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Fire Red Old-School Rom Base by Dreamaker and blackuser

Compatible with Pokémon Fire Red 1.0 [ 1636 – Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) ]
This is simply a Rom Base with all Pokémon and Abilities related to GEN I & II.
This includes, pre evo / evolutions.
Many people do not like how the CFRU was made and how difficult it is to insert or remove something, so I decided to create this rom base on the old methods.
Everything included is documented in the Contents.txt file, as well as the due credits.
Contains free space for you to add some Pokémon, for example all Starters.


# Patch/Hack @ Credits

Physical/Special/Status Split @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay and Dreamaker
Constant Hidden Power - Power: 70 @ Zeturic
UnHidden Power @ Zeturic
Nature Colors @ Spherical Ice
BW Repel System @ Darthatron
Poison Survival @ daniilS
Evolve Without National Dex @ Zeturic and Spherical Ice
Evolution via Happiness: 87% > 99% @ Li Yun and Dreamaker
Running Indoors @ HackMew
EVs Cap to 252 @ Touched
Vitamins Cap to 252 @ Manekimoney and DarkCyborg
Metric System Update
Critical Hit Probability [ GEN VI ] @ Chacha Dinosaur
Sleep Update [ GEN V ] @ Dreamaker
Paralysis Update [ GEN VII ] @ Delta231
Burn Update [ GEN VII ] @ Delta231
Save Fix @ Dreamaker
Text Speed - Fast / Sound - Stereo @ Navenatox
Remove Flashbacks @ Sierra
Pokédex Glitch Fix @ HackMew
Mew Obey Fix @ BluRose
Roaming Pokémon IV Fix @ HackMew
Replaces Roaming Pokémon for Mew @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay and Dreamaker
Wild Pokémon use AI Scripts @ AkameTheBulbasaur
Binding Moves Update @ kleenexfeu and MrDollSteak
Disable Update @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay
Spite Update @ Chacha Dinosaur
Protection Moves Fix/Update @ Mr.Pkmn
Encore Update @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay
Taunt Update @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay
Blizzard Update @ Chacha Dinosaur
Hyper Beam Outdate @ Skeli and DarkCyborg
Growth Update @ Tlachtli
Rapid Spin Update @ blackuser
Stockpile Update @ blackuser
Charge Update @ MrDollSteak
Howl Update @ blackuser
Important Move Effect Updates @ AkameTheBulbasaur
Volt Tackle by Breeding @ UltimaSoul and AkameTheBulbasaur
Light Ball Update @ Chacha Dinosaur
Add Item - Choice Specs @ Super Versekr Dark
Add Item - Choice Scarf @ Super Versekr Dark
Add Item - Link Stone @ Lance32497
Battle String Function @ Jambo51
CallASM Function @ Jambo51
Shinyzer @ HackMew
Altering Cave @ shanem7
Hail Weather Fix @ daniilS and BluRose
Evolve by Level Up if Holding an Item @ Zeturic and Dreamaker
Deletable HMs @ JPAN
Trainers with EVs @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay, SP458, Li Yun and Dreamaker
EV-IV Display Screen @ Acimut, Super Versekr Dark, Li Yun and Dreamaker
EV-Reducing Berries @ Spherical Ice
Replace Weight Comparison Screen @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay and Squeetz
Full Exp for Participating in a Battle @ DoesntKnowHowToPlay
No Healing Eggs @ Zeturic
PC Boxes Use More Wallpapers @ Spherical Ice
Shiny Base Rate [ GEN VI ] @ Zeturic
Mart Price Length Increase @ BluRose

GEN IV Evolution Items/Stones @ Lance32497
Change Number of Evolutions @ Gen III Hacking Suite

Abilities Expansion @ Pokémon Game Editor
Sturdy Update @ MrDollSteak and Umbrelava
Volt Absorb Update @ blackuser
Flash Fire Update @ blackuser
Intimidate Update @ Super Versekr Dark
Rough Skin Update @ HidoranBlaze
Synchronize Update @ AkameTheBulbasaur
Tangled Feet @ MrDollSteak
Motor Drive / Lightningrod Update @ blackuser
Rivalry [Unofficial] / Iron Fist / Reckless @ blackuser
Steadfast @ blackuser
Snow Cloak @ MrDollSteak
Gluttony @ blackuser
Anger Point @ blackuser
Dry Skin / Solar Power @ blackuser
Download / Forewarn / Frisk @ Chacha Dinosaur and blackuser
Adaptability @ Extracted from MrDollSteak Rom Base
Skill Link @ MrDollSteak
Hydration @ blackuser
Quick Feet @ Extracted from MrDollSteak Rom Base
Sniper / Technician @ MrDollSteak and blackuser
Magic Guard / Leaf Guard @ blackuser
No Guard @ MrDollSteak
Mold Breaker @ Chacha Dinosaur and blackuser
Super Luck @ MrDollSteak
Tinted Lens / Filter / Solid Rock @ Chacha Dinosaur and blackuser
Scrappy @ MrDollSteak
Snow Warning @ blackuser

Used Offsets:
740000 - Evolutions Expansion
750000 - Egg Moves Expansion
760000 - Egg Moves Relearner Script
770000 - Almost everything else '-'
780000 - Abilities
790000 - Moves

Any bug you find please report! I will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Old-School Rom Base 0.1
First Release

Old-School Rom Base 0.2
Thick Club - Alolan Marowak

Old-School Rom Base 0.3
Regional Forms TMs Fix

Old-School Rom Base 0.4
Stick - Regional Farfetch'd / Sirfetch'd

Old-School Rom Base 0.5
Abilities Expansion: 255 Slots
Moves Expansion: 511 Slots
Signature Moves of Regional Forms

Old-School Rom Base 0.6
Sound-Based Moves
Metronome Forbidden Moves

Old-School Rom Base 1.0
Rework - Removed Regional Forms
GEN IV Moves (Missing Animations)
GEN IV Learnsets
GEN IV Egg Moves


Stardust Hurricane.

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This is a pretty cool idea, good luck with this.
It will also include the stuff relate to Gen III mons?


Old School

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This is a pretty cool idea, good luck with this.
It will also include the stuff relate to Gen III mons?
This is a Rom Base, anyone who feels comfortable can add anything.


Old School

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Thanks for sharing this. I've wanted to make a FR hack that's focused on the first 251 plus later evolutions.

Do you have plans to decapitalize the ROM base?
Nop '-'
Use PGE for Abilities and Moves.
Use HMA for Menu and other decaps.