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Give him coins, give us ghoul

Definitely expecting a Special Research task for it in GO.

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...It's another Meltan scenario where this Pokémon can only be evolved/change forms in GO, isn't it?

Either way, I don't like this new Mon, and it's on the way to becoming one of my least favourite Ghost-types. Maybe it's just me being unable to connect with most new Ghost-types (barring Hisuian Typhlosion) after Mimikyu, but I swear these new Ghosts are... less charming than the classic ones.

(Nice to hear Robbie Daymond as Prof. Willow again, though! 😳 Made Jacq's presence a little more bearable.)


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Not a fan. Thinks of Professor E. Gadd when looking at it.
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I could really use the money that it's hoarding right about now...

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Its model looks a bit derpy and I can't unsee Devalue's comparison now, oof. Like the official art more than its model for sure though - almost kinda cute! Just not in-game lol.


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Not really a fan. Making it a chest mimic just makes it worse Voltorb. Think about it. Pokémon world's chests are Poké Balls. So it makes sense there will be mimic that looks like Poké Ball. Two whole lines actually look like Poké Ball and serves the role of a mimic in games.

I hate that one form will be locked in GO and I play GO every day. It's stupid model. But I guess it's better than locking whole solution to a side quest behind another 60$ game.

As far as Ghost-types go, this one is hot contender for the last place.


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'meh' - don't really like either form's design, but don't hate them either.
Seems rather unlikely to end up on my team and unlike Melmetal, I ain't playing Go to get one either.

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hi can you confirm if this is how you look irl
Needs to be more ginger and have more pie.
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So like this?
Much better.
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