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    This is a Digimon Fic I wrote a while ago, and thought it might be nice for you all to enjoy! I don't own Digimon, but I do own Mia, Robin, Rebecca, and the digimon I made up in here!

    Rebecca made her way down the hallway of her new school. She knew no one, and was incredibly nervous. Everything here in Japan was so different from New York. First, she had to wear a school uniform, that was a little dull for her taste. Second, she was living with a host family, one that her sisters were not staying at.
    One thing she could focus on was getting to her class on time, but she could not pay attention to where she was going. Her mind was elsewhere. She wondered how her sisters Mia (short for Michelle Ann), and Robin were making out. They didnt seem to think about things as much as Rebecca did. They probably had no trouble finding out where their classes were.
    Suddenly, she ran into someone, and crashed to the ground. She managed to keep herself composed as the person she ran into reached down a hand to help her up.
    Hey, are you okay? You look a little lost, the blue-haired boy said.
    II am. Im lost, Rebecca replied shakily, brushing off her skirt. She took out her schedule and showed it to him. Can you tell me where Im supposed to go?
    Yeah. Youre here already, he said, pointing to the door. This is my first class too.
    Advanced mathematics, Rebecca read off the door. She blushed. Sorry about that. Apparently, Im not a great reader. Ive passed this room about five times!
    Its no big deal, he said. Lots of people get lost on their first daythis is your first day, right?
    Yes, she replied. She extended her hand. UmIm Rebecca Uko. Becky for short.
    Im Ken Ichijoji, he replied, and bowed slightly.
    Rebecca retracted her hand quickly, and bowed back. She had to get used to these traditions!
    They entered the classroom, where Rebecca met her teacher for the first time. He was massive! Standing a striking six foot five, with a solid build, and thin-framed glasses, Becky thought that she was going to keel over from his intimidating stance right away.
    You must be Rebecca Uko, the teacher said. Even his voice was frightening! Im Mr. Yosho. Welcome to advanced mathematics. Youll be sitting in the desk in front of Ken.
    Thankyou, Rebecca said softly, bowing meekly before hustling towards her desk.
    The next thing she noticed as the students filed in, was that they were all high school students. She was only in middle school.
    I must have the wrong room, she muttered.
    No, you dont, Ken assured her. I was the only advanced math student from the middle school, so they put me in a high school class. I saw your aptitude testing on your schedule also. Youre not in the wrong class.
    Becky nodded, and turned back around in her seat. The high school kids filed in, looking at her strangely. She felt incredibly uncomfortable.
    I wonder how Robin is doing. She wondered.

    Well, Robin was doing great. She was enjoying her eighth grade science class, even though she hated science. See, there was this kid, a guy to be more precise, that was capturing her attention every so often. From the attendance role-call, she found out that his name was Matt, and was he ever cute! Robin almost forgot that her sister was in school a few towns away.
    Robin, your lab partner will be Matt for this semester, the teacher said.
    Cool, Robin thought.
    Hi, Matt said, as Robin came over to the lab table next to him.
    Hey, she said with a grin.
    Meanwhile, Mia was struggling along trying to keep up with the rapid Japanese-speaking teacher and peers in her class. She was fluent in Japanese, her father made sure of that, but right now, she was too nervous to even think! Mia sat down at her desk as the other kids giggled at her incomprehension of their language.
    Im sorry Im late, Mrs. Katirka, a boy said, rushing in the room and bowing to her slightly. My grandfather woke up late this morning.
    Thats quite all right, Cody, she told him. Please take your seat. Ive put Michelle Ann next to you. Shes our new student all the way from America.
    Cody removed his backpack and slid into his seat at the two-person table. He took out his arithmetic textbook, and smiled at Mia.
    Class, this is our new student, Michelle Ann, Mrs. Katrika said. Would you like to tell the class a little about yourself?
    Umokay, she replied meekly, standing up before the class. My name is Michelle Ann, but you can all call me Mia for short if you want. I have two older sisters, and I came from New York. I like reading and writing the best. And thats all, I guess.
    With that, she sat down, pleased at herself for her flawless Japanese. Cody smiled at her, and she returned his grin, though hers was a bit shyer.
    How long did it take you to learn Japanese? Cody asked.
    It was all my dad spoke to me, Mia replied. He said Id have to learn if I was to go to Japan.
    Thats awesome, he told her. By the way, my names Cody.
    Its great to finally meet someone, Mia said with a half sigh, relaxing slightly. I was afraid no one would like me.
    Becky unpacked the peanut butter and jelly sandwich she had packed herself for lunch. It was a lovely spring afternoon, and the students were allowed to eat their lunches outside. Becky had picked a shady spot alone under a cherry blossom tree, and sat down alone. She had lost Ken in the hallway, and she assumed that he would have gone to sit with his friends at lunch.
    May I join you, Rebecca? a familiar voice asked.
    Becky looked up to see Ken carrying a lunchbox and standing in front of her. She nodded, and he sat down next to her under the shade. They were silent for a while, Becky admiring the pink blossoms on the tree, oblivious to Kens stare at her.
    Becky finished her sandwich, and lay flat on the grass. She closed her eyes. Something about Ken reminded her of a past she didnt want to remember. A past in which she gave up on something too soon. A past in which she lost the chance to do the right thing
    Ken looked over at her again. There was something about her. Normality perhaps? Something Ken lacked completely. She was just an ordinary girl. She didnt know what it felt like to be a once loathed Digimon Emperor, or the choices he had to make daily in the digital world. She was just normal, and for a moment, Ken wished that he was also.
    Something wrong? Becky asked, turning her head in his direction.
    No, not really, Rebecca, he replied, casting his eyes away.
    Becky sat up. She looked over at Kens face carefully, as if she could see right through him or something.
    And then she started to laugh.
    Whats so funny? Ken asked, oblivious to the cause of her laughter.
    You have a piece of tuna fish on your left cheek, she told him, smiling.
    With an embarrassed smile, Ken wiped his cheek.
    You missed. Cmere, Becky said. She made her way over to him.
    Her fingers, small, gentle, normal fingers, undaunted by what he had done in the past, brushed his face softly. Ken blinked. Why was he feeling so strange?
    Are you sure youre okay? Rebecca asked him.
    Ken blinked again and looked at her, his mind snapping back to reality. How could someone be so kind to him when she didnt know all the things he had done? It was different with Davis and the others somehow. They were digidestined too, but Ken was afraid that somehow, the monster that he had once been could resurface around Rebecca.
    Yeah, Im fine, he replied finally. I guess Id better get back to class.
    Sometimes you are tired.
    Sometimes you are hungry.
    Sometimes you are angry.
    Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
    Those are the days.
    Those are the most important days.
    Those are the days when you need it most.
    Those are the days that you want it most.
    Those are the days you have the most.
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      After school ended, Robin walked home with Matt and a few of his friends. There was Tai, Sora, Joe, and Izzy. All of them seemed to be incredibly amazing people, and Robin felt comfortable around them right away.
      So, Matt, has Mimi called you recently? Tai snickered, elbowing Matt.
      Matts face turned a delicate pink. The rest of the group burst into laughter. Robin chuckled along, but her insides were torn apart. Matt was taken. She had been foolish to think that a guy like him wouldnt have a girlfriend.
      Oh, sorry, Robin, Tai said. You have no idea who were talking about do you?
      Robin shook her head and smiled. She was good at masking her feelings.
      Well, shes a girl we went to summer camp with a few years ago, Tai replied. She moved back to America afterwell, just after
      Robin became puzzled. That was an awkward way to end that statement.
      Ah, she doesnt want to hear about us, you guys, Joe told them, trying his best to break the awkward moment. What are you into, Robin?
      Well, Im a musician, and a writer mostly, she replied, suddenly timid speaking in front of a small audience. I read a lot. I used to have a jazz band back in America.
      What instrument do you play? Matt asked.
      Cool, so does Matt! Tai exclaimed.
      Robin slowed down as they neared her house.
      UmIll see you guys at school tomorrow! she called.
      Cody and Mia sat on the jungle gym during recess that afternoon. Mia was so grateful that Cody had started talking to her. No one else in the class had.
      Suddenly, one of the bigger boys in the class stepped up to her. She looked up at him nervously, but with a friendly smile. The next thing she knew, he had shoved her off the jungle gym, and into the sand.
      Cody leapt off the jungle gym immediately, and went to help Mia up. She looked up at him with a puzzled expression.
      Whyd you do that, Frank? Cody demanded.
      The bigger kid sneered.
      Why would I need a reason? She was in my way! Frank jeered. If you know whats good for ya, youll get out of the way too.
      You had no right to do that, Cody told him.
      Frank grinned, and grabbed Mia by the collar of her shirt. Mia said nothing, completely frozen in fear.
      Put her down! Cody demanded, his voice never raising in volume, but becoming much more firm.
      Is she your girlfriend of something? Cmere and make me! Frank challenged. He pushed his hand against Codys face and pushed him to the ground.
      Much to Franks surprise, Cody walked right in front of him.
      Before I do, I will warn you that I study Kendo and other martial arts under my grandfather. If you still want to challenge me, fine, but be warned, Cody told him.
      Oh, I cant wait to see this! Frank exclaimed, and threw Mia to the ground.
      She let out a cry, but the wind was knocked out of her, and she lay still.
      Mia? Cody called to her.
      Frank charged then. Cody took his arm, ducked, and threw Frank over his shoulder. Cody ran over to Mia. She was kneeling on the ground, trying to catch her breath again. Silent tears rolled down her face.
      Cody, Frank! What is going on here? Mrs. Katirka asked. You march yourselves to the office right now!
      May I take Mia to the nurse first? Cody asked.
      Oh, heavens yes! But youd better be in the office as soon as shes there. Is that understood? she demanded.
      Cody nodded, and helped Mia up. Frank gave them both a dirty look before he disappeared into the school.
      Mia sniffled and looked at the ground as they walked down the hallway. She couldnt look at Cody. He was in trouble now, and it was all because of her.
      Im sorry that Frank did that to you, Cody said softly, breaking the silence.
      Why are you sorry? Mia asked softly. I should be sorry for getting you in trouble.
      Cody shook his head and smiled at her. She looked over at him, and saw the red mark that Franks anger had left on him. Mia burst into tears, and Codys expression dropped.
      Its okay, Mia, I promise, Cody said. Frank wont pick on you anymore.
      Its not that, Mia said, wiping her eyes. She looked at his cheek again. Doesnt it hurt?
      Not really, Cody replied. Ive been hit with worse than thatmy opponents kendo stick for example.
      Thank you for defending me, Mia said suddenly.
      They had reached the nurses office by now. Cody put a hand on her shoulder. He smiled.
      Anytime, he said with a slight bow.
      Ken walked alone down the abandoned school hallway deep in thought. He wasnt sure exactly why he felt so strange, and he couldnt even name the feelings he had. It felt like his insides had minds of their own and enjoyed doing gymnastics, and it all happened when he started to think about Rebecca.
      Suddenly, he heard something. It was a song, a really pretty one.
      What is wrong with you? Ken asked himself, but the song drew him to its source.
      Much to his surprise, the source was Rebecca. She was sitting in the music room at the piano. Her hands flew effortlessly over the keys as she sang.
      Sway to the melody so freely given,
      to the tune we all know.
      Its the song of the earth,
      And we all wish to hear it.
      Dance gentle willow.
      Ken stood in the doorway of the music room, just listening for a moment. Rebecca sang the last chord, and when it died away, she looked towards the door, and she saw Ken. Kens eyes grew huge. He blushed and started to leave.
      Wait, Ken? Rebecca said, coming after him.
      He turned to face her as she approached. Her skirt swirled about her. Why was he noticing these things?
      Umyou sing really well, Ken said. Why was he fumbling for words like this? He never stumbled over wordsever. He always knew what he was going to say, and he always said it clearly. Why was it so hard now?
      Thanks, Rebecca said softly, blushing and averting her eyes. They soon returned to his however. Are you going home?
      Yesyes, Im going home, Ken replied, and then he said something that surprised even him. Would you like to come over and study for the math quiz tomorrow?
      Yeah, Rebecca said, smiling brightly. Let me just call my guardians. Where do you live anyway?
      Ken had to think for a moment. He never had to think about where he lived! What a stupid thing to think about! Why was he like this so suddenly?
      I-I live in the apartment building down the road from the school, Ken replied.
      The blue building with the pool? Rebecca asked.
      Well, hey, thats a coincidence! Rebecca told him. Im living there too.
      They started walking. Kens mind was mush. He couldnt stop looking at her. There was something in her eyes, something about the sea green that trapped him. That somethingit reminded him of his mother. It wasnt motherly worry, no. And it wasnt protectiveness, and it wasnt the hopes his mother had for him. It was the compassion. Yes, that was it. Rebecca was compassionate.
      And the next thing he knew, he was rather painfully face to face with a telephone pole. Rebecca gasped. She reached out her hand, and Kens hand went to his nose. He felt her hand on his shoulder.
      That looks like it hurt, she said. Are you okay?
      Yeah, I think Ken replied.
      Lemme see, she told him, turning him to face her.
      Rebecca stood on tiptoe, and gingerly traced the contours of his nose with her eyes. She reached up her hand, and touched his nose lightly, and he jumped back in pain.
      Oh, Im sorry, she said softly, and approached him again. I wont touch it, but it looks like itll bruise.
      Its okay. It really doesnt hurt that much, Ken assured her. And now he was lying! Cmon. Were almost there.
      They continued on their way, and finally reached the apartment building. Rebecca stopped at her apartment for a moment, told her guardians that she would be studying with Ken. Everyone in the building knew Ken, and so her guardians agreed to let her go. Rebecca dropped off her backpack, took her math book, and walked to Kens apartment.
      Ken knocked on the door, and his mother answered.
      Hey, mom, Ken said. This is Rebecca. Shes new to the school, and I thought Id help her study for the math quiz tomorrow.
      Oh, Ken, how nice! his mother exclaimed. Ill make some sandwiches.
      Ken smiled sheepishly at Rebecca, but she didnt seem to mind his mothers enthusiasm. The two of them pulled out their math books and some paper and pencils. Rebecca began to jot down math problems.
      Ill make a quiz for you, and you can make one for me, okay? she suggested.
      Ken nodded and started. They sat there scribbling for a few moments, and every so often, Ken would glance over at her. She took no notice of his glare, but wrote contently with a pair of reading glasses on her nose.
      Rebecca was good at concentrating on things when her mind was elsewhere, and right now, her mind was on a dear friend that she had left behind before she even left for Japan. Months agoand it was a decision that she regretted immensely.
      I think the quiz is supposed to be about twenty questions or so, Rebecca said, not looking up from her paper. At least, thats what we were told.
      Huh? Oh Ken returned his eyes to his paper. He had two problems written down. He hurried to write the rest.
      They switched papers. Rebecca smiled when she got his, and set right to work. Ken did the same, but his thinking process was all messed up. He suddenly couldnt remember what i stood for.
      Rebecca finished and looked over at him. Ken had done one problem out of the twenty that she had provided.
      There, Ken. The i squared is equal to negative one, Rebecca said, reaching across him to point out his mistake.
      Ken blushed, and the phone rang.
      Saved by the bell, he thought.
      Ken, its for you! Its Davis! his mother called.
      Ill be right back, Ken promised.
      He went to the phone. His mother put the plate of sandwiches on the counter, and told Ken that she was going to take a nap. Ken acknowledged her, and put the receiver to his ear.
      Hey, man, where are you? Davis asked. We were supposed to go to the digital world today!
      Oh, thats right! Ken realized, slapping his forehead in frustration. Sorry, Davis. I got a little distracted.
      With what? Do you have a girlfriend or something? Davis asked, jokingly.
      Thats when it hit him. Ken suddenly had a hypothesis.
      Davis, you have a crush on Kari, right? Ken asked.
      WHAT? Howd you know that? Davis exclaimed.
      Never mind that! Kens voice was becoming nervous. Do you get this funny feeling when you think about herlike.
      Like I forget everything? Davis finished. Yeah. I forget where I am, I run into stuff. Why?
      Well, I justI met this girl today at school, Ken explained.
      Ken has a crush! Ken has a crush!!! Davis exclaimed.
      Be quiet! Ken snapped in a whisper. Shell hear you!
      Ken? Rebeccas voice came from the living room.
      Ive got to go, Ken said. Thanks, and Im sorry about today.
      He hung up and returned to the living room. Rebecca sat there patiently, pencil in hand, and ready to explain what Kens brain would not remember. They studied for a while, and munched on the sandwiches that Kens mom had made for them. By this time, Ken had managed to remember most of the rules of imaginary numbers. Rebecca was an excellent tutor.
      It was great studying with you, Ken, she told him. Its getting late though. I should probably go home. Will you walk with me to school tomorrow?
      Uh huh, Ken replied, smiling.
      Sometimes you are tired.
      Sometimes you are hungry.
      Sometimes you are angry.
      Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
      Those are the days.
      Those are the most important days.
      Those are the days when you need it most.
      Those are the days that you want it most.
      Those are the days you have the most.
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        Cody sighed heavily as his grandfather came to pick him up early from school. He was in major trouble now. His grandfather had always told him that Cody was never to use his skills to harm people out of anger.
        His grandfather pulled up to the front of the school in his car with a look of complete calm upon his face, even though Cody knew he was not happy. Cody slid into the car meekly, and they were about to take off when Mia came running out of the school.
        Cody! she called. Cody, wait!
        Cody opened his door and stepped back out. Mia ran up to him, short of breath. She looked up at Codys grandfather.
        Pleaseits not Codys fault, she told him. Cody was defending me, and I told everything to the principal after you left. Franks in trouble, but not you, Cody.
        Codys grandfather looked over at Mias pleading eyes, and smiled. Cody was shocked. His grandfather closed the door to the car, and said nothing as he drove away. Cody stood on the sidewalk with Mia.
        Thanks, he said.
        Lets go back to class, okay? Mia suggested.
        Cody smiled, and they walked into the school together.
        After school that day, Cody headed to Davis house, where the digidestined had planned to go to the digital world. Mias house was halfway there, so he walked the distance with her.
        When he got to Davis, the first thing everyone noticed about him was the massive welt on the side of his face.
        Whoa, Cody, you look like you were sleeping a little too much on your desk today, T.K. said. What happened?
        Uh Cody trailed off. Iumgot into a fight.
        Cool, who won? Davis asked, jumping up from his sitting position next to Kari.
        Davis! everyone scolded. He sat back down.
        Are you okay? Kari asked.
        A little sore, but Im fine, Cody assured her. Wheres Ken?
        I dont know, Davis replied, trying to look thoughtful. Lets wait a little while for him. He must be running late or something.
        Well, fifteen minutes turned into an hour and a half, and there was still no sign of Ken. Everyone agreed to meet the next day, and Davis went to the phone to call Ken after everyone left.
        When he got off the phone, a goofy grin spread across his face. Ken had a crush!! Davis tried to envision Ken buying a dozen roses and some chocolates, and it threw him into a fit of laughter.
        Joe was sitting at lunch in a little restaurant near the school. It was a popular place for the students to eat lunch, and Joe always met his friends there. It was the day after he and his friends had met Robin. He was working on some advanced biology assignments, when Robin came walking up to him.
        Hey, she said, sitting down. Mind if I join youJoe, right?
        Yep, Joe said. Glad to see ya.
        Robin smiled and took out one of her books. Joe looked at the title, and realized that it was a poetry journal. Robin looked over at him.
        Would you read me one of your poems? he asked.
        Oh, well I just started this book. Therere only a few lines in it right now. Ill bring my others to lunch next week she replied.
        Howhow about today after school? Joe proposed. Theres a coffee shop downtown that Ive been meaning to check out for a while now.
        Umokay, Robin said, then noticed that Joe didnt look very convinced. Id love to.
        At that, his smile returned. Robin looked back down at her book, and Joe returned to his laptop.
        Soon, the rest of the crew arrived, and things livened up a bit. Tai and Sora were now officially going out. Matt sat down next to Izzy, who was next to Joe.
        So, Robin, you said that you play bass, right? Matt asked. She nodded. Well, my bands having a rehearsal tonight. Do you want to come and jam?
        Sure. Its been a while since Ive practiced, so Ill probably sound horrible, but itd be fun, she replied.
        Robin glanced over at Joe, who was trying to mask his jealousy. She felt torn between them, but Matts question had been one of friendship. He had Mimi. Joes questionwell, she wasnt sure about that yet.
        After school that day, Joe found Robin in the hall, and they walked out to his car. Joe opened the door of the passenger side for her, and he got in the drivers seat. He put the car in reverse to pull out of his parking space.
        Its not the greatest car in the world, but it runs, Joe said, smiling.
        Its not so bad at all, Robin assured him. You should see my dads car!
        They both chuckled at that.
        So whats America like? Joe asked, as they pulled out of the parking lot.
        Oh, its boring, Robin sighed. I went to a public school with a bunch of Neanderthals. They were not intellectual at all, and its so annoying. Everyone here is so smart. They try so hard. I wish that the kids in my school had that kind of ambition. Oh, heres my house. Ill go get my books.
        Joe parked the car, and Robin hurried out to get her books. In no time at all, she was back in the car. They drove downtown to the coffee shop.
        Mind sitting outside? Joe asked. It looks really busy.
        No problem, she replied. How about that table over there?
        Her finger pointed to a table in the corner near the sidewalk. Joe nodded, and they set their things down.
        Ill go order. What would you like? Joe asked.
        HmmmIll have a mocha cappuccino, Robin replied thoughtfully. She took out some money.
        Nah, thats okay, Joe told her. You can pay me back later.
        Robin smiled. This was becoming more and more a date every minute.
        While Joe went to order, Robin sat there deep in thought. She didnt know Joe all that well, but she had to admit that she was definitely falling for his long blue hair. He was kind of geeky, but in a cute way. And of course, he was incredibly intelligent. She really admired an intelligent adolescent males. Her last boyfriend had seemed that way, at least, until he had dumped her for her best friend.
        But she didnt want to think about that now. This was an afternoon to be spent with Joe, not memories of her old boyfriend.
        Joe returned shortly with her cappuccino and some bottled water. He set them on the table, and sat in the chair across from Robin.
        Im allergic to chocolate, Joe began, and answered her unspoken question. Robin could tell he was a little nervous by the way he folded and unfolded his hands. How about those poems?
        Robin took out one of her old poem journals, and realized immediately that she hadnt meant to take this one. This was the one with all the poems about Adam. Her eyes began to cloud.
        Hey, whats wrong? Joe asked, reaching across the table. He touched her arm. Did I say something wrong?
        No. No, its not you, Robin assured him. I didnt mean to bring this one. Im sorry.
        No, its okay, Joe promised. Well talk about something else. Umhow did you and Matt meet anyway?
        Science class, Robin replied, smiling. Hes my lab partner for the semester. He seems okay. Isnt he going out withoh, whats her name? Mimi, right?
        Well, they talk a lot, Joe replied. Matt says that its hard to have a long distance relationship, but I think that he likes her.
        I have a lot of respect for him, Robin said. He can make a relationship work like thatmy old boyfriend couldnt.
        You dont have to talk about him if you dont want to, Joe told her, noticing how her eyes became teary.
        No, I think thats why I get like this: I dont talk about it, Robin said. Besides, I feel like I can trust you, Joe.
        Joe blushed. Well, they dont call me old reliable Joe for nothing.
        He dumped me the day I told him I was going to Japan, Robin explained. I wasnt leaving for another two weeks, and the next day, when I went to school, he was going out with my best friend. I have never been hurt like that in my life.
        Thats horrible, Joe said. His hand had made its way to hers now, trying to comfort her.
        It feels really good to finally say that, Robin sighed. Thank you for listening, Joe. Her expression perked up. So what do you do for fun?
        I study, Joe said sheepishly. Im going to be a doctor someday.
        Oh, wow, Robin said. Im sure youll be really successful.
        I hope so, Joe replied. He fumbled for words for a moment. Umtheres going to be a spring festival tomorrow night by the river. Would youwant to gowith me? Oh, and everyone else would be there too.
        I would love to go to the festival with you, Joe, Robin told him, and squeezed his hand. Do I have to dress up or something?
        Uh Joe blushed when she squeezed his hand. Yeah. Everyones wearing kimonos and stuff.
        Ill have to get one then, Robin explained. Ive never worn a kimono before.
        Did youwant to get one now? Joe asked.
        Robin chuckled. He was getting more nervous by the minute.
        Sure, she replied.
        Sometimes you are tired.
        Sometimes you are hungry.
        Sometimes you are angry.
        Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
        Those are the days.
        Those are the most important days.
        Those are the days when you need it most.
        Those are the days that you want it most.
        Those are the days you have the most.
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          Rebecca flopped onto her bed after she got back from her second day of school. Her mind was still on the memories of her friendher Digimon. Tadpolemon was his smallest form, then there was Salamandramon, , and Rebecca had never seen him above that. She had quit that day, told her Digimon partner that she couldnt take the fighting anymore. Salamandramon was devastated, but he still vowed his loyalty to her, and promised to wait in the digital world until she changed her mind and came back.
          She mulled over his strong form for a little while, picturing his rookie form, a small, maroon and yellow tadpole. He had a yellow face, bright eyes, and a maroon plate of armor over the top of his head. He couldnt walk in his rookie form, so Rebecca had carried him everywhere. His second from, Salamandramon, was more lizard-like. He stood on his hind legs, dark maroon claws protruding from his hands and feet. Maroon, samuari-ish armor clad his body, over his soft, yellow belly, and his maroon-freckled, dark orange skin.
          She rolled over on her side, which cast her gaze over her new swimsuit, a cute, pink two-piece. A swim would do her some good. The pool was open until dark, so she slipped on the suit, grabbed a towel, told her guardians that she was going to the pool, and left. With a graceful dive, she was in the cool, relaxing water. She was hardly aware of the eyes watching her through his window.
          Ken changed into a pair of swim trunks that had never been used. Though he was very athletic, Ken was never taught how to swim, and he very much feared the water. His older brother had pushed him in a pool onceand ever since then, Ken never went near the water. Somehow, though, after watching Rebecca in the pool for a while, the water didnt seem so scary.
          With that decision taken care of, Ken made his way downstairs to the pool. Rebecca didnt notice him at first, but she glanced his way after another dive into the pool.
          Hey, Ken! Long time, no see! she exclaimed, swimming over to him. Coming for a swim?
          Umyeah, Ken replied, touching the water with his toe. He jumped back nervously.
          What? Is it too cold for you? she challenged, hopping out of the pool. She was oblivious to his fear. She grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the water.
          Ken experienced a few moments of fear, and that fear turned to panic when Rebecca let go of his arm. Luckily, when she surfaced, she saw him struggling.
          Ken?! she cried, and dove back underwater.
          Rebecca wasted no time in pulling him to the surface. She wrapped her arms around him, and swam upwards as fast as she could. They broke the surface, both of them gasping for air. Kens eyes were huge with fright, and he held onto Rebecca for dear life. Rebecca swam them to the side of the pool, and Ken hoisted himself up. Rebecca followed suit, but instead of fright, tears were in her eyes.
          Under any other circumstance, Ken would have just left, but one glance at Rebeccas eyes told him that shed never forgive herself if he didnt say he forgave her.
          Ken, Im so sorry, she gasped, tears mixing with the chlorine water on her face. I didnt know.
          Rebecca Ken trailed off. His eyes followed her as she sat down on a long lawn chair. He walked over and sat beside her.
          Did I twist your arm too hard? she asked. Are you okay?
          I-Im afraid of water, he replied shakily.
          Ken, Im so sorry, she repeated. The shock and hurt in his eyes reminded her so much of Salamandramon. Please, dont hate me or anything. I didnt mean to.
          Its okay, he told her, perhaps a little to gruffly. She burst into tears.
          And yet they were quiet, silent tears. She looked away from him, her wet hair dripping.
          Ken then did something, something that he had done so long ago, that he couldnt remember how long ago he had done it. Slowly, almost nervously, as though if he did it wrong, then there would be no hope for him, his arm came around her shoulders. She shuddered, biting her lower lip, and looking painfully up at him.
          Shame was it? Guilt, perhaps, reflecting in her eyes. Kens other arm came around her, and her head collapsed into his chest. There was something different about this hug. It felt different from the ones his mother used to give him all the time. It felt likelike the time he had broken his mothers favorite vase, and when he apologized, he had burst into tears, and his motherhis mother had held him. She held him just as he was holding Rebecca now. The meaningless, its okay his mother had whispered to him so many times suddenly had meaning. It was this sort of thing that Rebecca needed to hear now.
          Its okay, Rebecca, Ken assured her, and this time, his tone was filled with compassion.
          Compassion. In his voice. The compassion had come from him.
          Rebecca sighed. It was a sigh of relief, as if she had been waiting for this moment. This moment, when Ken would show compassion.
          Ken rose from the chair with Rebecca, his arms still draped around her.
          Thankyou, Ken, she whispered, her arms wrapping around his waist for a moment.
          They separated. Rebecca reached for her towel, and put her hair up in it.
          Ill see you tomorrow, Ken promised, and made his way up to his familys apartment.
          Goodnight, Rebecca said softly, watching him go.
          Mia, are you home yet? Robin called into the house.
          Her little sister came running into the living room, smiling.
          How was school? Robin asked her.
          Awesome! Mia exclaimed.
          I thought you were afraid no one would like you, Robin taunted. She flopped onto the couch with a few shopping bags.
          Watcha got? Mia asked, hopping up beside her.
          I got both of us new outfits. Were going to the spring festival tomorrow, Robin told her, and rummaged in one of the bags. She withdrew a pink kimono with a flower print, and gave it to Mia. What do you think?
          Pretty! Mia exclaimed. Thanks, Robin!
          I got one for Becky too. Our guardian Keiko said that shed take us over to see Becky tonight, Robin explained. Hers is navy blue with a sky blue trim. It has moons and stars on it.
          Can I see yours? Mia asked.
          Robin took out a long, dark green kimono. It had a royal purple trim, and no print on it.
          So, who drove you home? Keiko asked, coming into the room. Oh, my. Those are very lovely kimonos. Are you planning on going to the festival tomorrow night?
          Robin nodded. If its okay with you.
          Keiko smiled. She was a middle aged woman, kind, and very fun to be around. She loved having the exchange students in her home, and was teaching them how to write in Japanese.
          Are you two ready to go see your sister? Keiko asked, brandishing some car keys.
          Robin and Mia nodded, and went to the car.
          When they arrived, Robin and Mia exchanged hugs with their middle sister. They went to Beckys room, and updated each other on what had happened that day. When Becky mentioned Ken, Mias ears perked.
          KenIchi-something? Mia asked. Hes the boy genius, right?
          Yeah, Becky replied. Why?
          Well, one of my friends from school, Cody, hangs out with a kid named Ken. Think hes the same one?
          Hmmmmaybe! Becky replied. So, Robin, tell me about this Joe.
          Well, we went out for coffee, she replied. Becky giggled. And then he took me shopping for a kimono. Oh, here.
          Robin took out the blue kimono.
          Come to the festival with us tomorrow, Robin said.
          Wow, hey thanks! Becky said in awe. Didnt you mention some kid named Matt, too?
          Oh, shoot! Robin exclaimed. I was supposed to jam with him and his band today! Keiko!
          Keiko came into the room.
          Girls, I hate to cut this short, but I have some work to do at home that I forgot about, Keiko said, much to Robins relief. Should I come to get Becky tomorrow afternoon?
          Oh, its okay. Ill take a bus, Becky replied.
          The sisters parted, and Robin headed over to Matts. From there, they headed to the auditorium where his band practiced. Robin set up her bass quickly They jammed for a while, and Robin picked up on everything really quickly.
          We could use a second bassist, you know, Matt said. Why dont you come to our rehearsals from now on?
          Really? Thats awesome! Robin exclaimed. Ill be there.
          Cool, Matt said. Our next rehearsal is in two days. Cmon. My dad will take us home.
          With that the two of them left. Robin felt that she had the need to ask Matt. The question had been sitting uneasily in her stomach since she had arrived at the auditorium.
          Matt, do you like me? she asked quickly. Her face turned pink.
          Friendship-wise, yes, Matt replied, a smile forming. They got into the car. Im in a relationship with Mimi right now. Shell be down for the festival tomorrow. Youre going right?
          Yeah. Joe asked me to, Robin replied.
          Youre not crushed, are you? Matt asked, as they got into the car.
          Robin shook her head. No, as strange as it sounds, Im not. Im fine just being your friend, Matt.
          Matt smiled. Thats good. I hate it when people are mad at me for stuff like that.
          Mia put on her flowered pink kimono, and admired herself in the mirror. She and Robin had a few hours until they were getting picked up by Joe for the festival, but Mia felt like getting into the spirit early. As she gazed at her reflection, Robin came up behind her to fix her hair.
          I found this in the closet, Robin explained. It matches the pink trim on your kimono.
          With that said, she tied a pink ribbon into Mias blond hair. Mia looked at Robins reflection as she tied up her hair. The green kimono fit her nicely, accenting the green in her ocean colored eyes. The resemblance between the two sisters was amazing. Their parents had always told them that Mia was going to look just like Robin when she got older. It was a fate that Mia didnt fear all that much. She was just tired of being referred to as Robins little sister.
          Well, I think Keikos downstairs doing some writing. Do you want to go watch? Robin asked.
          Mia smiled and nodded, and the two made their way downstairs.
          My, dont you two look wonderful! Keiko exclaimed. Those are some very pretty colors, and they suit you so well!
          Thanks, Robin and Mia chorused.
          What are you working on? Mia asked, peering over at the paper.
          Your names, Keiko replied. I thought that you could hang them in your room here, and then when you go home, you can bring a little piece of Japan with you.
          Thats so nice! Mia exclaimed, her face lighting up.
          There was a knock on the front door. Mia hopped up to go and answer it, and found a tall, blue-haired boy with glasses standing there. He was dressed in the traditional attire of Japan, and she spied a bouquet of flowers behind his back.
          Robin looked towards the doorway, and her smile became even larger.
          Hey, Joe, she said. Youre a little early, huh?
          I-I thought you said five, he stammered.
          Oh, thats okay, Robin said.
          Cmon in, Joe, Keiko said. Make yourself at home.
          Thanks, Joe said nervously, and took off his shoes. He handed Robin the flowers, which were pink carnations from the flower shop owned by Soras mom.
          Oh, thanks, Joe! Robin exclaimed. Theyre lovely! Ill be right back. Ive got to put these in water.
          The phone rang. Keiko answered, handed it to Mia and winked. Mia put the phone to her ear.
          Mia? Hi, its Cody, came the voice on the other line. Are you going to the festival tonight?
          Uh-huh, she replied.
          Well, I know that you sister, Rebecca, right? Well, Kens bringing her to the festival, and I thought maybe youd like to hang out with all of us. You can meet all my friends and stuff, Cody suggested.
          Yeah, definitely! Mia exclaimed. When are you meeting?
          Well be at the carnival gates in a half-hour, Cody replied.
          Ill see you then! Mia promised.
          She hung up the phone, and turned to her sister and Joe.
          Can we leave early? Cody said that I can hang out with him and Becky and their friends tonight! Mia explained.
          Joe? Robin asked. Would you mind if we left early?
          Not at all, Joe assured them. We can grab a bite to eat before we meet the others if you want.
          Well see you, Keiko! the girls exclaimed.
          Be good, you two! Keiko told them.
          Sometimes you are tired.
          Sometimes you are hungry.
          Sometimes you are angry.
          Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
          Those are the days.
          Those are the most important days.
          Those are the days when you need it most.
          Those are the days that you want it most.
          Those are the days you have the most.
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            Ken walked downstairs to Rebeccas apartment with a backpack containing Leafmon. He folded the wide sleeves of his attire nervously after he knocked on the door.
            Rebeccas guardians answered, which calmed Kens nerves extensively. He looked up at them calmly.
            Is Rebecca ready? he asked softly.
            Yep! a voice called from within. Ill be right there, Ken!
            In a few moments, Rebecca was standing in the doorway. She looked amazing. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail with long blue ribbon tied in so that it looked like she had blue streaks in her hair. Her kimono was long, and a deep blue. It had a star pattern on it.
            You kids be back for ten, Rebeccas guardian said.
            We will. See you then! Rebecca called, as Ken led her to the bus stop.
            You look really nice tonight, Rebecca, Ken told her, smiling shyly.
            Thanks, Ken, so do you, Rebecca said. Have you ever been to the festival before?
            No, not really, Ken replied. He felt a little uncomfortable. They were nearing subjects about his past now.
            Oh, she said simply, letting the conversation evaporate. She sensed his discomfort.
            They got onto the bus, and headed towards the festival. The ride there was quiet, but it was comfortable. When they arrived, the rest of the younger digidestined (and Mia) were waiting at the carnival gates. Ken came off the bus first, greeting his friends with as friendly a hello as was possible for Ken. Rebecca came off the bus next, being very careful of her long kimono. She couldnt help but notice the out of place school backpacks that everyone in the group was wearing.
            Everyone, Id like for you to meet Rebecca Uko. Shes in a lot of my classes at school, Ken explained.
            Mia ran up to her sister and gave her a hug.
            Shes my sister, Rebecca explained.
            Rebecca, this is Davis, T.K., Yolei, Kari, and Cody, Ken said, gesturing to each one in turn.
            Hey, she said
            Okay, enough with the chit-chat! Davis exclaimed. Lets hit the rides!
            The rest of the digidestined exclaimed their agreement, and the group headed into the park.
            Im gonna go on every ride in the place! Davis declared.
            Rebecca laughed, and glanced over at the Tunnel of Love ride.
            Doubt youll go on that! Yolei exclaimed to Davis, noticing Rebeccas glance.
            Hey, Kari, you wouldnt mind going on that, right? Davis asked, turning red.
            Id go with you, but T.K. already asked me, Kari said.
            T.K. looked rather confused, at least, until Kari elbowed him discreetly. The group dispersed to their first choice rides. Cody and Mia went with T.K. and Kari, while Davis (and a reluctant Yolei) went with Ken and Rebecca.
            T.K.s group went on the antique cars first. Kari took the drivers seat, and T.K. slid in next to her. Cody and Mia hopped in out back, and they took off.
            On the way down the track, T.K. reached his hand out to a cherry tree, and picked one of the pink blossoms for Kari. She smiled sweetly at him, and put the flower carefully into her hair.
            Hows your cheek? Mia asked Cody, noticing the bruise.
            Its still a little sore, but better than yesterday, Cody assured her.
            Your grandfather wasnt angry with you, was he? Mia asked.
            No. He understood the reason I fought, Cody replied. He did say that I shouldnt let the fighting become a regular practice on my classmates, but he was proud that I defended you.
            Im glad he wasnt angry, Mia told him sincerely.
            Cody smiled and put his hand over hers on the seat of the car. Mia noticed his backpack moving slightly, as if it had a mind of its own. She didnt ask about it though, and her eyes returned to the front of the vehicle, where T.K. had managed to put an arm around Kari.
            Yeeeee-ha! Davis exclaimed, as the wind pulled his lips back from the speed of the roller coaster.
            Rebecca shrieked as the roller coaster made a giant plunge. She gripped the bar in front of her, and looked at Ken, who was sitting next to her. His exclamations were louder than hers, but filled with much less fright.
            One of Rebeccas ribbons came free from her hair, and was caught by Kens raised hands. He gripped it, and held onto it as if for dear life, and when the ride came to an end, he showed it to Rebecca.
            Would you put it back in? she asked. I cant fix my hair without a mirror.
            Uhsure, Ken said.
            They sat down on a bench, and Ken proceeded in tying the rebellious ribbon back into her hair. Needless to say, he had never fixed a girls hair before, and he accidentally pulled a few strands of hair when he tied the ribbon.
            Ow! she said.
            Ken jumped back at her expression of pain. His head went crazy. He had hurt her! He had caused her pain. Maybe he wasnt cured of his past identity yet. Maybe he was reverting back to his ways of darkness
            No! he exclaimed, clutching his head as if he were in intense pain.
            Ken? Rebeccas voice came worriedly. Ken, whats wrong?
            I-I-I he trailed off, a mixture of fear and remorse taking over his face. I hurt you, Rebecca!
            Rebecca looked on worriedly as Kens form wilted into a puddle of sobs. She slid closer next to him, and touched his shoulder. It was shaking uncontrollably.
            Ken, its okay. It didnt hurt that much at all, Rebecca assured him. My mother has done worse with a brush.
            His panicked expression remained as he looked up at her with tears streaking his face. Rebeccas eyes softened to a new compassion he had never seen. Again, his eyes reflected the pain in Salamandramonsthe exact pain she had seen when she told him she couldnt be a digidestined anymore.
            Id better go get T.K. and the others, Davis suggested. Kens having a nervous breakdown.
            Im right behind you, Yolei agreed worriedly. Well be right back, Rebecca!
            People were staring at Ken now, but Rebecca did not care. Her arm came around Kens shoulders, and his head fell onto her shoulder. He was truly petrified, Rebecca realized.
            In the next instant, Ken wrapped his arms around Rebecca tightly, and he cried heavily onto her shoulder. Rebecca just sat there and took all of it.
            Ken, tell me whats wrong, Rebecca pleaded, becoming more concerned by the minute.
            Youyou wouldnt understand, Ken insisted.
            Let me try, Rebecca told him gently. Please let me help.
            Kens breathing returned to normal as he tried to stop his display of weakness. He let go of Rebecca, but sat close to her. His eyes would not meet hers.
            I haveI have done horrible things, Ken told her shakily. Ive made horrible mistakes
            Everyone makes mistakes, Rebecca told him.
            No! Ken insisted, with a firmness that frightened Rebecca. His voice quieted suddenly. No. I havekilled thingsinnocent creatures.
            Innocent creatures? Like bugs or something?
            No, this is different. They werecreatures. Creatures with hearts. I was evil. I couldnt stop myself. Im afraid thatthat if I do something like that againif I hurt somethingIll go back to being a monster. Sometimes II dont feel like I can control that change. I cant even show love or compassion anymore.
            Rebecca took his hand in hers gently. He looked over at her, his eyes filled with moisture. He was so scared. The last person in the world he wanted to hurt had been, and he hadnt even done it intentionally.
            Rebecca bit her lower lip. She had made a mistake beforetelling Salamandramon that she couldnt be a digidestined anymore. Her eyes became distant for a moment, remembering the lizard-like creature, the pain in his eyes. She had caused him pain, the same way that Ken believed he had done to her.
            Thats a lie, Rebecca told him firmly. You are compassionate, Ken. Ive seen it in your eyes before, yesterday at the pool. Remember, when you comforted me after I pulled you into the pool. You have so much compassion in you Ken, and I can see it even now.
            CompassionadmirationWhat was it that Ken was feeling now? He couldnt understand it.
            Im so sorry, he said softly, to everyone, to everything he had ruined in his short reign as the Digimon Emperor, but, especially, to Rebecca.
            Its okay, she assured him, but her voice carried the weight of Digimon and human life alike. Ken, I forgive you.
            That was something that she would never hear Salamandramon say. Her eyes misted for a moment, but she pushed it away. Ken needed comfort right nownot her.
            Her eyes were so close to his now, so close that he could see the light green specks in the ocean of her eyes. And in the very center of her eyes, he saw a reflection of himself, and for once, the reflection did not hold doubt. He saw himself, Ken Ichijoji, and he was compassionate.
            The reflection disappeared when she closed he eyes. Rebecca leaned into him and touched her lips to his in a tender, compassionate kiss. Ken closed his eyes as well, and for the first time, he didnt see darkness.
            Cody, Mia, Kari, and T.K. were all on the spinning teacups when Davis called to them urgently. Yolei was at his side, looking just as worried. The four on the ride, hurried off, and followed Davis as he ran to where they had left Ken.
            They got there just in time to see Rebecca and Ken kissing. Davis stared on in awe, Yolei, rolled her eyes at Davis, and started to drag him away, Mia crinkled her nose, and looked over to find Cody stifling a chuckle, and T.K. and Kari looked on and commented on how cute the scene was.
            So, whats this about Ken having a nervous breakdown? T.K. asked. I dunno there, Davis. He doesnt look so nervous to me.
            Why does Ken get all the luck?! Davis exclaimed helplessly.
            Cody stifled a chuckle.
            Cmon, everyone, Yolei ordered. Lets leave them alone.
            Sometimes you are tired.
            Sometimes you are hungry.
            Sometimes you are angry.
            Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
            Those are the days.
            Those are the most important days.
            Those are the days when you need it most.
            Those are the days that you want it most.
            Those are the days you have the most.
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              Meanwhile, Robin was making her way towards the dance festival with Joe to meet with the others. Thats when she saw her, Mimi. She was holding hands with Matt, and for once, Robin didnt feel jealous. She actually smiled, walked right up to Mimi, introduced herself, and shook her hand.
              Wow, its so nice to see someone else from America too! Mimi exclaimed. Im really glad to meet you, Robin!
              Me too, Robin said truthfully.
              Well, cmon guys! Lets go! Tai exclaimed.
              Hey, wheres Izzy? Matt asked. I thought he was coming.
              No, Joe replied. He said something about working on the younger digi-uhT.K.s computer.
              The digidestined sweatdropped at the near-slip, but were thankful that Joe caught himself in time. Robin took notice to it however, but didnt really pay any attention to it.
              The group headed towards the dancing platform, but Robin stopped short. She expected a rock band to be playing or something, but instead, there was a traditional drum group with a few flutes and other wind instruments that Robin did not recognize.
              Whats wrong? Joe asked.
              Youll have to show me how to do this she said nervously.
              Dont worry. Just follow the crowd, Joe assured her with a chuckle. He took her hand. Cmon.
              Robin smiled, and followed Joe. They started dancing, and Robin was surprised at how easily it came to her. She and her friends were having a blast. After about an hour or so, one of the drummers stepped up to the microphone.
              Okay, for all you younger kids, we have a rock band setting up. Enjoy!
              A cheer from the younger generations of people resulted in groans from the older generations. Robin smiled, and got up from the sitting position she had been in for the last few minutes. She looked back at Joe.
              Arent you coming? she asked.
              Nothats okay. You go on ahead, Joe assured her.
              Robin looked over at Mimi, who was pulling a reluctant Matt to his feet. Mimi looked over at Robin and smiled. She returned it brightly.
              Instead of insisting that Joe come with her, Robin sat down again. Joe smiled, his glasses reflecting the soft glow of the Japanese lanterns.
              So, tell me about America, Joe said. Why do people think its so amazing?
              We have a lot of freedom, I guess, Robin replied. People abuse it so much though. Its horrible. I love it here so much, because people put so much emphasis on family, respect, and honor.
              You seem pretty close to your sisters, though, Joe pointed out.
              My whole family is pretty closewell, except for my dad and I. We fight so much its amazing. He works all the time, so we hardly get to see him at all, Robin explained. I argue with him about that all the time. Weve always been brought up to think that family comes first, but it seems like hes putting it pretty close to last sometimes.
              Yeah? Joe said. It sounds to me like he really cares about you a lot.
              I know he does, Robin told him softly. I just wish he was around more, and I know that sounds selfish, but
              She trailed off, leaving her unspoken thought loud and clear in Joes mind. The band finished their opening song, and switched over to a slow song. Robins eyes drifted across the floor at the various dancing partners. There was Tai and Sora, Matt and Mimi, and countless others. Joe must have noticed as well, because he took Robins hand and stood up.
              Care to dance? he asked.
              Absolutely, Robin replied, her eyes brightening.
              The pair walked over to their friends, and started dancing. Robin smiled and looked up at Joe, who blushed shyly. He then accidentally stepped on her foot, which didnt hurt all that much, because they were both wearing sandals. Robin just chuckled, and lay her head on his chest. She heard Joe gulp nervously as his arm tightened around her back, and his hand squeezed hers.
              Tai looked over at Joe, and gave him a wink and a thumbs-up. Joe returned the grin, though his was a little more nervous.
              When the song ended, Robin and Joe separated, and Joe turned to go sit back down. Robin caught his hand, and pleaded for him to stay with her eyes.
              You taught me to dance your way, so now Ill teach you how to dance my way, Robin explained. Its only fair.
              She raised an eyebrow at him challengingly, and Joe finally agreed. Robin grinned, and took his hands, swinging him around.
              Hey, this is kind of fun! Joe exclaimed.
              Way to go, Joe! Mimi exclaimed.
              Joe gave her a thumbs-up, and returned his attention to Robin. He was having the time of his life!
              Mia and Robin met at the gates so Joe could drive them home. Rebecca said goodbye to her sisters, and went home on the bus with Ken.
              Ken rested his backpack on his lap, and Rebecca noticed that the backpack had become unzipped slightly. A green, leafy-looking thing poked out.
              Do you collect plants? she asked, taking the leaf between her fingers. A muffled laugh came from inside the backpack. What was that?
              Uhnothing, Ken said, sweatdropping.
              Cmon, Ken. Secrets dont make friends, she said with a smile.
              She wouldnt tell anyoneright? Ken thought. I owe this to her at least.
              Leafmon, Ken whispered. Come on out.
              The little Digimon poked his head out of the backpack, and Rebecca gasped.
              Whatits a Digimon? she asked.
              How did you? Ken asked her. Rebecca looked like she had just spilt juice on a white carpet. Ken decided to let the question go. His name is Leafmon. I am one of the digidestined.
              You are? she asked.
              And Ken did his best to say it without breaking down. Why did he feel so guilty talking to her about his past? And I used to be the Emperor. Thats what I meant when I told you about my mistakes. Digimon like Leafmon suffered because of me.
              Ken, Rebecca said, her hand on his arm. You cant believe it when others forgive you unless you forgive yourself.
              But, what I did was horrible, he gasped, trying to hold back his tears. Leafmon looked up at him worriedly.
              Youre right, Rebecca agreed. But youre fighting against that evil now, arent you?
              Ken looked over at her. How could she know so much about forgiveness? What had she ever done wrong? Leafmon sighed.
              Dont be so hard on yourself, she told him. You have to forgive yourself, Ken.
              I forgive you, Ken, Leafmon said softly.
              Againwords she would never hear from Salamandramon. Words she wanted to hear from Salamandramon.
              Ken held the baby Digimon close to him. Rebecca smiled softly at them, and the bus stopped at their apartment building. The three of them got off the bus, and headed inside. A light rain had begun to fall.
              I had a great time at the festival, Rebecca told him, as they stopped at Rebeccas door. She looked thoughtful for a minute. Do you want to go swimming tomorrow? I promise I wont throw you in again.
              Okay, Ken agreed. His expression became serious. Rebeccathanks.
              Youre welcome, she said. Are you sure youll be okay? You were pretty upset
              I thinkI think that my own forgiveness is a journey I have to take on my own, at my own pace, Ken told her, but I am grateful that you showed me the way. But howhow did you know about Leafmon?
              Iits a skeleton in my closet that I will tell you abouttomorrow. I think that theres been enough crying for one night, she told him with a weak smile.
              Okay, Ken agreed, with Leafmon in his arms. Goodnight, then.
              Night, she said softly, disappearing into the apartment.

              The next morning, Rebecca rolled out of bed, and got ready to go swimming. Before she left for the pool, she glanced through her closet for an extra towel for her hair. As she rummaged through her duffel bag, her digivice fell out, along with her crest: the crest of compassion.
              Salamandramon, she whispered. Her eyes rose to her laptop computer sitting on her desk. I made a mistake, but I will correct it. Im coming.
              Rebecca got dressed in the outfit she used to wear when she went to the digital world: jean flares, black boots, a red shirt, and a long, tan overcoat accompanied by a pair of shades resting on the top of her head. She put her crest around her neck.
              Ken, she realized, and went down to the pool after stuffing the digivice into her pocket.
              Ken was at the pool, his feet hanging over the edge in the water.
              Ken, I need to go to the digital world, she told him.
              The Digital world? he asked, getting up, and walking over to her. Why? How?
              I have a digivice, she told him, displaying the orange digivice. I need to correct a mistake I made a long time ago. I needto seek forgiveness.
              I can access the Digiport from my computer, Ken told her. Cmon. Lets go.
              He led her upstairs to his apartment, after Rebecca told her guardians where she was going. As usual, his mom was ecstatic to see them, and made some sandwiches.
              Honey, why dont you have Davis and your other friends over too? his mom suggested.
              Okay, Ken agreed, picking up the phone.
              In about fifteen minutes, the rest of the digidentined were at Kens house. They said a kind hello to Rebecca, and she told them that she was also a digidestined.
              II gave up before the fight even started, she told them softly. I owe it to Salamandramon to come back.
              Alright, Ken said, raising his D3 to the computer screen. Digiport open!
              Can I ask you something, Robin? Joe inquired softly. The two of them were walking in the park the day after the festival.
              Sure, Robin said, her eyes lofting about the landscape.
              Would you ever considerwhat I mean is, would you ever go forno, I mean, do you- Joe stammered helplessly. His face became more flushed with every word he said.
              Am I interested in a guy like you? Robin finished for him, raising an eyebrow.
              Yeah, Joe said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head nervously.
              Guys that are like you, maybe, she replied, then paused for a moment to look at his embarrassed face. She took his hand. But Im definitely interested in you, Joe.
              He let out a relieved chuckle, and Robin leaned her head on his shoulder. His arm came around her, and they walked the rest of the way like that.
              Eventually, they met up with Tai and Sora, who were coincidentally walking in the park also. The four of them sat down on a picnic blanket that Sora had brought, and they had some sandwiches.
              So, I hear that youre the new bassist for Matts band, right? Tai asked Robin.
              Yeah, I guess Im not as bad as I thought, she said with a grin.
              Joe cast his gaze elsewhere. Robin bit her lower lip nervously.
              Excuse me, Joe told them softly, getting up.
              Joe? Robin asked softly, but he pretended not to hear.
              She looked over at Sora and Tai helplessly.
              Ill be right back, Robin said apologetically, and followed after Joe.
              He was leaning against a tree by the pond when Robin found him. She approached him slowly, fearing his reaction.
              Hey, she said softly next to him. His eyes would not meet hers. Joe?
              His face turned in the other direction, but she heard him sniffle.
              Joe? she repeated, and touched his arm. Joe, please look at me.
              His eyes returned to hers. He removed his glasses, and wiped his eyes.
              Oh, Joe, she said softly, and wrapped her arms around him. Im sorry. I didnt know that you were
              Jealous? he finished for her, and replaced his glasses. His arms came around her. YeahIhe took Mimi away from me too. Im not mad at himI just, I dont think I could stand it if he stole your heart too.
              Youlike Mimi, then? she asked, looking up at him.
              No. Not now. It was a long time ago, but still he trailed off. I dont want to lose you.
              You wont, Robin promised, hugging him tighter. Matt and I are just friends, I promise. I really care for you, Joe.
              Im glad, he told her, taking her face in his hands, because I really care for you too.
              Robin smiled. Joe bent his head down to her, and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She pulled back, the smile still on her face, and lay her head on his chest.
              I thinkI think we should get back to Sora and Tai, Joe suggested, running his hands through Robins light blond hair.
              Kay, Robin agreed, taking his hand, and walking closely beside him.
              Sometimes you are tired.
              Sometimes you are hungry.
              Sometimes you are angry.
              Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
              Those are the days.
              Those are the most important days.
              Those are the days when you need it most.
              Those are the days that you want it most.
              Those are the days you have the most.
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                The younger digidestined searched endlessly for Rebeccas lost Digimon. They split up into groups, and looked for Salamandramon.
                Ken, Rebecca said softly, glancing over at him.
                I hope we find him.
                Me too.
                They continued on in silence, and Rebecca suddenly recognized where they were. She held Ken back. Some innate feeling within her told her that Salamandramon was here.
                Im here! she called. Im here, old friend!
                There was a rustling in the bushes, and an orange and red head poked out. It took one look and Rebecca, and ran to her.
                Salamandramon! she exclaimed, hugging the Digimon tightly. Ive missed you so much! Im so sorry for leaving you. Please, Ive come for your forgiveness.
                Is that all? Salamandramon asked, slightly disappointed.
                Of course not, Rebecca whispered, tears streaming down her face. I want you to come back with me. Back home to Japan. I want us to be partners again, and I wont ever leave you again, I promise.
                Salamandramon smiled, and suddenly, Rebeccas crest started to glow. Ken looked on in quiet satisfaction.
                Rebecca, its time for Salamandramon to digivolve, he told her.
                Right! Rebecca exclaimed, stepping back with her digivice in hand. Her voice quieted as she looked at her Digimon partner, together with her, again and forever. Salamandramon, digivolve!
                The lizard-like Digimon smiled, and then started to glow.
                Salamandramon, digivolve toDracondramon!
                The massive, orange, maroon, and yellow colored dragon Digimon stood before them. He was a fierce looking, armor plated, sharp-toothed creature, but the softness in his eyes was beyond anything.
                Rebecca, came his deep, rumbling voice. I will come back with you, and I forgive you.
                Dracondramon, she whispered, hugging his giant paw tightly. Thankyou. Its been so longI didnt think that youd forgive me.
                I am your loyal partner, and I will never leave you, Dracondramon promised.
                And I am the same, and Im sorry for not realizing it until now, Rebecca said. Lets get back with the others.
                Ken, Wormon, and Rebecca climbed onto Dracondramons back, and took off to find the rest of the digidestined.
                Cody walked into school to find Mia sitting at their table with a bunch of classmates. He smiled, thinking that she had made some other friends, but his expression quickly changed when he began to hear what his classmates were saying.
                Why wont you say anything, American? one of them snickered. You chicken or something?
                Hey, Cody said sharply, walking faster towards them. Leave her alone.
                What are you going to do about it? Frank demanded.
                Cody realized that their teacher was not present.
                Why are you all picking on her? Cody demanded.
                Do you need your little boyfriend to defend you? one of the classmates jeered at Mia, completely ignoring Cody.
                Cody looked at Mias face, trying so hard to remain strong. She didnt look at any of them, but kept her eyes on the desk. Cody grimaced, considering the consequences of what he was about to do, but decided that what happened to him was not of concern right now. Mia wasnt safe here with these kids. They couldnt accept her, and she needed to get away. Without any concern for the trouble he may get into, Cody grabbed Mias arm, and rushed her out the door.
                The teachers would do nothing to ensure her safety. Frank hadnt even been suspended for what he had done earlier. Cody led her into a vacant computer lab. He whipped out his digivice, and they both went to the digital world.
                Whereare we? Mia asked, adjusting her headband.
                Cody took Upamon out of his backpack, and introduced him to Mia. They both gasped, but Mia had no trouble accepting the Digimon as real. What was stranger still was the fact that this place seemed so familiar to Mia.
                What about school? Mia asked suddenly, as they sat down under the shade of a tree.
                I had to get you out of there, Cody told her. Those kids were being so mean.
                I dont understand, Mia told him. I dont understand why they hate me so much. Cody, whats wrong with me?
                Nothing, Cody told her firmly. Upamon nodded his agreement. Dont ever let anyone tell you any different.
                Mia let her silent tears fall, and Cody wrapped his arms around her. She hated this. Mia hated acting like such a baby in front of her friends. Everyone in America used to call her thata baby.
                Cody? she asked quietly.
                Do you think Im a baby?
                You know what I think? Cody began, his eyes becoming thoughtful. I think that you should come to a few Kendo practices with me. I think that you would be really good at it, and you would be more confident.
                You think so? she asked hopefully. Cody, that would be great.
                Cody nodded, and they separated. Mias smile had returned, and they headed back to school. Luckily, the lab was still vacant, and they snuck back to class.
                Mia, Cody, where have you two been? Mrs. Katrika demanded. March yourselves to the office this instant!
                But we didnt do anything wrong! Mia exclaimed. We left because everyone was teasing me.
                You should have told a teacher, Mrs. Katrika told her.
                But you dont do anything about it! Mia exclaimed, her tears returning.
                Young lady, you could be suspended for your disobedience. Now, both of you go to the office!
                Cody had never been in more trouble in his life, and neither had Mia. They were both given two detentions each, which were to be served over the next two days.
                Im so sorry, Mia apologized after they were released from the office.
                Dont be, Cody assured her. I chose to do this. You dont deserve to be treated the way everyone is treating you.
                They were both sentenced to immediate dismissal from school that day, so Codys grandfather picked them up, because Keiko wasnt home from work yet.
                Now what happened, Cody? his grandfather demanded, his tone slightly harsh.
                Mia cowered meekly in the back seat, as Cody told his tale, skipping the part about the Digital world, and replacing it with the school woods.
                Why didnt you seek help from an adult? Where was your teacher? his grandfather asked.
                Mrs. Katrika wasnt in the room, and they dont do anything about the teasing anyway, Cody replied. I also want to know ifif youll teach Mia Kendo.
                That I will, the old man agreed, but you must promise me that your escape from school today was not an act of vain. Tell me why you did it.
                To help a friend, Cody replied definitively. To save Mia from a possible fight again.
                Then I am not disappointed in you, Cody, his grandfather said. You did the right thing.
                Robin returned home from school to find Mia sitting on the couch. Since Robins school got out earlier than Mias, Robins suspicions began to rise.
                Mia? What happened? Why arent you at school? Robin demanded, slipping off her backpack and jacket, and sitting next to her.
                I was sent home, Mia replied meekly. Some kids were teasing me, and then Cody got me out of the classroom without telling anyone, but the teachers dont do anything about it. About the teasing. I hate it there, Robin. Everyone is so mean to me. They all hate me!
                Oh, but Mia, Robin began, hugging the little girl tightly. Cody doesnt hate you, right? Hes your friend, isnt he?
                Yeah, but thats one out of more than twenty kids, Mia replied, sniffling. He and his grandfather said that theyd teach me Kendo, so I can defend myself, but I dont want to fight anyone. I just want all those kids to leave me alone.
                I know, Robin assured her gently. Sometimes, though, you have to fight, or people will walk all over you.
                Mia sighed, and snuggled close to her sister.
                How was your date with Joe yesterday? she asked, changing the subject.
                I really like him, Rebecca said. In fact, I started some poems about him. Im planning on sending some to a publisher.
                There was a knock on the door, and Robin went to answer it. Keiko came bustling in, carrying her briefcase, and looked at Mia, who explained the whole story. Keiko looked at her understandingly, but said nothing.
                Sometimes you are tired.
                Sometimes you are hungry.
                Sometimes you are angry.
                Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                Those are the days.
                Those are the most important days.
                Those are the days when you need it most.
                Those are the days that you want it most.
                Those are the days you have the most.
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                  Wow, what a cool Digimon! Davis exclaimed, as Rebecca, Ken, and Leafmon returned with Dracondramon.
                  Thanks! Rebecca exclaimed, sliding of the giant Digimons back. Ken followed suit with Leafmon, and Dracondramon reverted back to Salamandramon.
                  The Digidestined returned back to the real world, and since it was late, started on their ways home. Ken and Rebecca walked to the bus stop.
                  Something wrong, Rebecca? Ken asked, his face becoming concerned. You seem distracted.
                  Rebecca clutched Tadpolemon, the rookie form of Salamandramon, close to her. There had been something within her that had been triggered since she reentered the digital world. Something just didnt feel right.
                  Im just wondering Rebecca trailed off, her eyes wandering over to Kens worried expression. They boarded the bus. Most of the Digidestineds siblings are also digidestined. Why arent my sisters? I mean, I think that Robin is too practical, but Mia? She would be a perfect digidestined.
                  Theres something else too, isnt there? Ken pressed. He was surprised at his curiosity, but he was getting used to this feeling of protectiveness and admiration he had around her.
                  Maybe, Rebecca replied, choosing a seat and sitting down, but I dont know what it isyet.
                  Ken looked over at Rebeccas pained face as he sat down next to her. His expression softened, and he reached for her hand.
                  What is it? he asked, frustrated that he could not help, that he could not take away whatever she was feeling right now.
                  Tadpolemon looked at Wormon worriedly. Rebecca got like this sometimes, but only when she was really troubled. The only time he had ever seen her like this was the day she left him.
                  I dont know! she half-cried helplessly, and squeezed his hand. I justI feel so alone right now. Someone is trying to tell me something.
                  Youre not alone, Ken promised her, surprised at how powerful his tone was right now. Im here. Tadpolemon and Wormon are here. You arent alone.
                  Rebecca sighed heavily, her pained eyes searching for an answer, a clueanything that would help her understand why she was feeling like this.
                  This isnt much, Ken told her apologetically, wrapping his arms around her, and resting his head atop hers, but its all I can do until I know why you feel like this.
                  Rebecca slid closer to Ken, so that she could hold Tadpolemon and Wormon as Ken held her. None of them noticed the pained and regretful expression on Tadpolemons face.

                  Rebecca jumped into the pool, and kept sinking. Something held her there, but it was a calming, soothing force. It told her that it needed her. It needed her in the digital world, and that if she just stayed here in the calming cool waters of the pool, it would take her there.
                  Ken was sitting in a lawn chair by the pool, relaxing in the evening sun. He glanced in the water, expecting to see Rebecca getting ready to splash him. Instead, he saw her motionless near the bottom of the pool.
                  Rebecca?! he cried, forgetting that he was afraid of the water. He jumped in, opened his eyes, and swam towards her motionless form.
                  and thats when he felt it. Something was calling her. He swam closer, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her towards the surface. He surfaced, choking on water, but he still managed to pull her out of the pool.
                  Unconsciousshe wasnt breathing! Ken panicked, tears fell from his eyes, and then he finally remembered rescue breathing from health class.
                  Ken furiously wiped the tears from his eyes, and bent down to breathe for her.
                  Its no good, Tadpolemon told him after the first attempt failed.
                  What are you talking about? Ken demanded, continuing to try to make Rebecca breathe again.
                  II never told her Tadpolemon said, his eyes becoming teary. He digivolved to Salamandramon, and walked over to Ken. Shes not digidestined, Ken. She doesnt even exist.
                  What are you talking about?! Ken demanded, louder this time, angry, frustrated, a million emotions surfaced. You knew that she was going to do this!?
                  Mia is the digidestined. Rebecca was sent here to salvage you when you were the emperor. She was sent here by the highest power in the digital world to make you human again, but Davis and the others saved you before she could. This threw everything off balance. They couldnt take her back because of all the other chaos going on in the digital worldbut now they can take her back. She isnt realand neither am I, Salamandramon explained.
                  Rebecca, Ken whispered, taking her lifeless body in his arms. He pressed her face close to his.
                  And then her body disappeared like the destruction of an evil digimon. Salamandramon disappeared also.
                  No, Ken gasped.
                  He stayed, slumped on the ground for a moment, but then his head lifted, and he picked up Wormon and his backpack.
                  Where are we going? Wormon asked.
                  The digital world.

                  Rebecca! Ken screamed, appearing in the digital world. Rebecca where are you?!
                  Ken? a small, weak voice called.
                  Rebecca! Ken exclaimed, crying without shame. She was sitting beneath a massive tree.
                  He walked over to her, knelt at her side, and wrapped his arms around her. She held him close, tears pouring down both their faces.
                  Why? he asked. Why do you have to go?
                  Im not real, she choked out, but Im scared, Ken. I dont want to leave you. I dont want to leave Robin, or Mia. They wont even remember me after Im gone.
                  What about me? Ken asked. Will I forget?
                  You have a choice, Rebecca told him as they separated slowly. Ken sat next to her, holding her at arms length. You can forget me totally, and live without the pain, or remember everything, be sworn to secrecy, and know that I can never see you again.
                  Ken looked away, noticing that she wore an elegant dress instead of her normal attire.
                  This is how I want you to remember me, she told him. That isif you choose to remember.
                  Take me with you, Ken protested.
                  I cant, she told him, taking his face in her hands. What about Davis and the others? Who will be Davis DNA digivolving partner? Youre needed there, Ken. They need you, Davis, T.K., Cody, Kariand Yolei.
                  Ken held her face gently.
                  Rebecca looked towards the tree, and her eyes misted over.
                  Ken, I have to go soon, she told him. I need to knowdo you want to remember?
                  Yes, he told her definitively. His hands ran through her hair.
                  Okay, she whispered, and a single tear fell from her eye. I have to go now
                  Justone more moment, he pleaded softly, and brought his face close to hers. I love you, Rebecca.
                  I love you too, she confessed.
                  Ken smiled weakly, and touched his lips to hers in a sweet, tender kiss. When they parted, tears were in both their eyes.
                  Goodbye Rebecca whispered.
                  Goodbye Ken said, his eyes remaining on her delicate face, until it disappeared into oblivion, along with the tree.
                  Wormon made his way over to Ken, and climbed onto his lap. Tears fell from Kens eyes as he hugged the Digimon close to him.
                  Ken, Wormon said softly. They say that it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.
                  So what do you do with a heart Ken began, trying to talk through a curtain of tears. thats broken in two? One half is with the one you love, and the other hurts so much without the other half to complete it.
                  It heals, Wormon assured him, remembering many times long ago when his own heart had been broken by a boy with spiky blue hair. But you will always remember.
                  Her compassion, Ken said softly. She brought out the compassion in me, and she vanquished the monster. I dont feel any trace of the evil that was within me before.
                  With that, his head lifted upwards towards the bright sky. A light breeze blew strands of blue hair away from his face, and the sun dried his tears.
                  Thanks, Becky, he said softly.
                  Sometimes you are tired.
                  Sometimes you are hungry.
                  Sometimes you are angry.
                  Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                  Those are the days.
                  Those are the most important days.
                  Those are the days when you need it most.
                  Those are the days that you want it most.
                  Those are the days you have the most.
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                  This is good stuff! *starts eating popcorn*
                  More! I need more!
                  not popcorn, i mean the story...
                  Someone needs to do a digimon RP

                  twitter + raptr + myanimelist + tumblr
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                    Thank you very much! And...erm...there isn't anymore I'm's done Kind of a sad story, really...
                    Sometimes you are tired.
                    Sometimes you are hungry.
                    Sometimes you are angry.
                    Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                    Those are the days.
                    Those are the most important days.
                    Those are the days when you need it most.
                    Those are the days that you want it most.
                    Those are the days you have the most.
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