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Old October 12th, 2006 (12:27 AM).
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This is probably my least favourite of my three decks, and probably the worst.



2 Pikachu (Jungle)
1 Pikachu (Neo)
2 Dark Raichu (Rockets)
1 Raichu (Fossil)

2 Cradily (Ex Sandstorm)
2 Lileep (Ex Sandstorm)

2 Jumpluff (Neo)
2 Skiploom (Neo)
2 Hoppip (Neo)

2 Holon's Voltorb (EX Delta)
1 Holon's Electrode (EX Delta)
1 Electrode (Jungle)

1 Magneton (EX Delta)
1 Magneton (Holon Phantoms)
1 Magnemite (Holon Phantoms)
1 Magnemite (EX Delta)

Trainer (18)

1 Mary's Request

3 Bill

2 Moo-Moo Milk

2 Root Fossil

2 Super Rod

2 Energy Retrieval

1 Maintenance

1 Energy Removal

1 Switch

1 Potion

1 Great Ball

1 Master Ball

Energy (18)

8 Grass

10 Elecrtic
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