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Started by Flowerchild August 22nd, 2021 8:20 PM
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Can we talk about how cute this artwork is
Base Camps seem to be a replacement for small towns, serving as healing and crafting spots. It's such a minor feature, but I like this a lot! The time period means that having many towns dotting the map would probably be too much. But it's not completely empty and boring like cough cough wild area cough cough. This seems to be a really happy balance.

One thing I'm curious about is whether base camps are pre-existing in the world or if they're something the player can deploy. The site says
use your Base camps to full effect as you carry out your survey work
where the
use your
makes me think it's something the player can set up, but that seems contradicted by other things. Maybe I missed something in a trailer that points to one or the other.


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It sounded like something existing, pre-planned. But it would be really neat if the player could establish (maybe a set number of) base camps where they felt it was most suitable, and maybe it takes time to build it up and attract workers for the various features so that it isn't worth to constantly change their places.

But yeah I mostly think it'll be basically tiny villages with set locations 😅
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Interprets base camps as a permanent structure. Shows two NPCs (shop and Professor Laventon) at the site. Cannot fit them in your pocket (even in adventure games).

Also said "Your excursions outside the village will begin by preparing at a base camp." Implies them to be the load-in point for a given area.
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