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Old August 2nd, 2011 (6:28 AM). Edited August 3rd, 2011 by Zammitellu98.
Zammitellu98 Zammitellu98 is offline
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    Hi guys.
    As I was playing Pokemon White on NO$GBA yesterday, I accidentally lost my save file.
    ----------------------------------SAVE FILE REQUEST---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Game (Required): Pokémon White
    Player's name: Samuel
    Playing Time: 2:00-2:30
    Number of Badges: 1
    Location (this means location in game ): Route 3 (Day Care Centre)
    Team (Required):
    Serpine, 20
    Munna, 20
    Patrat, 20
    Herdier, 19
    Purrloin, 21
    Panpour, 21
    Pokémon in box: No
    Additional information: 1 Badge, no shinies, no pokemon in box. Thanks!!


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    Old August 7th, 2011 (8:57 PM).
    JeffMan19 JeffMan19 is offline
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      Gender: Male
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      Hey guys, I had an unfortunate crash with no$gba and lost a good 6+ hours of work. It'd be awesome if someone could get me a save file from my point in the game.

      Game: Heart Gold
      Name: JeffMan
      Playing time: don't care
      Number of badges: 4
      Location: Olivine City, just arrived
      Quilava, 23
      Graveler, 25
      Pidgeotto, 24
      Flaaffy, 24
      Weepinbell, 22
      Togepi, 21

      Pokemon in box: don't care

      Additional info: for what it's worth, I've attached my most recent .sav file, in RAW format. Thanks!

      Attached Files
      File Type: sav xpa-phg.sav‎ (512.0 KB, 57 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      Old August 8th, 2011 (12:30 AM).
      Handayani Handayani is offline
        Join Date: Aug 2011
        Gender: Female
        Posts: 1

        Game : fire red
        Name : sabrina (female)
        Location : viridian city (pokemon center)
        Badges : 0
        Play time : don't care

        Team :
        Charmander lv.5 (first)
        Bulbasaur lv.5
        Squirtle lv.5
        Raikou lv.50
        Entei lv.50
        Suicune lv.50

        Pokemon in box : all missing,legendary and trade pokemon (if possible)


        Old August 9th, 2011 (3:51 PM).
        jammeym1's Avatar
        jammeym1 jammeym1 is offline
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          how do u use these sav files on mac

          Old August 19th, 2011 (6:08 PM). Edited August 19th, 2011 by doctornegro.
          doctornegro doctornegro is offline
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            Game: Emerald
            Name: Ezio
            Playing time: any
            Number of badges: none
            Location: Beginning, in littleroot
            Team (Required):
            Torchic, 5
            Squirtle, 5
            Charmander, 5
            Bulbasaur, 5
            Machop, 5
            Aron, 5
            Pokémon in box: yes
            Additional information: Thanks to anyone who helps.

            Old August 22nd, 2011 (5:25 AM).
            CrazyShooter's Avatar
            CrazyShooter CrazyShooter is offline
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              Location: Tartarus; come visit me some time! :)
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              Originally Posted by Handayani View Post
              Game : fire red
              Name : sabrina (female)
              Location : viridian city (pokemon center)
              Badges : 0
              Play time : don't care

              Team :
              Charmander lv.5 (first)
              Bulbasaur lv.5
              Squirtle lv.5
              Raikou lv.50
              Entei lv.50
              Suicune lv.50

              Pokemon in box : all missing,legendary and trade pokemon (if possible)


              Here's a ROM with a female character named SABRINA.

              I have put in the 3 starters and an eevee, and a fire, water and thunder stone. I reccomend evolving it into Vaporeon (Water stone) or Jolteon (Thunderstone) since eevee's attack IV is not very high, and Flareon's best base stat is Attack. It also has all pokeballs times 99, except there are 5 normal Pokeballs and no Safari Balls.

              I didn't put in raikou and all the other the hoenn and johto legendaries in the boxes I don't reccomend getting non-kanto-dex pokemon before getting the national dex the normal way since it might screw things up. You can obviously catch all other legendaries during normal gameplay.

              Attached Files
              File Type: sav Pokemon - Fire Red.sav‎ (128.0 KB, 192 views) (Save to Dropbox)

              Old August 25th, 2011 (11:07 AM).
              iSnipa's Avatar
              iSnipa iSnipa is offline
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                Save file request for?: Pokemon Fire Red
                save time: doesnt matter
                trainer name: RED
                rival name: BLUE
                Location: about to battle giovanni if possible(Giovanni's gym)
                badges 7

                Pokemon in party

                1# Charzard lvl 65

                2# Rhydon lvl 63 (with earthquake)

                3# Raichu lvl 68 (with volt tackle), if possible

                4# Snorlax lvl 62 (with Focus Punch)

                5# Gengar lvl 66 (with Shadow Punch)

                6# Slaking lvl 70 (with Focus Punch)

                I'd Like them all to be infected with pokerus,And to be holding lucky eggs.
                also if possible can they have maxed iv

                items: inbox all balls, only one masterball though
                all tm's and hm's

                all healing/ reviving items.

                thanks in advance to anyone that can do this

                Old August 28th, 2011 (4:30 PM).
                Melloeta_Step's Avatar
                Melloeta_Step Melloeta_Step is offline
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                  Posts: 20

                  Umm... Can i share a save file of a hack game?
                  Or Can i share a save file of 4th Gen. Games?
                  Thats only the games i play

                  Need Pokemon Black2 New Pokemon Sprites for RPGMXP (Animated)
                  Old September 6th, 2011 (11:51 AM). Edited September 6th, 2011 by Kwe3f.
                  Kwe3f Kwe3f is offline
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                    I'd like this save file for Emerald on VisualBoyAdvance, don't know if this is the format for requests but I figured it'd be nice to use for it, anyway:

                    Game (Required): Emerald
                    Player's name: Kwe3f
                    Playing time : 0:00
                    Number of Badges: 0
                    Location (this means location in game ): Beggining, littleroot, nothing done.
                    Team (Required):
                    Eevee, level 5
                    Eevee, level 5
                    Houndour, level 5
                    Shuckle, level 5
                    Dratini, level 5
                    Larvitar, level 5

                    Pokémon in box: Yes:
                    All trade, with Steelix level 5, three level 5 Eevees, nidoran Male level 5
                    Additional information: Example: I'd like all the TMs in the bag 10x each, 6x leftovers.

                    Old September 11th, 2011 (5:23 PM).
                    michaeltheiii's Avatar
                    michaeltheiii michaeltheiii is offline
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                      Can anyone provide me with a finished Pokemon Yellow .sav file?

                      Nothing else matters, but I just want it completed, (Elite Four not needed) with all badges.


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                      Old September 14th, 2011 (11:24 AM). Edited September 14th, 2011 by TheLegoPanda.
                      TheLegoPanda TheLegoPanda is offline
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                        Game (Required): Pokémon Fire Red
                        Player's name: Ash (m)
                        Playing time : 6:32
                        Number of Badges: 6
                        Location (this means location in game ): Digletts Cave Entrance (don't care which one).
                        Team (Required):
                        Blastoise Lvl 50
                        Venasaur Lvl 50
                        Charizard Lvl 50
                        Abra Lvl 10
                        Pikachu (Shiny) Lvl 50
                        Machamp Lvl 50
                        Gyrados(spelling?) (Shiny) Lvl 50
                        .SAV file please

                        Pokemon in box please, along with infinite rare candys, and all TM's/HM's/Key Items

                        Thank you in advance.

                        Old September 16th, 2011 (7:08 AM).
                        kylehaven kylehaven is offline
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                          can i request a save file please
                          Pokemon Flora Sky COmplement Dex
                          if possible all legendaries if not please provide Zekrom,Reshiram,Kyurem and Palkia.,.,
                          Any levels,,

                          Old September 16th, 2011 (7:30 PM).
                          kylehaven kylehaven is offline
                            Join Date: Aug 2011
                            Gender: Male
                            Posts: 5

                            Game: Pokemon flora sky compelement dex
                            Name: doesnt matter
                            Rival: doesnt matter
                            Time: doesnt matter
                            Badge: doesnt matter
                            PC: doesnt matter
                            Bag: doesnt matter
                            please anyone can provide me,.,im willing to give an unlimited item in bag in emerald,leafgreen,florasky,sapphire,ruby,.just include your save file to be edited.,.

                            Old September 26th, 2011 (6:05 AM).
                            patpat07 patpat07 is offline
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                              Posts: 2

                              Wow, how can you make such saves? I'm really impressed! Care to share?

                              Old October 3rd, 2011 (11:40 AM).
                              glexxzor glexxzor is offline
                                Join Date: Oct 2011
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 2

                                i'm using a gba sp ez flash IV card and i'm trying to use a saved file of emerald.
                                When i download 1 and put it in it says it's corrupted.
                                What can i do about that?

                                Old October 3rd, 2011 (10:41 PM).
                                Aglid Aglid is offline
                                  Join Date: Oct 2011
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 7

                                  i'm looking for GBA save 128kb
                                  With Legit ticket. Even if it's used. As long as you didn't delete the wondercard.

                                  I can trade events for it... 3rd/4th/5th gen

                                  Looking for save with

                                  Aurora ticket Spain/Italy/Germany/Japan Used or not
                                  Aurora ticket France/USA Not used only
                                  Mystic Ticket USA/Japan Used or not
                                  Old Sea Map Japan Used or not
                                  Altering cave Japan

                                  Can be Emerald, Fire Red or Leaf Green

                                  Thank you

                                  Old October 8th, 2011 (9:48 AM).
                                  Konekodemon's Avatar
                                  Konekodemon Konekodemon is offline

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                                  I'm being greedy I know and I know it doesn't have to be done but I've been waiting a very long time for my SAV file.

                                  Game (Required): Pokémon Crystal
                                  Player's name: MISSA
                                  Playing time : Right at the beginning after you get your starter.
                                  Number of Badges: 0
                                  Location (this means location in game ): New Bark Town, Professor Elm's Lab
                                  Team (Required): Shiny Totodile, Lvl 5(no nickname, please)
                                  Pokémon in box: No
                                  Additional information: I want a save file right at the beginning of the game with the female character right after you choose your starter. And I want the starter to be a female shiny Totodile. Please do not nickname, her.


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                                  Old October 18th, 2011 (12:17 AM).
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                                    Join Date: Oct 2011
                                    Location: India
                                    Age: 27
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Lonely
                                    Posts: 1

                                    Please make following save file
                                    Game : pokemon emerald
                                    format : 128kb .sav file
                                    items : infinite rare candy and infinite master balls
                                    extras : have completed national pokedex

                                    Old October 18th, 2011 (4:19 AM).
                                    stephenb1992 stephenb1992 is offline
                                      Join Date: Nov 2009
                                      Posts: 2

                                      Game (Required): Pokemon platinum DeSmuME 0.9.6 save game
                                      Player's name: stephen
                                      Playing time :dont matter
                                      Number of Badges: 2
                                      Location : pokecentre
                                      Team (Required): doesnt matter as long as they'r good

                                      Pokémon in box: doesnt matter
                                      Additional information: just in need of a pokemon platinum save game for the emualtor i stated above with 2 badges and an ok team of pokemon, could you please post how i can load it aswell because i might have trouble thanks.

                                      stephenb1992's PokePet

                                      zappy the level 85 Zapdos!
                                      Old November 19th, 2011 (10:27 AM).
                                      lamfp lamfp is offline
                                        Join Date: Nov 2011
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Posts: 4

                                        Game : fire red
                                        Name : RED (male)
                                        Location : Oak's Lab (beginning of game)
                                        Badges : 0
                                        Play time : don't care

                                        Team :
                                        Shiny Charmander lv.5 (first)
                                        128kb, please, and thank you :3

                                        Old December 28th, 2011 (10:27 PM). Edited December 29th, 2011 by Ectava.
                                        Ectava Ectava is offline
                                          Join Date: Dec 2011
                                          Gender: Female
                                          Posts: 1

                                          If I could grab a Sapphire save that would be awesome. Here's the form.

                                          Game (Required): Sapphire
                                          Player's name: Male named Cheren
                                          Playing time : Doesn't matter
                                          Number of Badges: 8
                                          Location (this means location in game ): Wherever's convenient, but the Elite 4 beaten would be great
                                          Team (Required):
                                          Lugia, lv. 100 (must have Aeroblast)
                                          Kyogre lv. 100
                                          Rayquaza lv. 100 (let's make this one shiny)
                                          Raichu lv. 100 (must have Volt Tackle)
                                          Milotic lv. 100
                                          Gardevoir lv. 100
                                          Pokémon in box: Yes (can be whatever, but throw in some pretty legendaries for me. Your call.)
                                          Additional information: Full bag (items, berries, TM/HM, etc) 99 masterballs, full Pokedex, the whole shebang.

                                          I have Sapphire on my PSP's GBA emulator, and I haven't yet found a working .sav for it yet. If someone could hook me up, that'd be fantastic.

                                          Old December 29th, 2011 (9:18 AM).
                                          prometheusX's Avatar
                                          prometheusX prometheusX is offline
                                            Join Date: Dec 2011
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 1

                                            hey every1,
                                            i lost my savfile to pokemon flora sky main version i was wondering if any1 could make new one for me here is the form
                                            Player name: Darking (male)
                                            place in game: 5th gym city
                                            pokemon:doesnt matter
                                            in pc: dnt care just have shaymin
                                            Play time: dnt care
                                            please try to get this for me i worked really hard to get it thanks in advance

                                            Old January 8th, 2012 (12:28 AM). Edited January 8th, 2012 by Divaad.
                                            Divaad Divaad is offline
                                              Join Date: Jan 2012
                                              Posts: 1

                                              hey I was playing on Pokémon emerald for hours yesterday and in the process of using a gameshark cheat to spawn a Relicant to capture my game kinda.. crashed I've spent like 2 full days playing the game and I had just gotten the 8th badge as well as getting into the last room of the sealed chamber and I would really like to get a game back at the same point I'm not gonna ask for all the pokemon and items that I had just for the main 3 pokemon and the key items leading up to that point?
                                              I have the game for my pc I use the Visual Boy Advanced Link emulator
                                              Character name: Divaad
                                              the pokemon were a
                                              level 62 Sceptile
                                              level 54 gyarados
                                              and a level 60 tentacruel... is that how its spelt?
                                              tentacruel had all HM abilities so I dont mind what skills he has
                                              sceptile had leafblade slam quick attack and absorb
                                              and Gyarados had HM moves so again he can have anything I dont mind please and thank you it'd be a big help

                                              PS if that isn't possible ANY save at that point (or very close just before the elite 4 fight) would be great ^.^

                                              Old January 18th, 2012 (10:19 AM).
                                              Milkbean Milkbean is offline
                                                Join Date: Jan 2012
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Posts: 1

                                                I have GAMEboid on my HTC and would really like some advice on how to use these save files because i cant seem to get them to work, also could someone send me their whole gameboid file if possible with their pokemon game and save file, if not, can someone make a Emerald file with high levels and 8 badges... many thanks

                                                Old January 22nd, 2012 (1:38 AM).
                                                zantetsu122's Avatar
                                                zantetsu122 zantetsu122 is offline
                                                  Join Date: Jan 2012
                                                  Gender: Female
                                                  Posts: 201

                                                  I have a Expert Emerald Save in my VBA. Plus, you can play it in a original Emerald Rom, which means that you're overleveled. Anyone wants? Don't be mad if you lose to Tate & Liza, I got pwnt alot of times too. Since my Laptop is lowbatt, I can't get the file, but i'll get it as soon it gets full bat.

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