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How to get PC thread updates via RSS



Mini-Hack: How to get PC thread updates via RSS!

This guide is a neat little hacking trick to make Blogger send you RSS updates of your subscribed threads on PC. It's useful when you want instant updates in your RP threads, though I'm afraid there's no practical way to get updates of just RP threads without simply unsubscribing to any non-RP threads.

[alink id="step1"]1) Create a new blog at Blogger[/alink id]
[alink id="step2"]2) Changing your Blogger Settings[/alink id]
[alink id="step2a"]A) Basic Settings[/alink id]
[alink id="step2b"]B) Enabling RSS on your Blog[/alink id]
[alink id="step2c"]C) Enabling Email Forwarding[/alink id]​
[alink id="step3"]3) Subscribing to your blog's RSS feed[/alink id]
[alink id="step4"]4) Email Forwarding[/alink id]
[alink id="credits"]5) Credits[/alink id]

[a id]step1[/a id]Creating a Blogger

To get started, you need to create a new Blogger account. This step is simple enough. Head on over to http://www.blogger.com and click the orange get started button to the left. If you're logged into a google account I recommend you log out, as you may not want a hacked blog attached to your account. I'm not saying you'll get in trouble--this is all pretty harmless, but you're not going to want to use this blog after you make it.

Fill in your details, register your account and make a new account. Simple enough right? You now want to create your feed blog. Give it an appropriate title and whatever template you want because that doesn't really matter whatsoever. Once you've created this blog, you've completed step 1. Congratulations!

[a id]step2[/a id]Changing your Blogger settings

[a id]step2a[/a id]Part A: Basic Settings
Your Blogger isn't ready just yet. First you're going to need to configure it a bit. You want to head over to the settings page for your blog. You should be able to see a settings button on the menu bar to the left of your newly created blog's page (not to be confused with the blogger homepage you get when logged in)

First, you want to go to Settings -> Basic and change your privacy settings so that your blog is unlisted on Blogger and search engines won't lead to it. This isn't the type of blog you want people reading, mainly because that'd be kind of creepy--don't you think?

If you need a bit of visual help, click the spoiler below for an image of the settings page and the options you want checked as no.


[a id]step2b[/a id]Part B: Enabling RSS on your Blog

This part's really easy. Click on the 'Other' section under Settings. Within this page you should see a section labeled Site Feed. The first option under this section should be "Allow Blog Feed". You want to click that and select "Full". That's it!

If you need a bit of visual help, click on the below spoiler for another image of the settings page and the options you want.


[a id]step2c[/a id]Part C: Enabling Email Forwarding

For your next step you need a new email address. This is because you don't want anything non-PC related emailed to it, or else it will show up on your RSS feed. I recommend Hotmail unless you're experienced, because that's what I use and thus the only guarantee I can make. Create a new email address and keep the address on-hand because you'll need it in a moment. I won't insult your intelligence by implying you need help with that particular part.

Now, under settings there's a tab named "Mobile and email". You want to click that. You should get a page with two sections labeled Mobile and Email. You want the one labeled Email, specifically the option labeled "Posting using email". Select "Publish email immediately" from the options and then enter some text into the box above to create a special Blogger email address. You're going to want to have this email on-hand as well as the one you created earlier, as you'll need both of them. (SAVE BOTH THOSE EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR LATER) (Yes, 2. The blogger email does not function like a normal address.) Congratulations! You can move onto the next step.

If you need a bit of visual help, click on the below spoiler for another image of the settings page and an example of what you need to do.


[a id]step3[/a id]Subscribing to your blog's RSS feed

This part's easy as heck. Go to your blog page, the main actual page of the blog: (whatever).blogspot.com

Near the bottom of the posts, of which there should be none yet, you should see "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" The "Posts (Atom)" part should be a link. You want to right-click and copy that. That's the RSS URL you need. Insert it into your favorite RSS reader. (I personally use Feedreader) That's as simple as adding a new feed and pasting the URL as the feed URL. Done!

Here's a screenshot of what you're looking for, if you need it.


[a id]step4[/a id]Email Forwarding

Hoo boy. This is probably the hardest part of the guide. First thing's first. You want to change your registered email on PC to the new email you registered earlier. You also want to make sure PC is set to email you when someone posts in a subscribed thread. You may also want it to email you when someone PMs or VMs you if you want RSS instant updates no those too.

Now you want to set up your new email to forward all emails it gets to the blogger email you made earlier, so that when PC sends an email, Hotmail will forward it to Blogger, which will post it, which will in turn cause an update to appear in your RSS feed. I have only ever done this with Hotmail, so that's what I'll be working based off of.

Go to your Inbox to start with. Now you want to go to your email's options page. In Hotmail this is located in the upper right by clicking on your name and scrolling down to select Options. In the options page under "Managing your account" you want to click "Email Forwarding".

Visual below for anyone that needs it.


Now, you want to select "Forward your mail to another email account" from the two bubbles and enter your Blogger email from earlier into the box. It should look something like below.


Click save and... you're done! Congratulations, you are now as awesome as SuperVegeta. You should now start receiving virtually instant updates on your PC subscribed threads. (And PMs / VMs if you choose them too.) Feel free to ask questions here if you have them or if you'd just like to express thanks or whatnot~

[a id]credits[/a id]Credits

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