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The Bone Fan Club!

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Old March 15th, 2006 (8:31 AM). Edited March 15th, 2006 by GreenStorm.
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Hi! This club is for all of you Bone lovers out there! You know bone, comic where the charactars talk in slang language. So if you like bone or love it like me, then you have to join this club! You can also post some pictures if you wish to.


1. This club is for Bone, not anything else.
2. Please don't just join and never come back.
3. I will have something setup like a trainer card or a banner for your signatures.
4. Have fun!

Bone Charactars:

1. Fone Bone
2. Phoney Bone
3. Smily Bone
4. Thorn Harvstar
5. Granma' Ben (Rosie)
6. Lucius
7. KingDok
8. Hooded Guy
9. Lucust Master
10. Rat Ceatures
11. The Great Red Dragon



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