Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

I have recently started getting back into Pokémon heavy since COVID 19! I love going after the rare cards, the adrenalin is so nice! I also do card breaking over on twitch! If you ever want the chance to pull some hits but not have to find packs yourself and spend lots of money swing by sometime!
My twitch username is iB_FIlthy



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Nice to meet you, good luck on your pulls.~
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great to have you Filthy, welcome to the Pokecommunity!

hope you stick around and make friends on here! and good luck as well on your growing twitch channel :)

Hey guys , not really sure how this site works , was trying to reach the creator of Saffron , but I'd love to hear from yall what your favorite hacks are From Gbc up to Nds , much love .
you're thinking of mattymann my guy. best to go to the pokemon saffron romhack thread itself, find his account there, then contact him through private message or something. my fave hack would have to be gaia right now. normie answer, but it was the game where i legit had so much fun! close second is ofc glazed.
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