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Old June 4th, 2006 (5:43 PM).
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If you are gonig to suggest a card, then try to make it from the newer sets, particularly Ex: Holon Phantoms and Ex: Legend Maker as I have a majority of the cards from both of those (I buy packs from 1 set for a long while at a time). Right now I'm focusing on Legend Maker and finishing up with the cards in Phantoms (Mainly, I need some of the rarer cards and Exes/Shinies from it). Anyhow, Please Rate and Reveiw:

Pokemon (27)

Fire (25)
Arcanine ex, LM 83/92 (My prized card, my only Ex card, I got it from a pack today )
Growlithe, LM 55/92 (x3)
Combusken, HP 39/110 (x2)
Magby, LM 58/92
Torkoal, LM 27/92 Holofoil pic, Gold Holofoil Name
Magmar, LM21/92
Mankey, HP 70/110 (x3)
Blaziken, HP 20/110
Kingdra, HP 10/110
Seadra, HP 52/110 (x2)
Horsea, HP 66/110
Numel, HP 72/110
Aerodactyl, HP 35/110
Torkoal, HP 33/110
Primeape, HP 50/110
Torchic, HP 83/110 (x3)
Latias, HP 21/110 or Rayquaza, HP 26/110 (I will not go for both)

Grass (1)
Roselia, LM 42/92 (Requires only 1 colorless energy for Flick Poison, it's only attack)

Electric (1)
Mewtwo, HP 24/110 (Psychic Erase only requires 1 C energy. Use for stalling with PE. May take out)

Trainer Cards (7)

Trainers (2)
Energy Search
Great Ball

Supporters (4)
Holon Adventurer, HP 85/110
Field Worker, LM 73/92
Mr. Stone's Project, HP 88/110, Holofoil pic
Professor Cozmo's Discovery, HP 89/110

Stadiums (1)
Strange Cave, LM 77/92

Energy Cards (26)

Special Energy (4)
React Energy, LM 82/92
Rainbow Energy, LM 81/92
Multi Energy, HP 96/110
Metal Energy, HP 95/110 (For Kingdra, it requires 1 Metal for attack 2)

Basic Energy (22)
Fire Energy x22
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