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Hello! My name is Leon or Meep, both are fine. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was 5 and I've been playing the games and designing fanmon for many years now. I love to draw and write, and I made this account to get advice and help with, and hopefully eventually finish my fangame.


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Welcome to the Pokecommunity Meep! Nice to see another artist join us here, can't wait to see your works! You might enjoy the sections over at Create and Discover for your drawing and writing needs, so do check 'em out if you feel like it :) For fan game inquiries, you're best off at Game Development, but feel free to check out the entirety of our Fan Games sections' offerings. There should be plenty of folks who are eager to help you out with your game!

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to reach out to me or any other moderators you meet around the forums. We'd be glad to help you with anything :) Have a good day!
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Hiya Meep, welcome to Pokecommunity! Roni has already shown you some of the sections but if you feel like you can also join PC's Discord server and you can always come to the Forum Games if you want to meet more people :D

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Ooo! Hi Meep! I hope you decide to share some of your fakemon with us! We love seeing what users are capable of here and good Pokémon Art is always highly sought after. Best of luck and happy posting!
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Hi, Meep! (Cool name) Welcome to PC! :-)


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Meep is the cutest name, welcome!! I hope you'll enjoy it here :3c
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