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    In a bout of insomnia, I dreamed up a character. Interesting, yes? No? I'll just go on. So, I decided to write a fanfic (or only the beginning for now) about her and the usual gang from the show. As of now, it's untitled. I usually don't title stories until the middle when I feel like my characters have grown more. I'd definitely love constructive criticism as well.

    Here it is, the work in possible progress!

    Gidget was a bit of a ditz.
    Although this, this was ridiculous. Unbelievable even! And now that you mention it, unbe-freakin’-levable!
    Gidget tugged on a strand of James’ hair. “Woah man, your hair is as hard as a rock! How many truckloads of gel did you put in it this morning?” She narrowed her seagreen eyes, but that still didn’t tone down the deer-in-the-headlights effect that she had going on. “You’re not some kind of punker kid, are you?”
    “I-I…” James managed.
    “Uhh…” Jessie was dumbstruck. This wasn’t the usual thing! This wasn’t the ‘You dirty, good for nothing theives!’ or the ‘They steal other people’s pokemon OH MA GAWD!’ or the…well she didn’t want to think about it. It was less than inviting to hear all this upon arriving onto the scene, as one might imagine.
    “Likewise to you, lady. Geez, you could put someone’s eye out with that thing. I do like your boots though, they’re very-”
    “Gidget!” Ash and May exchanged nervous glances.
    “-very chic. As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted. Now the Rs, on your shirts, there. Is that a brand? I haven’t heard of that one! Though really, by the looks of you two, their menswear is perfectly-”
    “-ridiculous,” she finished and turned to the group. “What IS it guys?”
    “They’re evil Gidge! Evil!”
    “Is that why they have such strange taste in hairdos?”
    Team Rocket stood slack jawed. Who did this girl think she was? Questioning their fashion sense! How dare she! They could crush her! Crush her into a pulp…couldn’t they? Of course! Yes! Always! All the time! As soon as they snapped out of this fog, they would crush her right into the sands of time! Oh yeah! Awesomeness abound!
    Gidget reluctantly retreated. “They don’t really look evil. They just look kind of like…stupid.”
    “They’re good for nothing thieves!” Ash said.
    “They steal pokemon!” May added.
    “They’re also dirty little mother-” Max started, before May covered his mouth with her hand.
    “Now uh…haha…who taught you that word?”
    Max stared at her. “You guys did.”
    Gidget twirled one of her ludicrously long, blonde braids. “Aren’t you guys supposed to, I dunno, whoop their butts or something? That’s what usually happens in these situations. With evil people and stuff like that.“
    What had they gotten themselves with this girl?
    Ash shook the weirdness of the moment out of his system. “Pikachu! Thunderbolt them!”
    “Pikaa!” Pikuchu unleashed a lightening strike on a still rather dazed Team Rocket.
    “Oooh CRAAAAP!” they chorused as they were sent flying, possibly into the next century.
    “They still had weird hair.” Gidget muttered.
    “Yeah but-” Brock started.
    “Nope! Fact is fact! Weird hair is weird hair!”
    Well if fact is fact, and weird hair is weird hair, then Gidget was Gidget.
    Gidget the former bitter pageant girl, Gidget the fashionista, Gidget the bimbo, Gidget the…well, really, when you thought about it, she was just herself. And when you thought about it more, could a person really be more than that?
    “May,” said the muffled voice of Max. “Can you take your hand off my mouth now? I don’t think it’s necessary anymore.”
    “Oh, yeah, guess not,” May laughed awkwardly.
    “Well,” Brock coughed. “It’s getting late. But, I think there’s a pokemon center not to far from here. We could take a room there.”
    “Sounds good.” Ash nodded.
    Gidget smiled faintly, but you could tell she was a little lost. Hell, she just felt so…no where’d! She had been used to the pizza joints! The magazine racks! The greasy used car salesmen that were always so annoyed because, well, who drives cars in Hoenn? Department stores! Her sister, Shirley, coming home, all grouchy from waiting tables! Throwing popcorn at peoples heads at the movies! The finer things in life!
    Now all she had were some trees, rocks, and strangers that probably were just letting her tag along out of pity.
    But if Gidget was anything, and she was quite a lot of things, she was cheerful, and would make the best of this! At least she didn’t have to deal with Shirley and her boyfriend making out all over the place when she was trying to watching TV! Right? That was something!
    She thought for a moment, positives, find the positives, ignore the wilderness, ignore the dirt scuffing your really cute new shoes…think, think, think, Gidget, THINK!
    No more annoying phone calls from her mother! How could she forget? The incessant ringing of ‘Gidget Elizabeth Sharpe!’ in her ears, when her middle name wasn’t even Elizabeth! Couldn’t she keep that straight? Honestly!
    But anything was acceptable at this point, as long as she kept herself from going completely insane from all the freakin’ trees and rocks around here, trees, rocks, trees, rocks, blah blah! Plants, plants, plants! Too much nature!
    Nature must have been offended by her thought, as Gidget tripped over one of it’s lovely assets, a pebble.
    “Damn!” She hissed, inspecting the small tear in the knee of her grey and white striped leggings, and straightened out her skirt.
    Ash offered his hand. “You okay?”
    “Yeah, fine.” She took it and stood. “Just zoned out for a minute there.”
    ‘Figures that nature hates me,’ she thought, rolling her eyes at the sky.

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