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Guidelines, Resources & Feedback

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Guidelines, Resources & Feedback
Read the guidelines, learn from resources, discuss, and share feedback related to the Battle Center. If you have any questions, feel free to ask awolffromspace or Zeffy.

[a id]guidelines[/a id]

  • The prefixes
    [Discussion]: discussions and polls; [Team Help]: team help; [Event]: events and competitions; [Group]: groups like traditional leagues, clans, and clubs; [Resource]: guides and resources; and [Battle Log]: battle logs, replays, videos, warstories, and journals. If you are unsure on which prefix to use, do not apply one.

  • [a id]generalbattlerules[/a id][a id]battlerules[/a id]General battle rules
    These rules must be followed in battles hosted through the Battle Center and the PC Battle Server. However, they may be ignored if your opponent or the event or group is fine with it, provided that the battles are not perfomed on the PC Battle Server's ladder.

    • Standard play is Smogon's Gen 6 OU (banlist).
    • Adhere to the following clauses when necessary:

      • Standard play enforces the Species, Sleep, Evasion, OHKO, and Moody clauses (more information).
      • Item clause (standard only in GBU and VGC battles)
        No more than one Pokémon on a player's team can hold the same item at the beginning of a battle.
      • Freeze clause (standard only in RBY battles)
        No more than one Pokémon on a player's team can be frozen. This clause is not standard for Pokémon Stadium battles (RBY ≠ Stadium).

    • Illegal hacked Pokémon are banned. Pokémon with typing, stats, ability, height, weight, and moves that cannot be obtained in-game normally without the use of a glitch are considered illegal hacks. Pokémon created using an external device with normal features (legal hacks) are allowed.
    • Do not help players make decisions in a battle (aka ghosting).
    • In the case of events, if a disconnection occurred, recreate the situation when it happened. If this is not feasible due to unreasonable battle length, highly improbable circumstances, or some other reason, the player who did not disconnect may choose to rematch with either the same teams or new teams. If there is any suspicion that a disconnection was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, the offending user may be reported.

  • Submitting team help threads

    • The Battle Center's main forum only accepts team help intended for PvP (Player versus Player). PvE (Player versus Environment) or in-game team help should be posted in the In-Game Team Help sub-forum instead.
    • Team help that would not incite much discussion should be posted in the Simple Questions & Answers thread (i.e. set requests). Otherwise, team help belongs in individual threads (i.e. "Rate My Team" threads).
    • State what generation and format your team is for. If you do not, standard play will be assumed as the format.
    • Try to include descriptions on your team and its Pokémon. What is the team's goal? What are the roles for each of your Pokémon? What does your team have trouble with?
    • Remember that your thread is meant for team help first and foremost. Be willing to take constructive criticism and consider all suggestions.
    • Use a clear and readable format like the one below. A staff member holds the right to edit your thread in order for it to follow these guidelines more closely.


      Pokémon @ Item
      Ability (if required)
      - Move 1
      - Move 2
      - Move 3
      - Move 4

  • Posting in team help threads

    • Remember that you should be helping the original poster. Fix the problems with the team; do not simply point them out.
    • Explain your suggestions. Why should the original poster consider them? What are the pros and cons to using them?
    • Try to stay within the original poster's criteria. i.e. If the original poster would like to keep certain Pokémon, abide by their request and only consider improving upon said Pokémon.

  • Submitting events and groups

    • Please submit your thread in the Events & Groups Approval sub-forum instead of BC's main forum.
    • Finish as much of your thread as you can before posting.
    • Do not neglect your event or group until it has transferred owners, has ended, or has been closed.
    • State what game or battle simulator your event or group is for.
    • Avoid making an event similar to a preexisting one. Try to be unique and make your event standout.
    • By not specifying any battle rules, standard play will be assumed for your event or group.
    • Refrain from using custom banlists unless they enhance your event or group. Do not let your bias towards a certain Pokémon or mechanic affect your decision to use a custom banlist.
    • Use a clear and readable format. A staff member holds the right to edit your thread in order for it to follow these guidelines more closely.
    • Try to offer incentives for winners of your event, like a Pokémon or a custom emblem.

  • Participating in events and groups

    • Sign up using a single forum account. No more, no less.
    • The four-word rule and character limit may be bypassed for only posts regarding signing up and battle results.
    • Do not neglect your position in an event or group after joining. Let the thread owner(s) know if or when you will become unavailable.
    • Plan out a time and day for when you and your opponent can battle. Use visitor/profile messages to do so. That way, the thread owner(s) can keep track of progress.
    • Do not join groups that are fundamentally similar.
    • Try to save the logs for your battles when possible.

  • Submitting warstories
    A warstory is a battle log with commentary throughout the battle to explain the player's decisions and to entertain the reader.

    • Use a clear and readable format. Remove unnecessary parts of the log (i.e. Leftovers recovery).
    • Choose an entertaining battle. Battles that end in landslide sweeps tend to be dull and uninteresting.
    • An example of a good warstory would be Opposite Day's "Speed is fun - 'till it kills!".
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