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Old April 26th, 2004 (2:23 AM).
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This is my first fic so yeah. Post any comments and if negative please point me in the right direction.

I do not own pokemon and don't claim to. Umm I think thats it.

Danny is walking through Fiery Path looking for a fighting pokemon for Prof. Dave. He has seen machop in here before and they aren't common but aren't hard to find either. He finds a crevice with a rock moved in front of it. Here was the machops nest. He moved the rock from the entrance and found a mother machop with her young. Danny got down on one knee and started to talk to the mother. She listened and agreed to him when he had finished. He opened his backpack up and the mother placed her babies inside and she followed Danny back to lavaridge town. Danny took them to Prof. Dave's lab and left them in an enviroment just like the one they left. Danny now had to do his rounds. He was in charge of the fire pokemon part of the lab were the fire type pokemon liked to hang out. Some ground and rock types liked it here too. He had to make sure about water. Too much would harm the pokemon, not enough would starve them. Everything was fine in this area of the grounds. Whenever Danny had spare time, he would hike up to the top of a rocky outcrop and think. Danny had always wanted to be a pokemon trainer but since Prof. Dave moved in, he has admired him and now wishes to be a pokemon reasearcher. Just then Danny heard a sound from behind him. He turns around to find a little Bagon with his head lowered to the ground, ready to charge right off the cliff! Danny leaps to stop the little pokemon and grabs him just before he threw himself to his death.
"Whoa Little fella'! You gotta be more careful." Danny told the pokemon as he placed him back on the ground. Now Danny had the time, he could see that the Bagon's body was green instead of the usual blue. Danny had never seen anything like this in his life before so he wandered back down the cliff to where Prof. Dave was. The professor was doing something to a machine that Danny had never really understood.
"Hey Professor!" Danny called to Dave, grabbing his attention.

"Yes Danny. Do you have a question?" The professor asked standing up from the machine. Now he face was shown, he had round features and was quite tall. Early to mid 20's he was a young professor indeed.

"Yeah I do. I finished my rounds with the rock area and I was sitting at the cliff at the very top thinking about stuff when I saw this Bagon. He tried to kill himself or something by throwing himself off the cliff. I grabbed him in time but that isn't all that was weird. He was green. A green Bagon. I mean aren't they supposed to be blue?" Danny told the young man about his experience.

"Hmmm. I think I have an answer to both your questions. First up why was the Bagon trying to jump off the cliff? Well for some reason or another, all Bagon have a dream of flight. Most realize that without some help they cannot. Others cannot see this truth and think they can fly and will keep trying to 'fly' every day until they fly or realize they can't. As for why it is green, some pokemon are unusually coloured because their genetic code is slightly changed in some way. They also have other charactistics like being stronger than normal pokemon their same specices or something like that." Danny thought this through and it all made sense now. He exited the Professor's pokemon grounds and continued home for the night.

Thx Forest Grovyle for my awesome avatar and banner!
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