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Old April 19th, 2004 (2:34 PM).
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Ok well i found out tons of codes for gameshark SP to catch any pokemon!!!

Heres the codes...

1) start a new file on your gameshark SP(enter these master codes..
for ruby- 0000B138000A and 1003A82A007
for sapphire- 000056D0000A and 1003A82A007

2) enter this code 83007D220xxx

Now the codes..

Replace xxx with the 3 Digit Codes (In order by Number in Ruby and Sapphire)

115 Treecko
116 Grovyle
117 Sceptile
118 Torchic
119 Combusken
11A Blaziken
11B Mudkip
11C Marshtomp
11D Swampert
11E Poochyena
11F Mightyena
120 Zigzagoon
121 Linoone
122 Wurmple
123 Silcoon
124 Beautifly
125 Cascoon
126 Dustox
127 Lotad
128 Lombre
129 Ludicolo
12A Seedot
12B Nuzleaf
12C Shiftry
130 Taillow
131 Swellow
135 Wingull
136 Pelipper
188 Ralts
189 Kirlia
18A Gardevoir
137 Surskit
138 Masquerain
132 Shroomish
133 Breloom
16C Slakoth
16D Vigoroth
16E Slaking
03F Abra
040 Kadabra
041 Alakazam
12D Nincada
12E Ninjask
12F Shedinja
172 Whismur
173 Loudred
174 Exploud
14F Makuhita
150 Hariyama
076 Goldeen
077 Seaking
081 Magikarp
082 Gyarados
15E Azurill
0B7 Marill
0B8 Azumarill
04A Geodude
04B Graveler
04C Golem
140 Nosepass
13B Skitty
13C Delcatty
029 Zubat
02A Golbat
0A9 Crobat
048 Tentacool
049 Tentacruel
142 Sableye
163 Mawile
17E Aron
17F Lairon
180 Aggron
042 Machop
043 Machoke
044 Machamp
164 Meditite
165 Medicham
151 Electrike
152 Manectric
161 Plusle
162 Minun
051 Magnemite
052 Magneton
065 Voltorb
066 Electrode
182 Volbeat
183 Illumise
02B Oddish
02C Gloom
02D Vileplume
0B6 Bellossom
054 Doduo
055 Dodrio
16B Roselia
16F Gulpin
170 Swalot
14A Carvanha
14B Sharpedo
139 Wailmer
13A Wailord
153 Numel
154 Camerupt
0DA Slugma
0DB Magcargo
141 Torkoal
058 Grimer
059 Muk
06D Koffing
06E Weezing
15F Spoink
160 Grumpig
01B Sandshrew
01C Sandslash
134 Spinda
0E3 Skarmory
14C Trapinch
14D Vibrava
14E Flygon
158 Cacnea
159 Cacturne
166 Swablu
167 Altaria
17C Zangoose
17B Seviper
15C Lunatone
15D Solrock
143 Barboach
144 Whiscash
146 Corphish
147 Crawdaunt
13E Baltoy
13F Claydol
184 Lileep
185 Cradily
186 Anorith
187 Armaldo
0AE Igglybuff
027 Jigglypuff
028 Wigglytuff
148 Feebas
149 Milotic
181 Castform
078 Staryu
079 Starmie
13D Kecleon
179 Shuppet
17A Banette
169 Duskull
16A Dusclops
171 Tropius
19B Chimecho
178 Absol
025 Vulpix
026 Ninetales
0AC Pichu
019 Pikachu
01A Raichu
036 Psyduck
037 Golduck
168 Wynaut
0CA Wobbuffet
0B1 Natu
0B2 Xatu
0CB Girafarig
0E7 Phanpy
0E8 Donphan
07F Pinsir
0D6 Heracross
06F Rhyhorn
070 Rhydon
15A Snorunt
15B Glalie
155 Spheal
156 Sealeo
157 Walrein
175 Clamperl
176 Huntail
177 Gorebyss
17D Relicanth
0DE Corsola
0AA Chinchou
0AB Lanturn
145 Luvdisc
074 Horsea
075 Seadra
0E6 Kingdra
18B Bagon
18C Shelgon
18D Salamence
18E Beldum
18F Metang
190 Metagross
191 Regirock
192 Regice
193 Registeel
197 Latias
198 Latios
194 Kyogre
195 Groudon
196 Rayquaza
199 Jirachi
19A Deoxys

Hope this helps you!! Pokeman132

O0o0o and i have 1 question..HOW DO YOU GET SHINY POKEMON!!!! I WAN THEM SO0O0O0O0O BAD!!! REPLY A.S.A.P.

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Old April 19th, 2004 (4:00 PM). Edited April 19th, 2004 by Shinin.
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codes 4 old pkmn (put a 0 before each one, like the spearow one would be 015:

01 Bulbasaur
02 Ivysaur
03 Venusaur
04 Charmander
05 Charmeleon
06 Charizard
07 Squirtle
08 Wartortle
09 Blastoise
0a Caterpie
0b Metapod
0c Butterfree
0d Weedle
0e Kakuna
0f Beedrill
10 Pidgey
11 Pidgeotto
12 Pidgeot
13 Rattata
14 Raticate
15 Spearow
16 Fearow
17 Ekans
18 Arbok
19 Pikachu
1a Raichu
1b Sandshrew
1c Sandslash
1d Nidoran (F)
1e Nidorina
1f Nidoqueen
20 Nidoran (M)
21 Nidorino
22 Nidoking
23 Clefairy
24 Clefable
25 Vulpix
26 Ninetales
27 Jigglypuff
28 Wigglytuff
29 Zubat
2a Golbat
2b Oddish
2c Gloom
2d Vileplume
2e Paras
2f Parasect
30 Venonat
31 Venomoth
32 Diglett
33 Dugtrio
34 Meowth
35 Persian
36 Psyduck
37 Golduck
38 Mankey
39 Primeape
3a Growlithe
3b Arcanine
3c Poliwag
3d Poliwhirl
3e Poliwrath
3f Abra
40 Kadabra
41 Alakazam
42 Machop
43 Machoke
44 Machamp
45 Bellsprout
46 Weepinbell
47 Victreebel
48 Tentacool
49 Tentacruel
4a Geodude
4b Graveler
4c Golem
4d Ponyta
4e Rapidash
4f Slowpoke
50 Slowbro
51 Magnemite
52 Magnetron
53 Farfetch'd
54 Doduo
55 Dodrio
56 Seel
57 Dewgong
58 Grimer
59 Muk
5a Shellder
5b Cloyster
5c Gastly
5d Haunter
5e Gengar
5f Onix
60 Drowzee
61 Hypno
62 Krabby
63 Kingler
64 Voltorb
65 Electrode
66 Exeggcute
67 Exegutor
68 Cubone
69 Marowak
6a Hitmonlee
6b Hitmonchan
6c Lickitung
6d Koffing
6e Weezing
6f Rhyhorn
70 Rhydon
71 Chansey
72 Tangela
73 Kangaskhan
74 Horsea
75 Seadra
76 Goldeen
77 Seaking
78 Staryu
79 Starmie
7a Mr. Mime
7b Scyther
7c Jynx
7d Electabuzz
7e Magmar
7f Pinsir
80 Tauros
81 Magicarp
82 Gyarados
83 Lapras
84 Ditto
85 Eevee
86 Vaporeon
87 Jolteon
88 Flareon
89 Porygon
8a Omanyte
8b Omastar
8c Kabuto
8d Kabutops
8e Aerodactyl
8f Snorlax
90 Articuno
91 Zapdos
92 Moltres
93 Dratini
94 Dragonair
95 Dragonite
96 Mewtwo
97 Mew
98 Chikorita
99 Bayleef
9a Meganium
9b Cynaquil
9c Guilava
9d Typhlosion
9e Totodile
9f Croconaw
a0 Feraligatr
a1 Sentret
a2 Furret
a3 Hoothoot
a4 Noctowl
a5 Ledyba
a6 Ledian
a7 Spinarak
a8 Ariados
a9 Crobat
aa Chinchou
ab Lanturn
ac Pichu
ad Cleffa
ae Igglybuff
af Togepi
b0 Togetic
b1 Natu
b2 Xatu
b3 Mareep
b4 Flaaffy
b5 Ampharos
b6 Bellossom
b7 Marill
b8 Azumarill
b9 Sudowoodo
ba Politoed
bb Hoppip
bc Skiploom
bd Jumpluff
be Aipom
bf Sunkern
c0 Sunflora
c1 Yanma
c2 Wooper
c3 Quagsire
c4 Espeon
c5 Umbreon
c6 Murkrow
c7 Slowking
c8 Misdreavus
c9 Unknown
ca Wobbuffet
cb Girafarig
cc Pineco
cd Forretress
ce Dunsparce
cf Gligar
d0 Steelix
d1 Snubbull
d2 Granbull
d3 Qwilfish
d4 Scizor
d5 Shuckle
d6 Heracross
d7 Sneasel
d8 Teddiursa
d9 Ursaring
da Slugma
db Magcargo
dc Swinub
dd Piloswine
de Corsola
df Remoraid
e0 Octillery
e1 Delibird
e2 Mantine
e3 Skarmory
e4 Houndour
e5 Houndoom
e6 Kingdra
e7 Phanpy
e8 Donphan
e9 Porygon2
ea Stantler
eb Smeargle
ec Tyrogue
ed Hitmontop
ee Smoochum
ef Elekid
f0 Magby
f1 Miltank
f2 Blissey
f3 Raikou
f4 Entei
f5 Suicune
f6 Larvitar
f7 Pupitar
f8 Tyranitar
f9 Lugia
fa Ho-oh
fb Celebi
fd Egg
Old April 19th, 2004 (7:47 PM).
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look guys i dont know how many times these codes have been posted but it seems to me that they are spamming up the forums.... that is why the GS/AR/CB section is there fore... please use them okay?
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Old April 27th, 2004 (5:49 PM).
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pokeman132- da master codes dont work!!!!! i put in the first master code only at first n it sayd no master code,press start,so i entered the second one intoo with the first one too,n i noticed dat the second master code for sapphire is only 11 numbers/letters long! its supposed to be 12! therefore,i entered dat and left the last one a 0 and entered the code for jirachi too,n when i went into the grass to see if jirachi was there,the game froze!!! (srry this is so long n confusin) (n i DO have gameshark sp) plz help me out here
Old April 27th, 2004 (6:17 PM).
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You know...if you want codes for ARGBX/GSSP, you could just go to and check the codes in the FAQ section of Ruby/Sapphire. Both have the same so it doesn't matter.
Old April 28th, 2004 (6:12 AM).
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the codes they have at gamefaqs are for gameshark advance, these are for gameshark advance sp

they're different.

the codes here are correct, I just tested them right now

and the 11 character thing it's just a typo,
there's should be 3 "0" before the 7 in the first code at the end.



they're not wrong, they do work, I jsut tested them.

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....They still dont work. :\
Old May 10th, 2004 (7:39 PM).
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Do anybody has a gameshark with usb conection that has the CD software to install it.pllss contacme at [email protected] plz
Old May 12th, 2004 (8:02 PM).
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I'm the original discoverer of these codes! I gave them to over 100 people! You should give me credit for them! Oh yeah. I forgot to mention, to do the master code, you have to enter the bottom code into your GameShark SP:

(Warning: You may corrupt the codes that came with the GameShark SP for Ruby & Sapphire, make sure you creat a new game section & add these codes underneath it!)

Master Code for Ruby:
0000B138000A ----2nd
1003A82A0007 ----Enter 1st

Master Code for Sapphire:
000056D0000A ----2nd
1003A82A0007 ----Enter 1st

Do that or else the codes will not work!

Here are the National Dex Codes: (DO the same thing to them that you did to the Master Code, enter from the bottom to up) It's actually a complete pokdex code that gives you all the Pokmon exceptional of about 10 show up in the Pokdex.

NATIONAL DEX CODES: (There ARE different Master Codes for this!)

[M] Master Code (Ruby)
00002101000A ----2nd
100004280007 ----Enter 1st

[M] Master Code (Sapphire)
0000B138000A ----2nd
100004280007 ----Enter 1st

Complete Pokedex
82026B000302 ----9th
32024EBE00DA ----8th
32026A5A0040 ----7th
42024ECEFFFF ----6th
000000320002 ----5th
4202606EFFFF ----4th
000000180002 ----3rd
420291C2FFFF ----2nd
000000180002 ----Enter 1st

All of these codes DO work! I've tested them all. But the downfall is you can't use these 2 Legendaries in Colosseum because they have been hacked into your game: Mew & Deoxys

You have to trade them from Pokmon FireRed & LeafGreen (They have a special code encrypted on them, this code is the only way to be able to use them in Colosseum!

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The codes still dont work
Old June 29th, 2004 (2:58 PM).
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