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Dear Restaurants:

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
Can I just ask one thing? What is this trend toward casual sit down places using "artisan/brioche" buns for burgers that contain eggs? As one who is highly allergic to eggs, I've had to cross numerous restaurants off my list of places to eat because they don't have any buns in stock that I can actually eat! Among them, a local place I used to enjoy, restaurants within hotels that host anime conventions (Marriott and Embassy Suites among them), and even a couple of national chains including Chili's and TGI Friday's.

Historically it's been the peanut oil in the fryer that I've had to worry about when eating out, but now it's the damn bread. If this keeps up, the only places I'll be able to eat are fast food places, and if they switch over to egg buns, I'm SOL :/

Sorry, just a random rant here. Carry on.

tl;dr: Allergies suck but so do places not being sensitive to those with allergies.