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Old February 16th, 2006 (7:57 PM).
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    Both in the game and the anime. Who are your favourites?

    My list goes like this...

    1) James
    2) Melody
    3) Gary
    4) Erika

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    Old February 16th, 2006 (8:15 PM).
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      Not a fan of the games, so I'll just list my favorite characters from the anime.

      1. James
      2. Harley
      3. Professor Oak
      4. Gary
      5. Jessie
      6. Meowth
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      Old February 16th, 2006 (8:41 PM).
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        Well the anime basically had all the game characters plus like a hundred bajillion more.

        I like

        1. Koga – He’s a friggin’ ninja for godsakes
        2. Drake – Well, I like pirates better than ninjas but Koga has the added advantage of being a RBY classic. Also I’ve never even seen anime Drake since I stopped watching Pokemon a long time ago.
        3. Gary – He actually trained cool Pokemon like Umbreon and Scizor.
        4. Prof. Oak – What can I say? Classic.
        5. Talking Slowking – Okay, not a human, but this guy just rocks. Too bad he doesn’t have pants…


        Old February 16th, 2006 (9:28 PM).
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          Brock, Bruno, Drake (Captain) and Steven.
          Master of Rock, Steel and Fighting type pokemon.
          Old February 17th, 2006 (6:33 PM).
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            1) Sabrina - i love her attitude
            2) Jessie - she's funny and she's my fave villain
            3) Koga - Ninja rules!
            4) Erika - she loves flowers and stuffs

            Old February 18th, 2006 (1:43 AM).
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              1) Melody - She's almost as hot as Kagome
              2) Misty - The same thing as above and she's a freaki'n water gym leader too
              3) Ash - (and I don't mean the goody two shoes he is now, I mean the good ol' retarded coward he used to be)
              4) Jessie - she has an Arbok, 'nuff said
              5) Misty's Psyduck (you never said the list was limited to human characters) - The Psyduck is just so pwning
              6) Ash's Charizard - Atleast it's got some attitude
              Old February 18th, 2006 (4:45 AM).
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              ponyta rules
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                My favourite Pokemon characters are Misty and May.I like May more than Misty though as Misty can be a little annoying at times.I like almost all the other people in Pokemon aswell.Ash i like as he's like one of the main characters.Brock i like as he's quite funny and i also like Jessie and James as they are also funny aswell.
                Old February 18th, 2006 (4:56 AM).
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                Mine are May, Sammy and Duplica.
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                  mine are Ash, Misty,brock and jessie. . I like Misty more than May because May in my opion is really annoying,. And i found it funny when Misty and Ash used to argue alot in the first series.
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                    I think it will go like this:

                    1.Do i really need to tell you?
                    3.Ash's Charizard - Hey anyone who uses flamethrower whenever he likes got my blessing.
                    5.Gardevoir - For some reason i like Gardevoir and it could pass for human.

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                      Let's see...chars I like? Well, I haven't seen much of the later episodes, but from those that I know;

                      1. Misty, old one, as I hear the newer version has become softer. <.< Because I just love characters with a temperament, and Misty has plenty of that. Plus, I love the way she smacks Ash about. xD

                      2. James, because I very much symphatize with the poor dude. Besides, he's got a Victreebel for crying out loud! *Squeals and huggles Victreebel* And a cute Koffing too (His Weezing ain't bad either but I prefered it as a Koffing, actually), and later on; Chimecho and Cacnea. Besides, James isn't really a bad, pointless-evil dude like most of the villains in the series. <.< There are actually profound reasons for why he's become what he is; a rather insecure, slightly clueless, wannabee-bad guy. xD

                      3. The good old-school, lazy, childish, self-centered, and very much clueless Ash. He was actually fun to watch back in the old days before he became the faultless, goody two-shoes, Gary-Stu, 4kids rolemodel posterboy that I know and hate today. <.< *Throws a shoe at the new Ash*

                      4. Misty's Psyduck. Cute, clueless, and always tries his best. What can I say? This one appealed to me straight off. ^-^

                      5. Old-school Gary. His constant gloating and his very bratty ways of annoying Ash never failed to make me smile. xD The new one is too much of a cheesy buddy-buddy, though. *Throws a turnip at 4kids* <_<

                      6. The Haunter who very briefly joined Ash's team. He's too cute, and I loved the expressions in thos episodes. Plus, he's a bit of a comedian too. xD
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                      My fave charcters:

                      Misty- b4 they drained her personaltiy in johto but back when she spunky and fire in kanto SHE ROX!!!!

                      Ash- Once again I loved his Kanto attitude same as his orange Island (that goes 4 misty too)

                      Drew: How many guys do u know that can pull off the green hair look as well as him????

                      Misty's Gyradose: bcuz it's a gyradose!!!!!!!!! plus it's so cool!!!
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                      Old February 18th, 2006 (11:58 AM).
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                        Jasmine is my favorite gym leader, anime wise and game wise
                        Misty (original) Ash's Charmeleon/Charizard, and Gary
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                        Old February 18th, 2006 (12:14 PM).
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                          oh shoot i forgot to mention Kasumi as well the water gym leader

                          Old February 18th, 2006 (1:14 PM).
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                            My top 6 favourite characters are (not in any particular order):
                            Flannery - Cute, funny
                            Jasmine - Cute, caring
                            May - Cute, cheerful
                            Misty - Cute, aggressive
                            Brock - Girl crazy, like me (clearly)
                            James - Funny, has cool pokemon
                            Old February 18th, 2006 (2:00 PM).
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                            A lot of them are 2 dimensional...but if I had to choose, it'd be (in no particular order, and ignore the random Japanese name mixing):

                            Pichu bros.
                            Haruka (cute~)
                            Molly - her character was done nicely, I think.
                            Melody - she's just naturally cool.
                            Jasmine - Hair style <3
                            Kasumi - the old one.
                            Maybe Koga...Ninjas are awesome.
                            Sabrina jr.
                            Satoshi? I dunno. I was really fond of his clueless nature in the beginning, but now it's just..not original.

                            ..Wait, that was more than I had intended. XD

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                            Old February 18th, 2006 (10:50 PM).
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                              Gary – God, thart kid is amazing. have you seen the Pokèmon he has with him. He could beat Ash with a flick of his fingers, and unlike Ash, his goal isn't to defeat all the badges. In fact, no one knows his goal, which adds to his mistical feeling. Without him, the animè would suck.

                              Misty – Yeah, she was awesome back before the ****ed Hoenn series started. She used to be most amazing character, and stopped watching Pokèmon for a month because they removed her from the animè and added that stupid girl, May. Misty looks better anyday.

                              Koga – Yes, no one can beat his grace and power as a ninja. Even when I just set my eyes on him, I knew that he was the most amazing of all the Gym Leaders. He even made it to the Elite Four in the original metallic games, and was just so powerful.

                              Sakura – Sakura is much more of a trainer than Ash is, I feel. And I love how she is the youngest of four stronger sisters, yet she aspires to do more than they ever achieved. It's that spirit that makes her someone I like, and her Pokèmon pwnz every other one.
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                                Ash's Treeko_serious attitude
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                                  In the Tv show I like Gary. Gary is a great trainer who is very smart and doesn't need luck like ash.

                                  In the video game I like wallace. He looks cool and has that great battle music. Plus he is very graceful.
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                                    Mine are~


                                    I just think that they are either funny, or play a good part in Pokemon. @[email protected]

                                    paired with sammi
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                                      1. May
                                      2. Melody
                                      3. Brock
                                      4. Drew
                                      5. Erika

                                      I don't know why thies are my fave characters... They just are.

                                      Thanks to Jasmine's #1 fan for these ADORABLE sprites.

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                                        I only got one, James =D. he is pretty dumb, but thats whats making him funny and interesting =)
                                        Old February 20th, 2006 (12:41 PM).
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                                          Mine are:

                                          Misty's Sisters
                                          Gary's Cheerleaders
                                          Kimono Sisters
                                          Flower Shop Sisters
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                                            Mine are:

                                            Butch - ('cause of his angry temper when you mistake his name )
                                            Ash - Gotta love him.
                                            Gary - HE HAS AN ARCANINE
                                            Meowth - ^_-
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