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The Chosen Trainer of Legends

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Old April 17th, 2004 (1:32 PM).
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    Disclaimer: I dont own any of the characters in this fic! except of Cassy(me!) and the old lady
    in this chap.pokemon is copyrighted to Nintendo.and have a good day!

    Hiya every one and welcome to the fanfic "The Chosen Trainer of Legends"!
    This fic focuses on how it would be if I came to the pokemon world and started training pokemons. In this fic Ash has traveled around all regions(even those which isnt made up yet) and is traveling with
    Misty, Haruka,Brock and Masato. pleace also notice that Im calling the new traveling partners of Ash from the Advanced season their Japanese names, since Im most used to them. And I might give some small hints of
    Haruka and Ash coupling and Brock and Misty coupling.

    Also pleace keep in mind that Im from sweden so it might not be the best of grammar....
    chapter 1: Gastly Ghostly Prothetsys

    ********************************************Part 1***************************************************
    A map, as you know, are very good to have, showing the right paths but....In the hands of Ash
    its useless!

    "AAAAASSSHHHH!!!!" A female voice yells so loud that it was heared several miles from
    the forest it came from." Don't you tell me that we are lost again!"

    A orange haired teengirl hold a firm grip around a black haired teen boys neck, there was three other
    kids there who tied to stop the orage haired girl from choking the poor boy.

    "No, no, no...I...I just dont know where we are exactly..." the black haired boy, called Ash, said
    befor he started to laught nerveusly.

    "Stop it Misty! Its not his fault that he got a sence of direction as a psyduck!" a brown spikey haired
    teen boy tried to get away the orage haired girls hands from Ash's throat.

    "Yeah...its not mine fault..........................[(about 10 minutes goes)]..........................................
    psyduck?........................................Hey Brock! Thats an insult!!! It wouldnt have happened if
    Masato had remembered to take with the PokeNav!" Ash acused the smaller blue haired boy with glases that was next to the
    brownhaired boy.

    "What?! But I cant remember everything! What if you did remember anything for a change?"
    Masato shouted at Ash.

    "pikak pi!" pikachu said only able to watch the fight.

    "STOP IT ALL OF YOU! we dont need to fight! all we need is to try to find the right path!" Another girl
    with red cloath told them.

    "Krahahahahahaha!"a laught was heard, but it instead of sounding like a reall laught it
    sounded more like a rusty crow. "Haruka is right you know...Its never good to argue with your friends, but
    ofcourse there is a saying that the more people fight the more they like eachoter...." a old lady with
    scary face steped out from the bushes but it seemed more like she came from nowhere. She was
    dressed in a dark purple cloack that covere her whole one meter long body, and in her old hand was
    a wood cane of oak.

    "In that case, Misty and Ash would be siblings!" Brock said to himself and it made Ash and Misty
    to yell at him.

    "Who..who are you? And how did you know my name?" Haruka asked the old woman.

    "Noone important, just a simple gypsy with the gift of reading the futures in hands..."the old lady
    told Haruka.

    "Oh! Really?! Pleace read my future!" Misty letted go of Ashs throat, which he was very thankful for.

    "Of course my darling...Let's see... There is a man in your life... tall... dark.... not that handsome...
    If he would stop chasing girls he would maybe see you...then again his eyes are very closed..."
    the lady examined Mistys hand very closely.

    "Ahh...Cmon its just lies!"Ash said like he was bored to death, and started staring at the ground
    at his feet." Besides we need to get to professor Elm as soon as possible!"

    "So, mr. pokmon trainer is afraid of the future! Fufufufu..." the old woman muked Ash, who fell for her

    "What?! I'm not scared of the future!" He yelled out loudly.

    "Then prove it! Let me read your hand, Ash..." the lady smirked.

    Ash slowly toke his green glove of his hand,wondering what he had really given himself into, and slowly
    reaching it out to the lady who grabed it like a Pidgeot grabbs its prey.

    "Hmm...I...I see it now!" the woman said, and her eyes suddenly became white as snow, and a cold
    and creepy feeling creeped up on the gangs back." You have a great destiny a head of you chosen of
    Lugia! But there will come a friend who has a heart purer than gold and a destiny greater than yours!
    Bloody murders and fights will occur, if you dont stop the evil that spreads thrue the lands!"

    A huge bolt of electricity lighted up the sky and the loud bang of it frightened the gang, but when
    they looked at the sky it was clear as a blue sapphire.

    Then they descovered that the old lady had disappeared without any trace, but where she had stod
    was a path leading out of the forest.

    "Cmon, lets get out of here! this is geting too creepy!" Haruka said and her brother Masato
    noded, but so did the others also and they started runing out of the forest.

    ***********Part 2************
    *******************Two Weeks Later in another world*******************

    The black silk of my bed cloaths feelt smooth and nice against the bare skin of my hands,
    that laid sloppy on the silk covers.

    I was almost all asleep because of boredom...I was alone but bored, usually I love being home
    alone because then my siblings and parents cant get on my nerves. But this day it wasnt...

    Specially since most of my net friends were on when I was on the was truly a mirakle
    how we had been able to become friends...

    It was boring and it was like there was something hanging in the air...ok, nothing was acctually
    'hanging' in the air, but it was the feeling of like befor a storm, or that there was soon going to

    But there was no thunder clouds nor stormy weather.

    I looked at the tv, it was turned of and the screen black, it wasnt a very good tv, it was old
    and didnt always work but it was the only tv I could parents stubbornly keeped on
    saying that I should buy one myself, but I can't, Im broke, the last mony I had was the christmas
    and birthday money but they was already spent on a tablet for my computer.

    Suddenly a sparkling sound was heard right above me, so I looked up, and there was a blood red

    It slowly floated down and I sat up in my old black t-shirt and pants, I reached out my hands
    to catch the mysterius feather.

    It was softer than silk and lighter than anything else I had touched, and the red color was
    so deep yet so intense like a fire, neigher blood red or crimson red could describe the color.

    "Strange feather...its like it has a glowin' aura of fire." I said on my native laugage, which is

    Suddenly I heared something, and it was a voice who called out for me with the words:~Help!
    Cassy! Help us! Help us! Save us!~

    I jumped of the bed in surprise and yelled: "WHO`S THERE!?" noone answered...

    If it was a theif who wanted to pull a joke on me, he whould regret it dearly, since Im not afraid of
    entering rought fights even if Im a girl!

    But nothing was heard, and I letted down my guard, thinking that it was only my brain which
    had played a joke on me, since its kinda happened befor, that I hear voices from nowhere, but then
    it mostly had been quotes from movies....but still...I didnt know what to think...specially since I
    sometimes had Deja Vues.

    I was just about to go to the bed to sit down again, when the room started spining, not in like being
    dizzy but it was like it melted, and everything goted a pinkish tone with a hint of purple, beautiful
    sparkles started flying, it looked more and more like when you mix strawberrys, raspberrys and some
    blueberrys with some vanilla icecream, and the same voice who I had heared some seconds ago
    started screaming in my head, now louder than ever...

    The vortex thingy I was in started spining faster and faster, faster and faster....and with the high
    pitched voice, I couldnt hold on anymore, I lost the balance and it started darkening infront of my eyes,
    I soon had fainted totally, where I was going did only one know, a small pink shadow who was behind me,
    it giggled secretly, probably thinking that it was funny to see me suffer...God, what a headache Im
    going to get when I awaken...



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