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Old July 4th, 2008 (10:19 PM).
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I've heard so much about this game from Forums. The graphics look awesome; I'll be keeping my eye on this thread.
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Old July 18th, 2008 (11:46 AM).
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This game looks cool, and I love the banners!
Old July 22nd, 2008 (4:00 PM).
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nice looking game.... i think its pretty good
Old July 27th, 2008 (3:09 AM).
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wow thats reaaly good. The graphics are awesome!
Old July 27th, 2008 (6:36 AM).
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Awesome! Are you going to do a demo anytime soon because if you are im sure tons of people will try it.
Old July 29th, 2008 (5:46 PM).
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This game looks really great!
Keep up the good work!
Old July 29th, 2008 (7:17 PM).
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nice game! its looks wonderful and please finish it lol
Pokemon: The Online Adventures
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Old November 8th, 2008 (3:19 AM).
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when will you release the beta
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