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Old May 10th, 2004 (1:37 PM). Edited May 12th, 2004 by The Pichu brothers.
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The Pichu brothers The Pichu brothers is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Age: 27
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Join if you're a trainer,collecter,or a breeder of Pichu... or if you just like him as a favorite Pokemon.You can talk all about Pichu,the anime and games its appeared in,and yes... you know.You don't need to list the members... they'll be on the bottom,below.

The Pichu brothers(Creator)
Calledmart Pichu
Full-called:The Smart Pichu brother
Description:Yellow,bright fur with bangs.
Personality:Is very mature,and also smart.
Extra Title:The elder,smart Pichu brother

Called:Young Pichu
Full-called:The Young Pichu brother
Description:Yellow,shining fur.Appears normal.
Personality:Is curious,and not very mature.
Extra Title:The young,troubled Pichu brother

Relevant Advertising!

Old May 10th, 2004 (1:42 PM).
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Lafayette, LA
Age: 28
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i am not really a fan but ill be a supporter...ill put a button with the groups i support
Old May 11th, 2004 (10:25 PM).
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Pok'e Fan Pok'e Fan is offline
obsessed with anime
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Hawaii....Moved to San Diego
Age: 25
Posts: 79
Can I join the Club! Pichu is one of my favorite pokemon. Do you haeve a co owner yet? If you don't then can I be your co owner.

*~Owner of The Ash and Misty Pairing Club*~

Members of:
The May Fanclub
The Official Misty Bring Her Back Club
The Inuyasha Club
The Flying Club

[Spoiler=Buddy List]Cute_Pikachu, Ash_Misty4ever, Dark Absol, Kairi,Kokiri Girl, ~*Silent Tattsu*~, Kayleigh, Castrainer, LanceLite.[/Spoiler]
Old May 12th, 2004 (8:04 AM).
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Millennium Town (more like a city now)
Age: 30
Nature: Brave
Posts: 1,032
Side by side, they're Pichu and Pichu! - Pichu Bros. Theme song from The Pichu Brothers in Party Panic, part of Pokmon Channel

Sure I'll join!!! The Pichu Brothers are my favorites!
In the morning when you wake up, Open your eyes to a new day.
Look around at the gifts you've got. You've been so lucky along the way.
Time to finish what you've begun. Have the faith, you're the one.
Throw your hat high - up to the sun.

Now you face your greatest test. Use the lessons that you've learned.
Your goal is to be the best, And claim the prize that you've earned.
Ever since you were a young man, You've kept your eye on the master plan.
To reach for the top - and touch the sky.

It's your destiny,
To spread your wings and fly.

Pokémon: 2.B.A. Master - You Can Do It (If You Really Try)
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