. I'm sure there's plenty of guys out in the TCG subforum that can help out with that though.

Anyhow, welcome to the forums PokeMAN! Hope you like your stay here!
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