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Old October 13th, 2006 (3:28 PM).
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I will be submitting more stay tuned!

PS - My worst of them is Gegan...I don't know how to make a good sprite without having the pallette of another sprite to work off.
PS2 - Sorry they aren't in thumbnail form...don't know how to do that either
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File Type: png Gegan.PNG‎ (724 Bytes, 108 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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Old October 13th, 2006 (3:34 PM).
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These are cool the kangaskhaun one especially lol

Old October 13th, 2006 (3:35 PM).
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lol, nice i like it , i love the kangaskhaun one
Old October 13th, 2006 (4:16 PM).
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I love the little Lickatung thing, its so cute and its cool that it doesn't have eyes.

That little pinsir thing bothers me though...mainly the eyes.
Old October 13th, 2006 (4:24 PM).
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The lickitung is a tad too... well... small. It annoys me.
The pinsir has horrible shading and the eyes annoy me, and the outline is really messed up. The arms look to skinny, and the horns are dull. It's body atatchments are all curvy, and it's legs are like blocks basically.

The orange scratch sprite looks like a beehive gone wrong.

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Old October 14th, 2006 (10:15 PM).
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the pinser looks deformed O_O
Old October 15th, 2006 (1:42 AM).
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your sprites looks cool
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Old October 22nd, 2006 (6:57 AM).
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Acamaster your sprites are good but why has kangaskan got a long tounge?
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