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Old January 26th, 2014 (11:20 AM). Edited January 27th, 2014 by sab.
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What is this thread?
This is the Sprite Info Request Thread. Let's say that you see some graphics that you want to use in your hack, but unfortunately you don't know who made them, or maybe you do and are just wondering if the author made them public. Either way, this is your thread. Post what your sprite is, and hopefully someone knows what you want to know.

Rules for Requests:
1. Please include a picture of the sprite, and a little bit of reference if you have it. Saying something along the lines of "do u guys no who made the thing with the stuff?!!1?" doesn't help anyone.
2. If you have a large image, please you the [SPOILER] tags. If you don't know what [SPOILER] tags are, please look here:
3. This is the sprite info request thread. It is not for requesting sprites for your hack/other project.
4. Be patient. That fact that nobody's answering may just mean that it's hard to find info.

Rules for Answers:
1. Please don't be condescending. Just because a person hasn't played super mario bros. doesn't mean you should be mean to them.
2. Try to include enough info that the requester could find the sprite based on your info alone. It doesn't need to be extremely detailed, but try not to make it purposely vague or cryptic.
3. If possible, try to include a reference link. Not required, but it's extremely helpful.
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