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Old August 17th, 2006 (6:30 PM).
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    Your a boy/girl of the age of 15, for three years you have been working as professor oak's (will change) assistant. Helping him out with basic chores, such as feeding the pokemon and research in the fields. One day while your out doing a pokemon synopsis of route 206, you hear a strange yell as a man holding a bag barrels towards you, behind him is a wild pokemon who appears to be very upset for reasons unknown. The man bumps into you and his bag drops, falling from the bag is three pokeballs. The guy too nervous to move just stares at the angry pokemon standing infront of him. Not wanting to be a pokemon chew toy you choose a pokeball and use it to defeat the wild one. The guy on the ground thanks you and explains that he was on his way to professor oak's with three new pokemon specimens, which were just recently hatched out of eggs. You happily escort him back to town where you find professor oak and your brother/sister waiting outside. It seems your sibling has decided to be a pokemon trainer and is waiting for the new starters to arrive. The person you helped thanx you again and they all walk inside while you go round back to look after some pokemon. Five minutes later you realise that you still have the pokemon from earlier and run inside to give it back to them. Your sibling sees it and decides to pick it, however when he calls the pokemon out of his pokeball it just keeps running to you. Your sibling gets annoyed and decides to choose another pokemon to attack your one, you step in and fight your brother. Whether you win or lose doesnt matter but your brother runs off with his pokemon and goes to start his journey. (he already got his pokegear etc) The professor goes on about how the pokemon is suited for you and that you yourself should start your own journey. The thought really never crossed your mind but the thrill of leaving the town was too good to pass up. So you take your pokegear and new pokemon and set off. However, the guy you helped earlier explains that he is from Techo (like devon corp) and asks if you can deliver a extremely rare package to the headquarters in the next town. You agree and off you go on your journey, along the way you to the first town you are confronted by members from team ????? (havent got a name yet) whos agenda is unclear at the moment, however they are very keen to get your package. You fight them off and they run off into the dusk. Finally, you reach the town and notice your sibling standing infront of the gym, he claims that he is registered for the pokemon gym tourney and that if you were man enough you would too. You deliver your package and then decide to register yourself for the gym tournament as well, not wanting your sibling to think you are a coward.

    That is the basic story of why you are on your pokemon quest and the meeting of your rival. Of course there is more story but that will slowly unveil during the course of the game. I will edit the story with more ideas as they come to me, it is a very basic idea so if anyone has any better suggestions or whatever please post .

    +`150 entirely new pokemon. Think of it as pokemon red/blue
    + Personality System
    +Day and Night
    +Pokemon custom battle system
    + Design your own pokeballs

    I will post more features and the basic idea of the current features later, i am still currently in the thinking process. Currently i have no screenies as i am in need of pokemon tilesets but in the half-kaiser form. Im hoping to do the whole game in half kaiser, if you have no idea what that is i will post a template for it later.

    Pokemon Artists

    The game will be made in rmxp as i have lost my copy of rm2k3. This post will be edited constantly as i think of new ideas and hopefully soon will contain some pokemon/screenies.

    If you would like to be part of the team either PM me or post here.

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