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hi guys! just had a question about a 2007 pokemon card i had... i will attach a photo. i believe there is an error on this card.. i could use some help
Hi welcome to the forum preciousma! I'm going to send your topic over to the TCG section of the forum, since this is a request that will require knowledge from collectors. We have some talented staff and members in our trading card community who I think would love to help you out. I think you'll find what you're looking for there, good luck!

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After close examination I have determined your card to be fake. The font is too bold, the text doesn't match up in certain places (ESPECIALLY the flavor text) and the shading is missing from where the state one area should be.

Plus there is currently no record of a misprinted Charmeleon like this.

Sorry to tell you, but it's a fake. Probably just someone playing in Photshop.

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