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Hi everyone !
I'm sorry if this has been discussed, I didn't find with the search tool, but as English isn't my language, I might just do it wrong. I speak French, fyi :)

My 3 children want to see every single anime and movie of Pokemon. I used to listen to a few episodes of the Indigo serie at first as a teenager, but Pokémon wasn't for me at this moment.

I try to find out what is the chronological order in which it would be better to watch them. I think that the movies happen during and between some series, but I can't find somewhere where there is a clear list, for example "Indigo League E1-60, then Pokémon the first movie, then E61-..." (I chose random numbers here).

If anyone as this info or link, it would be very appreciated ! Thank you


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I recommend checking this page out, which I found online (not affiliated with PC, it's a separate site) - it says what the best times to watch a movie are and why. There isn't an exact episode you should finish off at before watching a specific movie, so estimates are as close as we'll get going by what Pokémon Ash and his friends have at the time of the movie vs. episodes.
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