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  • Age 26
  • Seen May 31, 2023
Hello everyone I hope this is the correct space to make this post this is also my first post here ūüėÖ but getting to the point I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this error in getting I am trying to play Pokemon infinite fusion on mobile I saw that you could do it with joiplay so I downloaded it and Pokemon infinite and thought I followed the steps right but keep getting this error during launch I posted a screenshot of it I hope it shows. If anyone knows a fix or perhaps if there's another app I could use I'd love to know I also have some history with downloading and playing roms through my boy /pizza boy but I don't think infinite fusion is playable there.


  • Screenshot_2023-05-31-10-01-32-34_b256d658d995ac698dafdc780f3e0c52.jpg
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