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Posted May 20th, 2021
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Let me preface this by saying that I've been awake for over 24 hours and I'm ever-so-slightly delirious.

Earlier today (yesterday) I had this riveting train of thought:

Pokemon fan games are awesome, I wanna make one :D
I can't afford RMXP until next month D:
I'm gonna brainstorm my regional Pokedex first because if I don't get it out of my brain then I won't be able to sleep! :D: YEAH!

So I did. I couldn't find a Pokedex building app or website, so I just went down this page on Bulbapedia and added Pokemon names to a Google Doc. Did you know if you open 30+ tabs of Bulbapedia with your Adblock paused, the pages start to crash? Which reminds me, I should probably pause it again.

But what I'm trying to say is, if anyone is willing to point out what I'm missing or what I did wrong, I'd be very grateful and I'd appreciate the advice. I've never done anything like this before.

If a Pokemon's name is in italics, it's because I'm on the fence about adding it!

Inane ramblings under the spoiler.

If you looked at the document, then you've probably noticed this, but I love love LOVE the fossil Pokemon, I am SO fascinated by real-life primordial/extinct creatures! The Dreepy line is such a good take on fossil Pokemon (an extinct creature gaining a new life as Ghost Pokemon) and a much better example than the weird SwSh hybrids. Why do we have to combine the broken fossils anyway? All the other fossils are just parts of the Pokemon, but we still get completely intact Pokemon from them. We don't need to hunt down Archen's entire fossilized skeleton, we just need one feather! Why not just revive the one fossil? Why do we need to combine two incompatible species? Why is Cara Liss basically a Jurassic Park villain!?
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Posted June 3rd, 2021
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Do you already have an idea how you want to design the region? depending on that you could focus on different type of pokemon. E.g. if you add a lot of snowy routes you'd need more ice types or if you add a big desert you might want to add more ground types and so on.


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So I did.
I... don't see the document.
The words "So I did." are hyperlinked to their document.
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try this:
it's meant to keep track of your pokedex completion in game, but can be used to plan a pokedex too.
it's easier to see the pokemon visually.
here's a tip: make sure you have at least 2 lines of each type in the pokedex, with one being "usable". (don't make the only grass types sunflora and hoppip)
two and not one, so players aren't forced to use a specific pokemon (like ponyta in Diamond/Pearl).
try to imagine yourself/ the average pokemon player going through the routes, by order. which pokemon are in your party? is there a good pokemon to help in the next gym? what TMs would be useful?
curently working on Riftmon (game similar to pokemon)
check it out here