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Old November 24th, 2005 (10:19 PM).
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    And here I post my growing little collection of free verse poems... Comments and critism are welcome.

    Where Was I?
    Where were you when I went to fall,
    Where were you when I heard the news,
    My heart shattered when I realized,
    That it was you needing me most.
    As you laid in the dirt, bloody and bruised,
    I had to ask.. To be selfish,
    To wonder where you were;
    And I realized you were waiting for me.

    So now where will I go,
    You bloody face haunting,
    Even as the darkness fades.
    20 years can't take away the moment,
    Its engraved into my mind.
    My eyes see nothing,
    But the look in your eyes.

    And so I ask myself,
    Where was I,
    When you needed me most.

    The Darkness
    In the Darkness I fade,
    A once loved lover shrunken.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    The love I had long since gone.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    Into the light of despair.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    A hopeless cause once again.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    To never return again.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    The broken heart that never heals.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    Without your loving arms.

    In the Darkness I fade,
    Wishing the same for you.

    You promised that we'd go to the zoo,
    To watch the animals be free and wild.

    You promised to come back home,
    After spending it at war.

    You promised to write,
    But I failed to notice.

    You promised you'd remember,
    All our happy days together.

    You promised to never leave,
    And in spirit you haven't.

    Although you're all ash and dirt,
    These promises you keep.

    What I've Done
    How can I live the rest of my life,
    Knowing what I've done,
    Too look at someone's eyes,
    And only see yours.

    How can I drive about town,
    Knowing what I've done,
    Passing every car,
    And seeing yours in flames.

    How can I smile again,
    Knowing what I've done,
    Glancing about their faces,
    And seeing yours drenched in blood.

    How can I ever trust myself again,
    Knowing what I've done,
    Looking in the mirror,
    And reliving that day again.

    How can I escape this nightmare,
    Knowing what I've done,
    Dreaming even while I'm awake,
    And wishing that it was me in your place.

    Family Troubles
    Our photograph is funny,
    How we all look so happy.
    Other people don't know,
    What happens behind closed doors.
    The agony of abuse,
    From more than just the father.
    Our father, he beats us,
    Our mother, she ignores us,
    As we tell her,
    Of the days daily bruises.
    At night, mother comforts us,
    Into beliveing,
    That someday.
    All our family troubles,
    Will go away.

    Haunted by the memories,
    Of a forgotten past.
    Never able to forget,
    The events of that tragic day.
    On that day I died,
    Only to be reborn,
    As a merciless soldier,
    To combat the outside forces.
    Through heartache and tragedy,
    We prevailed.
    Shaping the world as we knew it,
    Into something unimaginable,
    That we'd never be prepared.
    That night I couldn't sleep,
    Wondering how we must defeat,
    Which has become ourselves.
    In a war everyone knows,
    Yet no one remembers,
    The torments of one another.
    In the war of no end,
    To discover what one already knows,

    |PC Family|
    :: Wife: Nichole {
    PikaPal} :: Younger Brother: Red-Kun ::
    Writings from my sad and lonely heart

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