Serious Do you feel lonely?

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Time and distraction. It's a very difficult thing to go from constant companionship to isolation, and a big lifestyle change if you've been together for a while. Reach out to friends and family if feelings of loneliness become particularly strong, and treat yourself to something you enjoy - it doesn't have to be something expensive (which I understand might not be possible if finances are a concern) just something you don't usually allow yourself, like a store-bought coffee, a magazine you find interesting, or a better brand of your favourite food than you usually have. It's difficult not to notice such a void, so try and fill it with things that will distract you and allow you time to heal. Be kind to yourself!

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More so recently.

So I journal everything i'm thinking into a notebook at the end of the day.


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I felt very alone during the first lockdown. A bit less right now.
  • Find a time-consuming activity. I started making a fangame. I got a new focus on sports. I started League of Legends (very addictive).
  • Against the silence of the apartment: I switched music for Youtube/Twitch just to hear some voices. I am almost all the time on Youtube/Twitch. I use speakers, so there is no sudden silence when I go to the bathroom or cook or whatever.
  • I often write my thoughts. Not everyday, not every thought, just the ones that pop several times in a row.
  • Phone your family, hang out with friends. It's typically the kind of things you don't want to do, but you feel great after doing them.

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Yes, because I am. I have very few people who legit care about me and would put the effort to help me if I needed. I do not have friends irl, really I just have my mother and brother.

Making friends irl has been made harder by COVID. There's no clubs or anything to join.

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Yes, very much so.

To answer your question, I deal with it - along with other issues - by listening to music in my free time. When I'm not doing that, I'm writing poetry or focusing on the world around me: the birds, the trees, the stars, anything to not be with my own thoughts.
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What I'm honestly scared of is dying alone and having no one to help me when I'm old. I can just imagine myself in a mukty nursing home, it's horrific.

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Trying out different things is a good thing, I guess. Or going on vacation to a place you've never been before? Visiting places you may have visited already might just bring back memories that you don't like.

Tbh. I have no clue how to deal with it. I used to spend long periods of time watching videos on Youtube. I guess, if you have work to do you could just do that, too.
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Something like your situation takes time. When we're used to the same thing everyday we expect it and when it's gone we feel the void. I remember when my boyfriend and I broke up and he no longer was there sleeping next to me I felt a terrible loss. Sleeping alone seemed strange and I felt the emptiness of the bed at night. As time went on I adjusted and the bed no longer felt empty with just me in it. That being said, you're looking for something that will help now. I suggest doing things for yourself. Watch a movie that you love, go for walks, head out with friends, try that new place you've been meaning to go to, but haven't. Those little things help fill the day and lead to new experiences. If anything it will keep you from being so focused on the loneliness all the time. Sometimes in the beginning people will seclude themselves and do nothing and that's fine to an extent. Sometimes we have to mourn alone for a bit, but I find things really start turning around when we push ourselves out even when we don't want to.
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Only when I think about it. Most often I try not to, and then I survive.
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I always feel lonely, cause im always alone :D

i just find something i like doing and then before i know it its another day, rinse and repeat.