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Old November 20th, 2005 (7:55 AM).
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I have a deck I want to show! (I know the name is kinda old and all, but I'm dumb and couldn't think of anything else to call it)

Oddish- x2
Sceptile- x1
Gloom- x1
Bulbasaur- x1
Bellossom- x1
Koffing- x1
Treecko- x2
Weezing- x1
Grovyle- x1
Team Magma's Aron (Mud Slap)- x1
Seel- x1
Team Magma's Aron (Dig Under)- x1
Light Dewgong- x1
Team Magma's Lairon- x1
Poliwag- x2
Team Magma's Aggron- x1
Poliwhirl- x1
Team Magma's Groudon- x1
Squirtle- x1
Jirachi (Promo)- x1
Wartortle- x1
Latios (Promo)- x1
Magmar- x1

Trainer Cards:
Life Herb- x1
Potion- x3
Bill- x1
Energy Search- x1
Energy Retrieval- x1
Pokedex- x1
Switch- x1

Fire- x2
Thunder/Electric- x1
Psychic- x2
Fighting- x6
Water- x7
Grass- x7

('x' means times.)
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