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Battle Weekends feat. Community Randbats!


[i]memento mori[/i]

Hey, guys! Your resident battle server moderator Cadance here, with another one of those ads about the battle server. This weekend, is a pretty awesome weekend, because we are laddering for Community Randbats. Community Randbats is a special tier on the battle server which numerous PokeCommunity members have contributed to add a Pokemon of their preference within this tier. The tier has been worked on for quite a while now, adding brand new Pokemon in every server reset. This time, just in time for this Battle Weekend, we now have NICKNAMES for the Pokemon. (If you see a Meganium on your team, you'll see Cadance instead of the name Meganium!). All Pokemon are nicknamed after the PokeCommunity member that submitted said Pokemon.

We're still adding more Pokemon right now! Click on this thread for more details.

Also, visit the Battle Server when you get the chance too! New members, and new battlers are welcome...no matter if you have no experience!

Find me on the server as Kyle Larson this weekend. See ya there!~
I think this is the biggest improvement to the Community Random format, the fact that each Pokemon now has a nickname based on the member who chose that Pokemon.

So yeah, if you see an Oshawott on your team you'll know that's definitely me.