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Old June 12th, 2006 (8:19 PM).
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Note: The best sprites are displayed as pictures, while the rest are links. I've been spriting for about a year now, and here's the latest version of all my sprites:

Policy on using my Sprites-
Read this before scrolling down any further!
1. Using my sprites without editing. If you are not going to edit my sprite, and you just want to use it for a comic, etc. you do not need to ask my permission, but you do need to give credit.
2. Using my sprites and editing them. If you want to edit my sprites and use them for whatever, you must ask my permission! I will usually say yes, this is just so I know who's out there editing my sprites. And you must still give credit for the base. Say something like "Original sprite by Chaos Emerald/Lucky Chansey."
3. Contests. You may not enter a sprite by me or a sprite that had a base by me in a contest at all .
4. Penalties. First, I will warn you if you aren't giving credit, and then I will report you. If you see someone using my sprites without credit, pm me or post here, so I can catch the theif.

Now to what you came here to see, my sprites!

Charlosion (Charizard-Typholosion)
Blastking (Blastoise-Nidoking)
Blastpinch (Blastoise-Trapinch)
Fabletuff (Clefable-Wigglytuff)
Meowkitty (Meowth-Skitty)
Hauntglaie (Haunter-Glalie)
Gengonite (Gengar-Dragonite)
Chansploom (Chansey-Skiploom)
Chansploom with all-color outlines
Chansia (Chansey-Kirlia)
Eevlithe (Eevee-Growlithe)
Eevflareon (Eevee-Flareon)
Eevespeon (Eevee-Espeon)
Eevumbreon (Eevee-Umbreon)
Vaprespeon (Vaporeon-Espeon)
Jolumbreon (Jolteon-Umbreon)
Mewtgetic (Mewtwo-Togetic)
Mewbreon (Mew-Umbreon)
Mewgia (Mew-Lugia)
Mewlebi (Mew-Celebi)
Mewquaza (Mew-Rayquaza)
Meganibuzz (Meganium-Electabuzz)
Megalosion (Meganium-Typhlosion)
Megalotic (Meganium-Milotic)
Typhlotic (Typhlosion-Milotic)
Crocoesp (Croconaw-Espeon)
Crocoesp with all-color outlines
Amphneasel (Ampharos-Sneasel)
Espveeon (Espeon-Eevee)
Espvapreon (Espeon-Vaporeon)
Espjolteon (Espeon-Jolteon)
Espflareon (Espeon-Flareon)
Espbreon (Espeon-Umbreon)
Espmewtwo (Espeon-Mewtwo)
Umbdoom (Umbreon-Houndoom)
Misdlossom (Misdrevus-Bellossom)
Fortmuk (Forretress-Muk)
Blissvoir (Blissey-Gardevoir)
Lugiphanp (Lugia-Phanpy)
Celepika (Celebi-Pikachu)
Celefairy (Celebi-Clefairy)
Celemew (Celebi-Mew)
Celenun (Celebi-Minun)
Delmew (Delcatty-Mew)
Feebkarp (Feebas-Magikarp)
Milotair (Milotic-Dragonair)
Miloquaza (Milotic-Rayquaza)
Absodactyl (Absol-Aerodactyl)
Absolcune (Absol-Suicune)
Gorebdoom (Gorebyss-Houndoom)
Latiaos (Latias-Latios)
Latioas (Latios-Latias)

Advanced Mixes:
Chariztios (Charizard-Latios)
Beedmontop (Beedrill-Hitmontop)

Beedmontop with all-color outlines

Sandslava (Sandslash-Quliava)
Vulperfree (Vulipx-Butterfree)
Ninecune (Ninetales-Suicune)
Ninecune with all-color outlines
Kinglkachu (Kingler-Pikachu)
Kinglkachu with all-color outlines-Novice Contest face-off winner! (December 2005, PMF)
Eeviltank (Eevee-Miltank)
Eeviltank with all-color outlines
Baylaaffy (Bayleef-Flaaffy)
Megespeon (Meganium-Espeon)
Aipmeow (Aipom-Meowth)
Aipmoew with all-color outlines

Teddeloom (Teddiursa-Breloom)
Smearnaut (Smeargle-Wynaut)
Larvneasel m(Larvitar-Sneasel)
Larvneasel with all-color outlines-Novice Contest face-off winner! (December 2005, PMF)
Duscreloom (Dusclops-Breloom)
Duscreloom with all-color outlines

Duscreloom overshaded
Sphevana (Spheal-Carvahna)

Sphevana with all-color outlines
Salamaichu (Salamance-Raichu)
Salamaichu with all-color outlines

Salamaichu Overshaded
Metibird (Delibird-Metang)
Metibird with all-color outlines
Deoleef Normal (Deoxys Normal-Bayleef)
Deoleef Normal with all-color outlines

3-way mixes :
Megsartile (Meganium-Venusaur-Sceptile)
Pichmurvee (Pichu-Whismur-Eevee)
Ticirtluff (Togetic-Squirtle-Jumpluff)
Ticirtluff with all-color outlines-Novice Contest winner! (December 2005, PMF)
Milocunair (Milotic-Suicune-Dragonair)


Pikachu RS to GS
Raichu RS to GS
Jigglypuff RS to GS
Wigglytuff RS to GS
Absol RSFrLg to R/B
Milotic RSFrLg to GSC

Latias RSFrLg to GSC
Cyndaquil E to GSC
Mew Co/XD to RS
Mew Co/XD to RS with all-color outlines
Mew Co/XD to RS overshaded- Won 5th place in "Are you a Master Spriter?" sprite contest SPPF January-February 2006 (Score: 90%)
Gardevoir Co/XD to RSFrLg
Gardevoir Co/XD to RSFrLg with all-color outlines

Green Clefable to GS
Green Ninetales to RS
Green Ninetales with all-color outlines
Green Ninetales overshaded
Green Porygon to RS
Red/Blue intro Gengar to RS
Blue intro Jigglypuff to RS
Red/Blue Seaking to RS
Yellow Raichu to RS
Yellow Clefairy to RS
Yellow Tauros to RS
Yellow Eevee to RS
Yellow Dratini to RS
Yellow Mewtwo to RS
Yellow Mew to RS
Yellow Mew qith all-color outlines

Yellow Mew overshaded
Pinball Clefairy to RS
TCG Pikachu to RS
TCG Clefairy to RS
Gold Mew to RS
Gold Mew with all-color outlines

Gold Mew overshaded
Gold Ampharos to RSFrLg
Gold Espeon to RSFrLg
Gold Misdrevus to RSFrLg
Gold Ursaring to RSFrLg

Gold Raikou to RSFrLg
GS Suicune to RSFrLg
Silver Seel to RS
Silver Seel to RS with all-color outlines-Passed Spriter Test! (December 6, 2005, PMF)
Silver Togetic to RSFrLg
Silver Togetic with all-color outlines
Sliver Pichu to RSFrLg
Silver Bellossom to RSFrLg
Silver Misdrevus to RSFrLg
Silver Heracross to RSFrLg
Silver Heracross to RSFrLg, overshaded
Crystal intro Suicune to RSFrLg

Crystal Quilava to RSFrLg
Crystal Espeon to RSEFrLg
Crystal Misdrevus to RSEFrLg-Won Best Revamp first place in Winter Spriting Competition SPPF December 2005
GSC Morty
GSC Will
GSC Beauty
GSC Beauty (Japanese)
GSC Lass
GSC Lass with all-color outlines
Tourouze Misdrevus to RSFrLg

Trainer Edits:
A girl dressed as a witch
A girl dressed as a witch levitating a crystal ball
Girl with black hair and blonde streaks
Devil girl
Guy holding a Pokeball and gun
Boy with a puffy fox tail
Red-haired girl in a white jumpsuit
Black-haired girl in a white jumpsuit
Black-haired girl in a white jumpsuit with a whip

Hooded Cooltrainer
Psychic with brown hair
Girl with an Articuno tail
Blonde Flannery
Knight-ish dude

Specific Characters:
MortyxWill Young Couple
Morty and me
FrLg Girl riding a Meganium
Emerald Brendan riding a shiny Rapidash
Melody from Pokemon 2000 in her casual clothes
Ash from the 8th movie without his cape
The Headless Horseman
The Headless Horseman riding a Ponyta
Young Mokoto from Love Hina
Dark Chii from Chobits

Kasumi from Dead or Alive
Steven in a white Rocket uniform

Fan Characters
Me v_v
Woman with two fox tails
Girl with a fox tail

Will dressed as Jynx

Pokemon Edits:
Christmas Tree Sudowoodo-Won Best Winter-Style Sprite first place in Winter Spriting Competition SPPF December 2005
Electrified Amphbuzz
Plain Fox Pokemon
Silver Fourtales
Butterfly Espeon
Butterfly Espeon with all-color outlines

Butterfly Espeon overshaded
Shiny Espbreon with blue eyes
Baby of Espeon and Umbreon

Alternate Forms of Pokemon :
Dark Lugia
Unown. backview

Gardevoir dressed as Jessie from Team Rocket
Gardevoir dressed as Jessie from Team Rocket (2)
Gardevoir dressed as GSC Beauty (Japanese)

Gardevoir dressed as GSC Beauty (Japanese) with all-color outlines

Young Pokemon
Young Raichu
Young Zapdos

Alternate Evolutions
Evolves from Eevee
Grass Type
Evolves from Eevee
Ghost Type
Evolves from Eevee
Water/Ice Type
Evolves from Eevee
Dragon/Flying Type
Evolves from Eevee
Bug/Flying Type
Elusicle with all-color outlines

Elusicle overshaded
Type: Ice
Evoultions: Evolves from Chansey

Edit Fakemon
Kawunny (Kawaii bunny)
Rabbit Pokemon
Height: 9 in
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Pokedex data: Coming soon!
Type: Normal
Evolution Chain: Coming soon!

Ice-type Charizard
Fire-type Beedmontop
Fire-type Beedmontop with all-color outlines
Rock-type Sphevana
Rock-type Sphevana with all-color outlines
Fire-type Beedrill
Water-type Kirlia

Electric-type Vulpix
Electric-type Suicune
Psychic-type Mankey


Psychic Mankey animation


Seviper man
Azumarill woman
Arbok man
Eevee boy
Gulpin man
Persian woman
Persian woman (2)
Suicune girl
Suicune girl with all-color outlines
Blaziken girl
Blaziken girl with all-color outlines
Kirlia girl
Raichu Girl
Lugia boy

Lugia boy with all-color outlines

Ninetales girl

Marowak boy

Snake Man
Snake Man (2)
Rabbit Woman

Aquatic-looking Espeon

Shiny Recolors
RSFrLg Gardevoir Co/XD shiny style

Pattern Changes
Espeon with Umbreon's pattern

Gold Version Espeon with Umbreon's pattern

Rainbow pattern changes:
White Ninetales with it's tails in the 7 colors of the rainbow.

White Ninetales with it's tails in the 7 colors of the rainbow, overshaded
Rainbow-colored Mew
Ranibow-colored, pillow-shaded Mew


Pillow-shaded Mew
FrLg Beauty with softer outilines
Pillow-shaded Voltorb with a lot of shades.
Overshaded Ninetales

Credit to the Nintendo designers for the bases on all of the above sprites.

Chaos Zero from Sonic Adventure

CATS from Zero Wing (aka "All Your Base")
Butterfly Espeon


Gardevoir Pokemorph

Latios boy

Trainer girl

Trainer boy

Pichu with all-color outlines
Bellossom with all-color outlines

Scratch Fakemon
Filefry (Firefly)
Lightning bug Pokemon
Height: 1 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 25.4 lbs
Pokedex data: Coming soon!
Type: Electric/Bug
Evolution Chain: Coming soon!

Filefry with all-color outlines
Liquipole (Liquid Tadpole)
Mysterious Tadpole Pokemon
Height: 8 inches
Weight: 10.4 pounds
Pokedex data: Coming soon!
Type: Water
Evolution Chain: Liquipole > Frogeem
Liquipole with all-color outlines
Frogeem (Frog-steam)
Burning frog Pokemon
Height: 3 feet 4 inches
Weight: 47.8 pounds
Pokedex data: Coming soon!
Type: Water/Fire
Evolution chain: Liquipole > Frogeem
Frogeem with all-color outlines

EX Delta Species Azumarill

EX Delta Species Azumarill with all-color outlines

Sugimori Cleffa

Sprite-sized pixel-overs
GSC Pichu Sugimori Art
Kirinriki, beta Girafarig evo


All sprites are ©Chaos Emerald/Lucky Chansey. All characters are ©their respective owners.

So, what do you think? And, please, give as much critiquing as you can.
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Old June 12th, 2006 (8:45 PM).
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Omg these are great and have so many!!!!!!! oh and first post!!!!!!

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Old June 12th, 2006 (8:55 PM).
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Ok, first WOW! many sprites. good job keep at it. But what turned me off was some of the lack of creativity. I could barley tell the charizard-typhlosion was really a mix. Blastoise-trapinch only looked as if he was inhaling alot of air. other than some being loc (lack of creativity) everything else was pleasant.
Old June 12th, 2006 (9:03 PM). Edited June 20th, 2006 by xo*hugs.n.kisses*ox.
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omg, I love them!! the look wonderful!!!
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