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Old January 15th, 2006 (9:44 AM).
jellybelly jellybelly is offline
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    hi i found this picture on a japanese site an i cant read jap so i dunno what it is TT
    do you now it by any chance?
    thanks baba jelly
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    Old January 15th, 2006 (10:05 AM).
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    Fanart, seeing as in the corner it shows the logo for Super Famicom AKA Super Nintendo, which is a really old system... and I doubt they release a game for it now, so yeah. Fanart.
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    Old January 15th, 2006 (12:47 PM).
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    The screens at the bottom look like they're from Pokon Ranger, an upcoming DS game, but the rest of the picture looks to be fanart.

    ...and I have no idea why the SNES logo is at the top. 0_o
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    Old January 16th, 2006 (4:17 AM).
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      I got a 403 O_O

      Wh... why?
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      Old January 16th, 2006 (6:47 AM).
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        o.o Azurill's eyes are... not right... they scare me.

        Erm, yeah, it's fanart, with the Tree of Origin in the background from the latest pokemon movie. *points to siggy*

        By the way, that's a reeeeallly tiny Pikachu on that funny-looking Ash's shoulder.
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        Old January 16th, 2006 (6:51 AM).
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          XD That Pikachu is cute though! *dies*

          But um, yeah >.> Like everybody else said, it's fanart. (Plus didn't anybody notice how like, most of the Pokemon in the pic look different from how they're originally supposed to look like? o__O)
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          Old January 16th, 2006 (6:59 AM).
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          That's from Pokesho, which is strictly a fansite. Sorry, guys. The game would have been really cool, though.
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