News Mississippi and Texas abortion laws

Started by Nah May 19th, 2021 1:27 PM
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Today the governor of Texas signed into law a bill banning abortions from 6 weeks on, while on Monday the US Supreme Court said it would hear a case regarding Mississippi's 2020 abortion law, which had been struck down by lower courts.

The Texas one is just one of several that have passed during the past year or so. They were all brought up and passed knowing that they would be challenged and could possibly make it to the conservative majority Supreme Court, where the concerning possibility of previous precedent(s) being overturned and abortion being practically banned at the federal level exists.

The Mississippi case is said to happen sometime this fall/autumn.
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Very few even know they're pregnant by 6 weeks. This just seems like a workaround to banning abortions altogether by making the timeframe so short that most women wouldn't even know about it, since they probably can't ban them entirely. /:
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Can these people stop trying to control women's bodies? They're pro life until the baby is born, especially if that baby is non white or poor.

If Abbot is so obsessed with god he can answer to him about all the people he let die during the freeze.

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