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Hack Series: Pokémon Ruby Destiny Series


You can contact me in PC's discord server...
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Hello everyone.
My name is destinedjagold, or DJG for short, and over my hacking years, I've created a pretty known title of a game called "The Ruby Destiny Series." At the moment, the series has three complete games available for all of you to play. And, a fourth one that's been cancelled, unfortunately.
So, without further ado, I present to you all, the Pokémon Ruby Destiny series~


[a id]rd-rol[/a id]
Reign of Legends
Remake Version

Hack Information
Hack Name: Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Reign of Legends (Remake)
ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby U.S. Version
Date of Creation: August 22, 2007
Date of Remake: First quarter of 2018
Original Thread

The day has finally come for you and your neighbor to get your very first Pokémon and to start your very own adventures in the not-so-peaceful region of Gento, with the dream of becoming the region's champion!

As you journey through the region, you'll meet friends and foes, catch and train Pokémon, win and lose battles, and try your very best not to get too involved with the two rivalling groups: Royal Darkness and Luminous Cenaries. Sheesh... Who came up with those names?

But a growing darkness looms over the horizon. A darkness that threatens the very region, or even the entire world. And it may already be too late to stop it...or is it?​

  • Explore Gento once again.
  • Some 4th generation Pokémon replacing old ones.
  • National Pokédex list updated.
  • Pokémon learnset/moveset updated.
  • Moves up to generation 6 available.
  • Fairy-type and Aria-type added.



Esmas - for the Baby Lugia sprite
RPD490 - updating the PKMN sprites
Koshi and KEL - logo design​

  • Pokédex entries are wrong.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Region Map is not yet updated.
  • The game's introduction has not yet been updated.

[LATEST] PKMN RD-RoL (Remake) (Beta 1)

Old Version

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You can contact me in PC's discord server...
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[a id]rd-rr[/a id]
Rescue Rangers
Hack Information
Hack Name: Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Rescue Rangers
ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby U.S. Version
Date of Creation: March 13th, 2008
Original Thread

You're just a simple and average kid living in the real world. The day has come, yes! It's your 12th birthday. To celebrate it, you invited 4 of your friends who, like you, loves POKéMON as well. But then, when you were about to begin, a strange aura came in the room and made you loose your consciousness.

Once you woke up, you found yourself deep in the forest which you aren't familiar with, and then you heard strange cries of animals. You checked it out and to your surprise, you found a Torchic and a Chikorita for real, or, they found you.

A dream come true, or a nightmare? They told you that you're a POKéMON as well, a Pikachu! Shocked and confused, they offered you to join their Rescue Team. Having nowhere else to go, you agreed. And so your journey, as a new being, begins.​

Play as a PIKACHU
Rescue Other PKMN Who Needs Help
Chikorita And Torchic Will Be Your Partner
The Three Main Characters(Pikachu, Torchic, Chikorita) Won't Evolve
Heal With Nature; Healing Berries And Healing Plants
New Tiles
New Scripts
New Overworlds
No Catching Items​



The Team
destinedjagold - Scripter, Mapper, OverWorld Editor, OverWorld Ripper
Nicolas - Spriter, Tiler
C3LEBI - Graphic Editor
Benevolent Wings - Spriter, Sprite Shrinker, Main Alpha Tester, Graphic Editor
Keyrin - Spriter
~ShadowUmbreon~ - Beta Tester
ShineGreymTn - Main Beta Tester
EnirevTux - Beta Tester​

Hacking Tool Creators - Awesome Hacking Tools
thethethethe - Script Help, Script Tutorial
Xiros - Script Help
Fire Flame - Pidgey Overworld Sprite
WAH - Cactus & Tree Tiles
Ozumas - Mountain Tiles
TotoMud - POKéMON OverWorlds
~Daisuke~ - Devihell Overworld
Samson - Amorswan Sprite
Mystery_Dungeon - Dratini Overworld Sprites
EternalLight - Gardevoir Overworld Sprite
Desperate Milotic - Mystery Dungeon Box & TM Disc Overworld Sprites
Mr. C - Celebi & Steelix Overworld Sprites
amyrosesweetie - Bellosom OverWorld Sprites
Danskeren - Cyndaquil Overworld Sprites
Sythes - Totodile Overworld Sprites
emocresselia - Felinar Sprite
Wichu - Giratina's True Form Reference Sprite
revenge101 - Sprinephy Reference Sprite
Forgotten Memory - Shaymin's Sky Form Reference Sprite & Website Hosting
WraithPhantom73 - Shaymin's Sky Form Sprite
Crossel - Shaymin Sky Forme Backsprite
RPD490 - updating the PKMN sprites​

- Some text error/typo...
- Heading towards Mt. Krystal again will cause the Angeallen script again...
- Do not lose to either Rayquaza and Angeallen in Mt. Krystal...
- Losing to any battles inside the Tower of Fate will cause some major glitches for unknown reasons...​

PKMN RD-RR (2021 v1) - Google Drive | Media Fire
This patch was created by hacksrepairman. See his post here.​

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You can contact me in PC's discord server...
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[a id]rd-log[/a id]
Life of Guardians
Hack Information
Hack Name: Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians
ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby U.S. Version
Date of Creation: December 16th, 2008
Original Thread

In the altered world where Team Go-Getters accidentally created lives a young girl who always dreamed to be a Guardian Trainer after she heard all about it, even though she has no idea how to be come one, but still, she's determined to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer.

One day, she can no longer stay home, for she wants to achieve her goal, and so she went out to try and befriend a POKéMON so she can travel the region and learn about Guardian Trainers. Unfortunately, she was stopped by her childhood friend, Kevin, and when they decided to go back home, a shaman was running for her dear life. She was chased by two members of the Dark Organization, trying to steal her POKéMON.

Unsure of what to do, she asked both kids to choose one POKéMON from her and battle the grunts. Later, they successfully defeated the grunts, which then fled. To thank them, she gave them the POKéMON they used as a reward.

And now that she has a POKéMON with her side, she will finally be able to start her own journey to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer, But the region's been chaotic since the rise of the Dark Organization. Trials await her in the future, and a strange dream's confusing her. Will she be able to achieve her goal, or will she drive her destiny into the wrong path of life?​

> Explore the region of Hevah...
> New hero/heroine...
> 4th and 5th generation and Custom Made Pokémon...
> New tiles, sprites, maps, music, events...
> Starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle...
> New Rivals...
> Trainers will reward you with less money...
> Items will be expensive than normal...
> Day and Night System...
> Play 3 modes of the game: Good, Bad and Normal!
> ...and more which I forgot to mention...​



The Team
> destinedjagold = scripter, mapper, spriter, music editor, tiler
> Krad(Benevolent Wings) = spriter
> Nicolas = spriter
> Crosell = spriter
> Pounder_Zeikku = spriter, tiler, music editor
> KageX = OW spriter​

> Samson = Custom-Made Pokémon Sprites...
> Eclypse & Heart of Thorns = Felinar's battle sprite...
> rhevarhe_duh = Angeallen Remade Sprite...
> Mimey = Team Galactic Grunts Indexed Sprites...
> Wichu = Shinx Front Sprite...
> KageX = Pachirisu OW Sprite...
> DragonFlyCave Website = Platinum Pokémon Sprites...
> SSJ4 Furatman = Gold Sprite...
> Alistair = Tiles...
> Kyledove = Tiles...
> Mateo = Elemental Master's Building Tiles...
> TehTehTehTeh = Tiles...
> Peyi = Tree Tiles...
> Ledah(deviantART) = Gabrieleon's Reference Sprite
> revenge101(deviantART) = Sprinephy(Org. Name: Spriphony) Reference Sprite...
> shinyscyther = Skarmiger Reference Sprite...
> Cloud/Zel!x = Female OW Reference Sprite...
> WAH = D/P font patch...
> >Dante< and Womanizer = Title Screen editing...
> thethethethe = script tutorial, cry swapping...
> Tool Makers = Awesome Hacking Tools...
> RPD490 - updating the PKMN sprites
> Koshi and KEL - logo design​

> Possible that Ralts will faint during the Light Catching Pokémon script...
> Some new music takes a bit of time to start to play...
> Some music are a bit loud...
> Don't press 'A' repeatedly or hold any directional buttons during any events in the game.​


























> A couple of music use the same voicegroup...
> GANDEL and HENDYL were in the Hevah Dex, but were replaced by COMBEE and VESPIQUEN 'cause my brother hates both GANDEL and HENDYL...
> GUARDIA TOWN's music was changed...
> You were supposed to be able to access the portal behind Chaomega, where you'll be able to reach the Hevah region in the other timeline. But meh, too much work...
> You were supposed to receive eggs of the Dragon Gods, but they take too long to hatch.
> Blitz was suppose to join you during the Ruby Destiny event in the Tower of Fate, but I forgot...
> Stealth, leader of the Dark Organization, was suppose to be set out of jail and become Rintah Town's Guardian Master again, but I was a bit lazy...​

Help Section
Q: Why do I have to look for a Ruby ROM? Can't you just give us a link of the ready-to-play ROM?
A: Distributing ROMs are against the PokéCommunity forum rules... Sorry...

Q: I can't enter the boat. What do I do?
A: First go to Oceanshine City and enter the PokeCenter and talk to Richard. Then head back to Silkwind Town and get a badge after defeating Janice. Then head back to the boat.

Q: I talked to RYAN in the boat but nothing happens! What do I do next?
A: Find a room in he boat where there's no NPCs, and head to bed.

Q: I can't enter the gym in Silkwind Town! It says that it's "closed"!
A: Head to Silkwind Path and head north and battle Might/Patty there.

Q: Where's the second gym leader/elemental master?
A: Talk to the guy in green inside the gym in Oceanshine City, and then head to Krystal Path.

Q: Where the heck is Krystal Path!?
A: In Guardia Town(starter town), head North and you'll be in Green Leaf. Then head left to reach Krystal Path.

Q: I keep freezing in Low Point Path! Where's this Cold Scarf thing!?
A: You can only obtain Cold Scarf after you get your third symbol/badge and obtained Rock Smash.

Q: Okay, I saved the guy with the ranger and knights in Low Point Path. Now what?
A: Head back to Rainleaf Town and battle he gym leader and obtain a new badge.

Q: I'm in Boulder City and Terry won't battle me. Where to?
A: Head back to Silkwind Town and ride the train.

Q: I just got my fifth badge and done the Angeallen event thing. Where next?
A: Go behind Boulder City's PokeCenter. Then head east up until you reach Rintah Town.

Q: I talked to everyone in Rintah Town, but nothing happens. WHat am I suppose to do?
A: Head back to Boulder City.

Q: I escaped Breeze Island and got a Lapras, but I don't have my badges. Does this mean I have to fight the leaders again?
A: Yes.

Q: I pwned all those Dark Org grunts in their airplane. Now what?
A: You can either go to Breeze Island, or go inside the aircraft... Story branching will begin from this point.

Q: Story branching? What?
A: This hack has three modes: Good, Bad and Normal mode. You get to choose what mode you wanna play depending on your choices.

Q: I got the sixth badge, but the rock-thing keeps saying to talk to Kronz.
A: You must have missed the event in Lost Shadow Valley through Dusk Path's Mineral Cave. Head to Rintah Town and head east.

Q: Okay, so I got the sixth badge but the rock-thing tells me to go to the Hevah League, but no one's there!
A: Head to Guardia Town, and a little down south, defeat the new Elelemtal Master.

Q: I got 7 badges now and I finished beating Giratina/Vessel/Zah in Dragon Castle. Where's Alice so I get my 8th badge?
A: First, head to the Tower of Fate in Oceania Isle. Talk to Chaomega. Then, head to Lost Shadow and talk to Giratina. And then you can battle Alice in the Leon Empire.

Q: I finished the event of Claire and Gabrieleon in Oceanshine City. Where did Gabby go?
A: Dusk Path, above the waterfall.

Q: May I ask where are the Ruby Destiny fragments?
A: (1)Chaomega gives you one, (2)after Gabrieleon's event, Jude's grandfather in Rintah Town gives you one, (3)Champion Joseph gives you one, (4)a POKéMON in White Path's cave has one, (5)a POKéMON in Bouquet Field's Mineral Cave has one, (6)Krona will give you one if you'll accept Blitz's request, (7-8)and Might/Patty gives you two if you have 6 pieces and after you talked to Ranger Leana.

Q: Where is Champion Joseph?
A: In Twilight Path's Mineral Cave.

Q: My bag was full when I was given the fragments... Help?
A: After Might/Patty gives you the fragments, talk to the rock-pyramid-thing.

Q: How can we catch Chaomega?
A: You can "get" Chaomega, but you won't get the chance to "battle and try to catch" Chaomega. How to"get" Chaomega will depend on your answer to Jayson's question in the Tower of Fate.

Q: How can I change Shaymin/Giratina's forms?
A: Buy some "Shiny Gems" from Jayson in the Tower of Fate. You can change Felinar's form as well.

Q: I wanted to have Shaymin, but I got Giratina instead, why!?
A: In the Good/Bad Side of the game, you can only get Shaymin if you successfully "talked" to the sprouts in Lost Shadow, or if you talked to the green diamond inside Dusk Path's Mineral Cave. In Normal Mode, you can pick your pick.

Q: Is there any Master Balls available?
A: Nope...

Q: Why are trainers giving very very low prize money?
A: I did this on purpose to increase the game's difficulty, since this is the last game of the Ruby Destiny series...

Q: In the chip battle mini-game, my opponent says it's a tie where he clearly won (or vice-versa), is this a glitch?
A: Yes, but I was too damn lazy to fix it. You won't lose money if you lose, anyway...

Q: Can you tell us Gabrieleon's locations?
A: Sure, but this is not in order: Guardia Path, Ice's Edge Path, Current Path, Dusk Path(below Current Path), Coral Sea, Fruits' Basket, Oceania Sea, Hevah Academy and finally, back on the peak of a mountain in Dusk Path.

Q: How can I get to Togen Island?
A: Togen Island is only accessible if you chose the Bad Side of the game, but you can only get there once.

Q: How can I get to Ilex Forest?
A: The entrance is in Green Leaf.

Q: Where can I get Rintah Town's symbol?
A: Champion Joseph.

Q: I got the fossil from Mirage Tower, but where can I revive it?
A: The scientists in the Ranger HQ in Silkwind Town. The revived POKéMON can only evolve once, depending on its stats.

Q: What are those other islands in the region map?
A: This post might help.

Q: Alice isn't showing up in Leon Empire! I already defeated Giratina, the vessels and Zah in the Dragon Tower.
A: Princess Alice will show up there after you talk to Chaomega in the Tower of Fate, and then after you talked to Giratina and/or Shaymin in Lost Shadow.

Q: I already caught/met/fought the four Dragon Gods, but Chaomega won't let me start the fragment collecting quest!
A: Go to the Tower of Fate and talk to the pink pyramid inside.

HM01 - Cut
You can get it in Sinister Woods from a Bug Catcher.

HM02 - Fly
Given by E.M. Janice in Silkwind Town.

HM03 - Surf
You can get it from a hiker in Krystal Path after you got the fifth badge.

HM04 - Strength
Given by E.M. Kronz in Lustersand Town.

HM05 - Flash
Inside Low Point Path's Mineral Cave.

HM06 - Rock Smash
You'll get it from Rival RYAN in Rainleaf Town's PokeCenter after you got a third badge.

HM07 - Waterfall
Rival Nicolas will give it to you in Oceania Sea (just above Silkwind Town).

HM08 - Dive
Not available.

1st | Janice | Flying | Silkwind Town
2nd | Vincent | Water | Oceanshine City
3rd | Andrew | Grass | Rainleaf Town
4th | Rhea | Electric | Rainbow City
5th | Terry | Rock | Boulder City
6th | Kronz | Random | Lustersand Town
7th | Beatrice | Fighting | Guardia Town
8th | Alice | Psychic | Leon Empire

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You can contact me in PC's discord server...
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[a id]rd-bt[/a id]
Broken Timeline

Hack Information
Hack Name: Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Broken Timeline
ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby U.S. Version
Date of Creation: November 30th, 2013
Date of Reboot: First quarter of 2015​


Waking up in a beach, having no memory of how you got there, and after you saved (or not) an Eevee from Team Rocket, you set out on a journey, wandering through the lands of the Crest region, to figure out how you ended up on Starlight Beach and how you can get back home. Along the way, you meet human and Pokémon friends and foes, and their simple ways of life. Too simple, in fact, that they may or may not be able to help you.

(Story will be added/revised later.)

- New tiles inserted.
- Fairy type added.
- Aria type added.
- Pokémon's movesets are now updated.
- A few Pokémon from the 4th, 5th and 6th generations.
- A few fakemons.
- Talk to trainers if you want to battle them.
- Trainers reward you with less prize money.
- New Attacks, without replacing old ones.
- Physical/Special Split.​



The Team
- destinedjagold - Everything...​

Graphics & Music
- TheSoupLord - Mapping Help
- Magiscarf (deviantArt) - Tiles
- Burton-kun (deviantArt) - Tiles
- femok - Tiles
- FM - Tiles
- NSora-96 - Tiles
- Dante - Tiles
- Weslyfg - Tiles
- LeiAlcantara025 - Tiles
- Ruki Makino - Battle Background Images
- Chaos Rush - The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource
- Noscium - Sixth Gen. Front Sprites
- MrDollSteak - Gen VI: DS-Style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Resource
- th3shark - 6th gen. cries
- Renegade - Gen. 6 PKMN icons
- RPD490 - OW sprites
- GoGoJJTech - music assistance
- SypherAP- music resource
- Vendily - Sprite help​
- Coolboyman - Adding New Types
- Dragoon - Adding New Types
- Jambo51 - Adding New Attacks
- Andrea - Advanced Ruby stuffies...
- Feanor - Advanced Ruby stuffies...
- eing15 - Advanced Ruby stuffies...
- Perri Lightfoot - Move Animations
Tool Makers
...to many to mention. I'll add them later~

- Grammar and spelling errors.
- Some tiles reflect your reflection when you're close to the reflective water tile.
- Title screen not fully edited yet.
- Region map not yet inserted.
- [Fairy] and [Aria] types cannot be searched in the Pokédex.
- If you save your game normally while in a route, and then restart or close+open the game, wild battles will not have any battle music.​

Before anything else, here are some basic things to note...
- Click ME if you don't know how to patch the game.
- Please patch the game with a v1.0 Ruby ROM. It won't work with a v1.1 Ruby ROM, nor would it work with the MUGS intro.​
New Beta 1 Details
- Release Date: April 1, 2016
- Length: 4 towns, 3 gyms.
- Download: MediaFire | GoogleDrive
Old Beta 1 Details
- This is not the beta patch for the reboot of the game.
- Length: 2 or 3 gyms (depending on your choice)
- Beta 1 v1.2 - 09/19/14​

- The main character wasn't supposed to be a silent protagonist.
- The boxes has a 1 in 100 chances of respawning in the overworld. Before, it was 1 out of 10.
- After hitting the [New Game], I originally wanted to have Chaomega and Latios/Latias or Arceus to be talking.​

Help Section
NEW Q: I can't find the blacksmith in his house in Starlight Town.
A: After entering his house and finding out he's not there, talk to the NPCs in Starlight Town for clues.

Q: Reboot?
A: Eeyup. I restarted the game, so no more five region nonsense. =P

Q: Will our saved files from LoG be compatible with this hack?
A: Nope.

Q: Will our saved files from the old BT be compatible with the reboot?
A: Nope.

Q: Are there going to be anything from the old BT returning to the new rebooted BT?
A: Some, yes. For one, rivals, some if not all, will be returning with new stories.

Q: How's SkyLine?
A: SkyLine's dead. =/

Q: Will you be adding Mega Evolution?
A: At the moment, no. Even though I like 'em, I hate 'em as well. :/​

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Glad to see you have this up and running DJG! Glad to be a part of it :3
Cant wait for people to see it, its amazing- and to everyone awaiting the release- it will be worth it entirely! :3
  • Age 31
  • Seen Mar 5, 2014
Glad to see you have this up and running DJG! Glad to be a part of it :3
Cant wait for people to see it, its amazing- and to everyone awaiting the release- it will be worth it entirely! :3
Damn, another game by DJG? Dont tease us like that! I literally cant wait, be sure you guys drop atleast a early beta this year, ok? :]
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Oh it's here.....
Took long for me to see because I was sleeping......
But... I'm glad you made a thread about it DJG...
I really can't wait to play the beta..... :15:


Just I thought it was going to end! But I guess not, I liked how you implement the Gen 6 and the new type!
Cool mapping, And it's brendan and may?! o_O well although since it's not yet done. Looking forward to it.


Too bad to L96 :(
Anyways.. Yay! it's uuuuup! ~
I'll be waiting for more screenies and progress! :D Good luck.

The title screen looks great! <3
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Nation Blue
Woah! Broken Timeline is here!
I'm glad to see the fourth Ruby Destiny hack.
Best of luck with this, I'm looking forward for more updates. :)


You can contact me in PC's discord server...
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Damn, another game by DJG? Dont tease us like that! I literally cant wait, be sure you guys drop atleast a early beta this year, ok? :]

I can't promise that, unfortunately.
But there will be a beta. As to when? Dunno.
I just bought myself a 3DS and so far, PKMN X is awesome. :3
Main reason I bought a 3DS and PKMN X is so that I won't be bored while going to work/home on a bus. :3

I just added one more screenshot on the first post, since I forgot to add it while I was making this thread~ :3