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    Oliver & Company 2 Super Ranger 1989

    An Oliver & Company / RR crossover

    PG rated


    This fic is taking place the evening after O&C has ended.

    Columbus Avenue - New York City (Autumn 1988):

    Gadget, Chip, Zipper, Monty and Dale stood at a mart on Columbus Avenue, and watched the newspaper ads.

    The Rangers read in a newspaper ad, that some dogs had rescued a cat and a girl under a chase on the Brooklyn Bridge last night, as the gangster boss Sykes got killed.

    As Gadget saw the picture of Georgette on the newspaper, were she saying to her friends Canina has told about this poodle before, I think shes called Georgette!

    Dale said And Flash The Wonder Dog, he had starred in a talk show with the gang leader called Dodger!

    Exit - New York City:

    Later that night were Georgette, Dodger, Rita, Francis, Einstein and Tito going to the nightclub called Exit, who laid on 56th Street.

    The gang made Breakdance shows in the club, as Dodger and Rita they sang, and this place was their breakthrough, as they later on performed in other NYC nightclubs like Halcyon and Limelight, and then Ministry Of Sound in London.

    But suddenly that night, were Nimnuls remote controlled cats and dogs of metal entering the nightclub, and they razed the plaze.

    Tito said Oh no, not those monsters again! as Dodger said Its time to stop these things! as he made the Flash Wonder Dog howl.

    Flash he came as called, and this time were he having The Rangers in his company, and they helped Flash with defeating the metallic pets.

    The dogs and cats from Nimnuls lab were soon lying as trash around the messy nightclub, and Dodger and Rita thanked Flash.

    Then were Dodger asking Flash Who are those mice, and squirrels? and Chip and Dale said We aint squirrels, we are chipmunks! as Flash he said I would like to welcome my friends The Rescue Rangers!

    The dog gang greeted on The Rangers, and they became friends, as they got a talk by the bar that night, and enjoyed drinks and soda.

    Dodger asked Gadget later on Could you help me and my friends? and Gadget said Sure! as Dodger continued We need help with tracking down Nimnul, and stop his mechanical army for once!

    Monty said Let him try to stop us! We are having the most modern technology hidden at our headquarter, just wait and see!

    Gadget said Im good at inventing, as Monty is good at fighting! and Flash said Great! Lets all meet next evening at Nimnuls factory by Asbury Park, and see whats hes up too!

    Nimnuls Factory New Jersey:

    The Rangers and their new friends took the subway to New Jersey the next evening, and they arrived at a station near Asbury Park.

    The amusement park were transformed into a ghost town, and Gadget, Chip, Dale and Zipper had spend their early days there.

    As The Rangers, Oliver and the dog gang entered the park, where Flash saying Nimnul is having his factory located in a casino, where there once were a pool nearby, where a sign is warning about No Swimming!

    Monty got a flashback of the pools, the casinos, and the bumper cars, but he got disturbed by Flash that said Lets find the casino!

    The Rangers and their pals walked along empty streets and houses for a long time, as they felt they were not alone in an uncomfortable way, and the reason were the silent Guard-Hawk spies.

    Finally were they finding the No Swimming sign by the ruined casino, who now were owned by Nimnul.

    In the moment as Gadget and her friends entered the casino, where they like taken back in time, as they saw a crowded and noisy casino, just like in the lively Asbury Park days for years ago.

    But it all was an illusion made together by Nimnul and Banshee, and suddenly were The Rangers and their friends facing an empty, and dusty hall.

    Flash said I knew it was an illusion! Nimnul and his girlfriend Banshee are trying to confuse us on his way to his hideout! and Monty said Then let us find him in a hurry, and do an end to these eerie tricks!

    The heroes tried several doors under the illusion of the old amusement park, and at last were they finding a door to the factory downstairs.

    The dogs, Oliver, Zipper and the mice they entered a hall, where there were rows of robot dogs and cats, as they also found long rows of clones.

    Advanced machines, all programmed by a lot of computers, were producing the clones and the robots.

    Oliver said I want to get out!, Flash said Hes going to pay for this!, as Gadget said Scary! I havent seen anything like this before!

    Suddenly were Nimnul and Banshee popping out of nowhere, and Nimnul asked How do you like my experiments? as Monty shouted You are mad! and got ready for a fight.

    But Banshee said No need for a fight now! Or me and my pal are going to experiment on you and your friends!

    Nimnul took a red rock up from his pocket, who weakened Flash, and Nimnul said to Flash Poor doggie! This rock from Australia is your weakness, as I know!

    As Flash began to feel weak, and loose his powers, were Gadget running over to the machine, who produced robot dogs, and she shouted Remove that rock, or you are going to loose your production with a short circuit!

    Nimnul shouted to Gadget Dont you dare to touch that thing! as Nimnul tried to grab Gadget, but Dodger and Rita held Nimnul down.

    Monty took the red rock away from Nimnuls hands, and threw it in a container by one of the machines.

    Flash he felt his powers were returning, and he made a super blow with his lung power against Banshee, who got knocked out against a wall.

    Chip and Dale took a bundle of thick rope, who laid by one of the machines, and they got Nimnuls hands and legs bound, as he still got laid down by the two dogs.

    Then were the heroes dragging the bound professor outside to a parking lot by the park, as Flash he flew to Detective Donald Drake, and told them about the captured Nimnul.

    As the heroes quickly were leaving the park, was Nimnul shouting after the heroes This was just the beginning of what you saw in my factory! Just you wait till I get out again!

    New York City (December 1988):

    Christmas Eve and New Years Eve went by, as problems were left for The Rangers and their friends.

    The Rangers they spend Christmas Eve together with Oliver, Dodger and his dog gang in their flat, who laid in Bronx.

    At New Years Eve were Gadget and her friends celebrating the night with the yearly countdown on Times Square.

    Thereafter were they taking to Harlem, were Scat Cat and his band played up to dance until the morning in a nightclub called The Den.

    Duchess she performed too, and she played on harp, and she sang together with the horse Frou Frou.

    But in the meantime, in the jail where Nimnul sat, and got guarded by Drakes men, was he planning his revenge against The Rangers.

    New York City (January 1989):

    The mad Nimnul had to be moved to an asylum, but he escaped again, and took to his hideout in Asbury Park.

    Newspapers wrote that Nimnul had escaped again, and he planned an attack during the Super Bowl show in San Francisco the coming day.

    As The Rangers saw the news about Nimnul on TV in their headquarter, were Gadget saying We have to make a travel to San Francisco, and try to stop Nimnul, and his machines! as she turned of the TV after the news about Nimnul.

    Gadget she took out in the city, and warned Dodger and Rita about Nimnuls plan, so they all agreed that they would take a ride to San Francisco that coming night.

    Followed by the plan, were The Rangers, and the dogs meeting at Grand Central Terminal, as Dodger he knew about a long freight train, who went to San Francisco every night.

    Dodger he said Follow me to the freight terminal! as they entered the crowded terminal, and got the trace to the freight terminal, where Dodger knew exactly which train they should jump on, as he were raised around there.

    Nobody were around that part of the freight yet, so the heroes got aboard the train, that Dodger had talked about, as the driver prepared the locomotive.

    The heroes got inside an empty car part, and Dodger he said There is only one shift we have to be aware of, and its in Los Angeles!'

    In the meanwhile, were Nimnul packing his bags with things to his lab in San Francisco, and went to the airport.
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