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Old April 4th, 2007 (4:06 PM). Edited April 4th, 2007 by Niwa.
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    War time..such a disgraceful event taking place, but what works eh?. A shinobi is overlooking a battle taking place in the Grass Country, one which appeared to be a one sided battle. The amount of Shinobi versus the enemy was unthinkable, there was around fifty or so Hidden Rock Shinobi against four Konoha Shinobi, that is to say, until a mysterious young man with bright yellow hair appeared. In an instant every single one of the Hidden Rock Shinobi fell..the Konoha ninja have won this very uneven battle, what the strange man did in order to level out, no thats an understatement, what he did in order to destroy the opposing Shinobi was not understandable, blink and you would of surley missed what happened...

    The events that are taking place will forever go down in history as The Third Secret World War.

    Ha pitiful!, The young shinobi with the orange hair who was overlooking the battle of the Rock and Leaf Ninja, lept from the branch of a giant tree that more resembeled an overgrown mushroom and hurried off, he was now making his way towards the military struggling country, the Fire Country.
    During these times of war, many shinobi were taken into custody by an opposing country, or even village if they had enough power. The reason for this was so the shinobi could be interrogated for useful information, such as traps, devasting plans that can tip the scale of war, anything devious that could appear harmful to an opposing country and/or village was being sought. Hidden Leaf Village was no exception during these struggling times, most of there information was being acquired this way...

    *BOOM!* Hmm..Something interesting is happening!. The Orange haired shinobi stopped atop of yet another mushroom tree. Looking down he saw three people, but one he immideiatly recgonized was the bright yellow haired character from earlier. This time he was occupied by a young man with silverish white hair and a young female. Where they stood was the scene of a demolished bridge, one that was to lead supplies to the Hidden Rock Village's Ninja. Taking a closer look at the boy with silverish white hair, it reminded him of the famous shinobi "Konoha's White Fang", but simply brushed it off, thinking it was only physical appearance they shared. Fore this orange haired shinobi knew of what happened to the "White Fang", how he was disgraced and looked down upon by his comrads for helping them out, in the end...he took his own life..

    Oi! Damn this is troublesome!, because of the events taking place, war breaking out everywhere, the young shinobi must go around the border of the Fire Country instead of taking a direct route from the Grass Country...
    I cant believe this!, the orange haired shinobi was standing on a small paddle boat from the Water Country to the Wave Country, a series of unfortunate events befalled him. As he bounded around the east side of the Rice Field Country, he found that Konoha has cut off this way of access in order to prevent any opposing country from entering and possibly ambushing them from the east, in which supplies were being recieved from its ally country, The Water Country. The orange haired man set off towards the Lightning Country, which oddly enough, was allied with the Water Country, from there port he managed to sneak aboard a supply ship to the Water Country, which from there he snuck aboard, yet again, another supply ship heading towards the Wave Country, which was to head to Konoha.

    That whole fiasco in Hidden Mist Village...was intense. Before boarding his boat to the Wave Country, the orange haired man went out of his way to see someone who he has heard about for some time. The lad who killed over one hundred students in what labled Hidden Mist Village's graduation exam "Bloody Mist Exam" in which classmates were pitted against each other, ones that have been friends the entire time were to fight to the death. But to the Orange haired man's luck, he couldnt find this so called "The Devil Of The Hidden Mist". Thus he boared the boat and was off, into which we are now at.

    Finally! Time to set off, hope im not scolded for being so late!, A little while later, The orange hair man scratches his nose, making sure not to accidentaly rip off his nose percings, and quickly makes his way towards Konoha's entrance..Swifitly and smoothly, he easily avoids confrontations with Konoha's ninja or any other ninja that might side track him from his current mission, interestingly enough he notices some Mist Ninja are in heavy combat with Leaf Ninja, could the orange haired Shinobi's information have been wrong? No, the current situation must of not reach Konoha yet and are being betrayed.

    Here we are! *breep* Commencing Mission now! Pulling a headphone piece to his mouth and saying what was needed to say, it is quickly tucked away into his black robe, he sprints towards the entrance of Konoha. Kage Nui! Upon entering Konoha stealthy, the Orange haired young man witness's the famous "Nara Clan" and there use of shadows in action, he watches in disbelief as the Hidden Rock Ninja is binded and with a quick movement of hand seals and a jutsu that is said in a hush toned, his head is quickly snapped, with a bit of a stiffled giggle, he continues onwards, towards Konoha's holding cells. The Nara was the first step of the intense action going on within the walls of Konoha, people with extrodinary power were fighting, demolishing the opponents..Konoha was indeed winning in there effort to push back forces. *Swoop*, landing atop of the Administration building in Konoha, he spots it, the building which stood sixty feet tall and one hundred fifty feet wide, the cells of the captured shinobi, the place was indeed heavily guarded, with a slight chuckle, the orange haired man leaped towards them..

    The cells in Konoha were not just captured enemy Shinobi, no that was far from it, Konoha also held in its steel bars there own Shinobi. Whether it be for minor or major crimes, criminals from all over the Ninja World were being kept here, either waiting execution or awaiting bail. Criminals that were entered in there bingo book and classified as "S-Rank" were also kept here and also under heavy survelliance. The room containing "S-Rank" criminals was kept in a different section of the building, one that was sealed off by a powerful jutsu... A shadow appeared before the door which held inside "S-Rank" Shinobi, a few seconds of swift hand movements, some mumbled words, and the seal was broken, the shadow entered the room which held the most dreadful of shinobi..

    *Thud* *CRACK!* "What the hell was that?" An inmate in the S-Rank section shouted when a body slammed into the outside walls. All was quiet until *Creaaaak*, the door of the room was opened and all the inmates looked up with suprise at the mysterious figure walking inside. One of them looked up at the person entering and rudely shouted.
    "Hey! Who the hell are you, huh!? Do you know yo-!" The person who entered stopped, and looked directly into the inmates eyes, now what astonished them was the inmate was acting the complete opposite of when he was takling earlier, as if he was falling asleep.. "yo-...your...treading in..the wrong place pal-" collapsing completley, the other inmates stood up and decided to examine this new comer more throughly. Something was strange about this character, his Orange hair and dark cloak wasnt it. It was the fact his nails were painted purple and on the cloak was the design of small red clouds, they did not understand what was going on and were confused.
    *Breep* I have arrived at the destination, mission complete!, silence engulfed the room as the inmates looked at him, until a crackling sound was heard and then a harsh voice could be heard coming from the ear piece.
    "Good..good work indeed, we did not think that someone of your stature could pull this off but you have proved us wrong indeed, for that we are sorry. Now carry out the rest of the orders." Another crackling noise was heard and soon the Orange haired stranger put the ear piece back into the cloak, looking around he spotted what he was looking for.

    "H-Hey get us out!" Now it appeared to be turning into a desperate need to escape from the cell's from the other inmates, with a quick glance to them all, they were put to sleep, all but one holding cell which contained the purpose of his mission. "Hehe, looks like you guys couldnt hold your own eh?" The orange haired man said towards the inclosed cell which held his target.
    "..Shut up.." A young mature voice could be heard from the inside. The orange haired man continued to smile and unlocked the cell. Peering in so the Orange haired man can take a better look he started to jeer .
    "Ha! Look at you guys pitiful, captured by Konoha shinobi!? Whats the deal with that? "WE!" didnt bring you guys up for nothing, well more specifically, Orochimaru and me didnt "raise" you so you could be tossed in the slammer!..Ah but what did you expect from a bunch of low powered shinobi huh? Haha" from the inside a rustling noise could be heard and then the sound of movement was made, "they" appeared and took a look at him, confused they asked "W-Who are you? This Orochimaru person, who is that as well?", this ticked the orange haired man off, he began to rant! "W-Who am I!? What the hell, I raised you guys since you were infants and this is what I ge- ah..your minds, seems like Konoha loves to experiment on captured shinobi 'still', let me recap on who I and Akkon are, where we are going, and what is going to be done!"

    The Orange haired man stood there talking to the "S-Rank" criminals like they were childern, but the fact of the matter was..they were children, children abducted and trained by an Organization titled "Akatsuki", with the help of a person named Orochimaru, who wanted to join said group, and the Orange haired man. These so called "children" were trained and brought up to become fighting heartless machines, but on a mission invloving the lot of them, something went wrong, and all of them were captured, hard to believe eh? The reason why they were captured hasnt been found out 'yet', but the Orange haired man intends to get to the bottom of the situation. "Although something about the Akatsuki troubles me..." the Orange haired man trailed on about this "Akatsuki" the children were being informed of and was starting to look nervous as his voice crept down into a whisper, a whisper which had betrayl in it.. [i]"Originally, me and Orochimaru have intended for the lot of you to become our tools, doing our dirty work for us, but thats not the case, we have reason to believe we, Orochimaru and me, have reason to believe 'Akatsuki' has set up our little experiment, err, you guys, on purpose we are not fully sure but it is just suspicion, because me and Orochimaru are going to take over 'Akatsuki' and lead us on our three-step plan, the akatsuki right now are filled with nothing but blubbering idiots.". Thus it is revealed what the intention of the Orange haired man and this person named Orochimaru, have in store for there future and the future of "Akatsuki". As the Orange haired man was about to explain the "three-step" plan to the youngsters, a loud eruption was heard outside of the S-Rank room, with a quick leap and dash, the Orange haired man peaked outside the room..Sh-..its time to go now, we've been setup! AGAIN!. Running back towards the kids he quickly tells them what they need to do before he explains any further "Listen to me and listen well, or you will DIE here. You are to follow me and not sway off track, once we are in the clearing I will explain the rest of the plan, now lets go!" With a insanley strong punch, a whole is made on the wall which leads to the outside, the Orange haired man quickly leaps out onto the branch of a gigantic tree, he looks back at the kids and tells them to hurry, startled the young shinobi glance at each other..they nod in agreement to follow him and leap out as well, "Geez, I hope you guys dont need to be watched over as kids, your pretty grown from last I saw!"

    I think this pretty much sums up what is going to happen "for now" at least, if you havent noticed already, this is basically the beginning of the Akatsuki, during its fertile stages. Now I KNOW Orochimaru did not know the Akatsuki Leader (if you didnt know the Orange haired man was him, re-read my descriptions), but I decided to add a little 'twist' to the scenario, with him knowing AL before he joined them 'officialy'.


    Age: (13-15, your kids)





    Hidden Village: (Where did you originate from)


    Weapons and Items: (Anything can be said here, but not anything dramatic, such as Zabuza's Cleaver, etc., We'll be picking them up at a designation when/if the RP begins.)

    Jutsu: (Go creative with this, it can be custom jutsu but nothing extrodinary like 'one-hitters' I think you get the picture, also you are Genin, but this does not mean you are limited to weak Genin jutsu *explained more at the bottom*)

    Jutsu Description:

    Jutsu Rank:


    RP Sample:
    Credit to Loki; AvaxSig

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    Old April 4th, 2007 (4:48 PM). Edited April 5th, 2007 by Loki.
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    Name: Hiroto Saga

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Apperance: Saga is by far a very frightening person by appearance. His jet black hair is cut just so, the long fringe covering most of his eyes, but is cut in a sloppy way enough so that the hair does not go any further then the tip of his nose. His hair is otherwise messy and unruly in the back and on the sides. His pale skin is one thing, but his bright highlighter yellow eyes are seemingly always open to their limit, and he seems to find no need to blink. His mouth is sewn shut with black thread, which makes his lips seem as if they are even paler then the rest of his face, if possible. Saga is usually found wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top, that is striped horizontally in thick lines, altering between black and white, a prisoner-esque. However, Saga usually wears a pair of plain black karate pants that drag on the floor, held up by a white scarf, and is accompanied by a pair of black ankle-high shinobi sandals. He has a pair of black broken shackles around his ankles and wrists, and around his neck is a collar that resembles the shackles as well, however, the broken chain on the collar lasts for about 15 links, rather then three or four, unlike the shackles. He wears the one and only key to the collar and shackles around his neck, on a silver chain. The key itself is a skeleton key, and is white in color.



    Hidden Village: Kusagakure

    Clan: Hiroto Clan of Nobles

    Weapons and Items: Chains that extend as chakra is added, there are metal cuffs around his ankles, neck, and wrists that each have a total of 3 links remaining. The more chakra he pours into the cuffs, the longer they grow- their movements are controlled by the user.

    Jutsu: Imagery: Just by touching someone's face, Saga can steal all of their physical features, whether they are particularly pretty, handsome, muscular, or speedy, Saga can transform into this person and parade around as them, and usually, it's only his differences in personality that can catch him at his game.

    Jutsu Description:

    Jutsu Rank:


    RP Sample:
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