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Dying of Stress 101: An introductory to high school.

Bidoof FTW

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So after my eventful first day of highschool I thought I would make a blog about what it's like for me and how my classes are progressing and the amount of work that is required for each class and all that sooo. Here is a list of my classes and what we did today

Tennis 1
  • Went into a classroom for announcements
  • Walked into gym and talked for 40 minutes
  • We had to leave our phone on the corner of our desk
  • start lessons tomorrow, quiz next Tuesday
  • We read a children's book
Bioscience 1 Honors
  • We got a lab group
  • general discussion over which door to enter from -.-
  • ideas of what this class will include and basic paperwork to sign
Earth/Space Science Honors
  • Best teacher ever. nuff said.
Advanced Placement Human Geography
  • Test tomorrow.
  • 50% passing rate
  • fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml.
English Honors 1
  • I don't really have anything to say about this class. Stay tuned.
  • teacher has a New York City or Boston accent.
  • teacher is a *****
  • My sanity is slowly slipping away
  • It's a PE class but we don't start any physical activity until JANUARY
  • Watched the corniest video in existence

So far I've not had a good time with high school, but I'm going to work my ass off so hopefully it can get better! Part 2 of this will be coming after about a week or two. Do any of you have funny experiences with high school you'd like to share, if so, comment down below telling me all about it :)
Gotta love Florida and HOPE :P and weird that you don't have physical activities until January. When I was in HOPE class 5 years ago, physical days and lecture days alternated


[i]memento mori[/i]
High school is gonna be a fun roller coaster ride, really. Don't let all the negatives get you down. Word of advice: whatever you do now, will affect you when you reach senior year. Keep that in mind.

Best of luck, and don't hesitate to ask me for advice.
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  • Seen May 23, 2023
your high school system is pretty different from ours, we start high school in year 7. and that was this year for me so I'm currently 3/4 of the way through my first year. woop :)

At our school, we have 4 periods/classes from 8:50- 3:05. not bad actually. I remember when I started that it was pretty boring but it got better and I actually enjoy school now. so ya hf :D

that sounds weird coming from someone younger than you but I'm sure american high school is fun too. and idk if you're worrying about friendships or not but just let them come to you naturally. I met my best friends halfway through first term although I hung with some people from my old school before that. (and still do) :)

idk what HOPE is, I'm guessing it's just PE? sucks you're not doing sport until january :(