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Old August 3rd, 2007 (11:23 PM). Edited August 4th, 2007 by BusterX27.
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Most of my pokemon have pokerus, and if the pokemon u want doesn't have it, i can have it catch it.

Zapdos- lvl 50
Mewtwo- lvl 71
Registeel- lvl 40
Regiice- lvl 40
Regirock- lvl 40
Regigas- lvl 70
Latios- lvl 50
Uxie- Lvl 50
Azlef- lvl 50
Mesprit- lvl 50
Palkia- lvl 57
Rayquaza- lvl 78
Kyogre- lvl 71
Groudon- lvl 72
Cresselia- lvl 50
Rotom- lvl 21
Spiritomb- lvl 25
Heatran- lvl 70
Giratina- lvl 79
Darkrai- lvl 52 (legit, caught on Jul. 14 2007)

Venusaur- lvl 50
Blastoise- lvl 40
Charizard- lvl 42
Feraligator- lvl 33
Typhlosion- lvl 52
Swampert- lvl 88
Sceptile- lvl 100 (adamant nature)
Blaziken- lvl 51
Torterra- lvl 75
Infernape- lvl 36
Marshtomp- lvl 16
Combusken- lvl 16
Cyndaquil- lvl 5

Random pokemon
Aerodactyl- lvl 13
Flygon- lvl 50
Evee- lvl 25
Salamence- lvl 50
Nidoking- lvl 50
Shieldon- lvl 20
Dusknoir- lvl 54
Shuckle- lvl 23
Absol- lvl 50
Pichu- lvl 16
Bonsly- lvl 16
Drifloon- lvl 22
Gyrados- lvl 21
Magcargo- lvl 55
Alakazam- lvl 50
Kecleon- lvl 30
Lapras- lvl 25
Scyther- lvl 1
Anorith- lvl 20
Cacturne- lvl 50
Heracross- lvl 29
Bellossom- lvl 50 (adamant nature)
Ariados- lvl 52 (adamant nature)
Chimeco- lvl 28 (adamant nature)
Hariyama- lvl 40 (adamant nature)
Swablu- lvl 16 (adamant nature)

Masterball- x21
Waterstone- x5
Sunstone- x1

Here's my friend code: Mike 4596-6842-7645

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what the symbol is, on my Darkrai, when I go to summary, theres a little icon, its what appears to be a red face. Any help would be appreciated.

And now my Umbreon has it too, i think it has something to do with pokerus.

Oh, and anyone wishing to contact me at anytime, heres my screen name: FallenLeavesX90
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Old August 4th, 2007 (12:45 AM).
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could i have mewtwo and zapdos what would you trade them for?
Name: Dan
Pearl fc:1418 6745 9901

Name: Dan
platinum fc: 1333 3927 2302
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