The Selfish Thread.

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Have you ever been Selfish or want to Express your selfishness in front of everyone? Do it here! Cuz everyone has a dark side.

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I'm not selfish. If I'm carrying excess, I donate it.
However, I can get jealous at times! Especially at pretty people, as I am not.

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I’ve been selfish in many different point in my life but none so much as when I prioritized drugs over everything else. I did some truly selfish and terrible things. But since getting sober (ten years this June!!) I’ve really tried to dedicate my life to helping others in any way that I can.

I always try to make myself flexible and available irl, I donate and volunteer regularly, I work as a medical assistant for the disenfranchised, and just generally put others before myself. I felt like I needed to make up for being such an awful human being in my past.. but now I’ve found that charity, compassion, and selflessness makes me unbelievably happy. There’s such a reward for helping others without expecting anything in return and I live for those moments I can do something to make another person’s day just a little bit better.
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Tbh. I feel like everything I do and say has some underlying selfishness. And be it just a sort of "attention grabbing" thing.

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id plug my social media here but im not that selfish


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i haven't bought a Trade Link Cable yet for VPP because i'm too selfish to give away any of my hard earned mons :p
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i haven't bought a Trade Link Cable yet for VPP because i'm too selfish to give away any of my hard earned mons :p
I just don't like letting them leave. I feel guilty abandoning my wee friends 😭

Time to be selfish:

I want a hamburger... no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake...
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I was selfish when I was younger perhaps not even realizing it though I also put others first before myself as well. Even though I have no social life now years later I still try to help others in need if I can and they want help. That's just who I am as a person I truly care for others especially my family.