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Old October 22nd, 2005 (5:41 PM).
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    Well the other one got close so I will make this one! If ya want ot be adopted. Tell us why. And give us a RP sample to see how much you know. If you want to adopt send me a PM with your skills. I will determine if you can help. I will also who will help the people who REALLY need help.

    RP Adopters:
    GodofPH (Pat)

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    Old October 22nd, 2005 (6:12 PM).
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      Yes, I'm confirming that I'll be an adopter here.
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      Old October 22nd, 2005 (6:14 PM).
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        The old one wasn't closed just because RM wanted so, but rather because the whole concept was going downhill. If ~*Strider*~ wants to make a better system to use, she can go right ahead, but the revival of this right now won't be happening.

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