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Posted May 24th, 2021
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I was playing Pokemon Colloseum, lvl 100 tower colloseum single final match. I was gonna use Latios, Heracross and Blissey.

The plan was to two shot Groudon with Hidden Power Grass 66. Unfortunately Groudon KOed Latios with a crit Frustration. Heracross with Reversal at red health couldnt finish it either.

It was basically Bilissey vs 3 pokes. Blissey finished Groudon then Flygon comes out. Luckily, Flygon was a special sweeper so Blissey could tank its atacks i did get burnded though.

Last Pokemon was Shiftry. Here is where things get tricky. Blissey could 2 shot it with a Drought boosted flamethrower. However, Shiftry knew Explosion which it would use when in low health.

To avoid this possibility, i first used T wave on it to ensure that Blissey could get the finishing blow. I won.