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Hack Series: Super Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Balanced Editions

  • Age 29
  • Seen Jul 25, 2023
The goal of the Pokemon Balanced Edition games is to make all Pokemon
in a given game viable and good in battle.
For the first time ever, two companion games are being released for the Pokemon Balanced Series.
Super Pokemon Ruby Balanced Edition & Super Pokemon Sapphire Balanced Edition!

Features that these games share:
All Pokemon are obtainable in each game. Some are very hard to find depending on the version.
All Pokemon have a BST of 600.
All moves have been revamped. Moves like Growl and Ember have priority. Dragon type moves have a low chance inflicting the Tri-Attack effect. The one hit K.O. moves have been replaced by "Ultra Moves."
Ice types and Poison Types have been buffed. Poison is now Super Effective against Water Types. Ice now resists more then just itself. It now resists Grass,Flying, and Normal Types.
The Sprites and Icons have been updated.
69 Pokemon have been added to both games. Mostly Gen 4 Evolutions/Pre-Evolutions.
Gym Leaders can be re-battled at will.
EV Training Spots have been added to the game.
An NPC at the Weather Institute can change the Weather on Certain Routes.
EV/IV Testers are now in the game.
EV Training Spots have been added to the game. These are the EV training Spots:

Both games have version differences:

Credits: Super Versekr Dark. Their hard work is what turned these former ideas into reality.
Pokemon Game Editor: Gamer2020
Gen 3 Tools: Kurapika
AdvanceMap: LU-HO
Advance Series: Wichu
Hex Maniac Advance: Haven1433
Cry Editor

Super Pokemon Sapphire Balanced Edition:

Super Pokemon Ruby Balanced Edition:

Super Pokemon Ruby Balanced Edition with Trainers/Wild Pokemon matching the Trainer's Pokemon's Level:

In Super Pokemon Ruby Balanced Edition, the Choice Band does not work properly. It will deal a minimal, set amount of damage.

My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XmRcbNG

Feedback is appreciated!
If you're interested in helping out with the next Balanced Edition game, feel free to contact me. I will make it worth your while.


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