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  1. FRLG: Fame Checker
  2. RSE: trainer hill torture XD
  3. My way of beating Watson!
  4. 3rd Generation: Favourite Gift Pokémon
  5. FRLG: What was (or is) your favorite pokemon to train in FRLG
  6. RSE: most underrated 3rd gen pokes
  7. Leaf Green Discussion
  8. RSE: The Capital of Hoenn
  9. RSE: Fishing
  10. FRLG: Who was your starter and why did you choose him?
  11. 3rd Generation: Favorite TM/HM?
  12. RSE: What starter did you choose?
  13. RSE: Why Not?
  14. 3rd Generation: Preferred Series between FR/LG and R/S/E
  15. FRLG: Pokemon FireRed Playthrough (YouTube)
  16. RSE: How blind people play Pokémon games
  17. RSE: The Master Ball
  18. RSE: DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth?
  19. RSE: My Pokemon Emerald Game
  20. FRLG: Easiest Gym Leader
  21. RSE: What was your hardest gym?
  22. RSE: A holiday in Hoenn
  23. Who was your "Right Hand Man"
  24. 3rd Generation: Your First Shiny
  25. FRLG: Your favorite fossil
  26. FRLG: Rival and Me
  27. RSE: Moving out of Mom and Dad's Place
  28. 3rd Gen Wi-Fi Server
  29. Silph Co. vs Devon Corporation
  30. FRLG: What did you think of the I Gen remakes?
  31. Nintendo Events
  32. RSE: Your Rivals
  33. 3rd Generation: 1000 Reasons Why...
  34. RSE: What a Team!
  35. RSE: Hoenn's similarities to Greece
  36. FRLG: I need a suggestion
  37. RSE: Water Water Everywhere
  38. RSE: Gymless
  39. RSE: Eternal Light
  40. RSE: Town and City Names
  41. FRLG: question about generation 3 and 5 moves
  42. RSE: Root Fossil vs Claw Fossil
  43. 3rd Generation: Favourite New Poké Ball Type
  44. 3rd Generation: Thunder and Thunderbolt
  45. RSE: Ribbons
  46. RSE: Favourite Trainer Class
  47. RSE: Seaside Cycling Road
  48. RSE: Museums
  49. 3rd Generation: Running Shoes
  50. RSE: 10th anniversary of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.. :(
  51. RSE: Berries
  52. RSE: Regis
  53. RSE: Weather
  54. RSE: Trumpets
  55. 3rd Generation: Double Battles
  56. FRLG: Fossils!
  57. 3rd Generation: Pickup
  58. RSE: What is your favorite Gen III Pokemon
  59. FRLG: Sevii Islands
  60. FRLG: What? Golbat stopped evolving!
  61. RSE: Old Grandma's Resting Spot
  62. RSE: Internal Battery?!
  63. 3rd Generation: The weird tree at-- wait, what are you doing in Hoenn!?
  64. RSE: A Pokemon is on the hook!
  65. Anyone else think Emerald was the best?
  66. FRLG: Real Leaf Green EU?
  67. Liz and Tate
  68. RSE: Opening Scene
  69. Phony R/S/E Games
  70. 3rd Generation: The Beta Versions
  71. Emerald: Abandoned Ship Glitch
  72. FRLG: Zapdos, Moltres or Articuno
  73. 3rd Generation: Your favourite Legendary
  74. RSE: That's a lot of spots!
  75. Emerald: Abandoned Ship Glitch
  76. RSE: Favourite Game Corner Machine
  77. ROM Hacking for FireRed on Mac
  78. RSE: Television
  79. 3rd Generation: Altaria, fly me to Sky Pillar!
  80. MMOGAME|PokeMaster (PokemonArena)
  81. Meowth didn't Evolve?
  82. Battle Tower vs. Battle Frontier
  83. Catching all pokemon in the routes -LG & FR
  84. RSE: Slateport City, Home Sweet Home
  85. RSE: Splash causing damage
  86. FRLG: Previously on Red's Adventure...
  87. FRLG: Pokémon WaterBlue Version
  88. need help on liquid crystal please
  89. 3rd Generation: Transferring older Pokémon or updated features?
  90. RSE: Abilities!
  91. Hex Code Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
  92. RSE: Trick House
  93. FRLG: How long did it take for a full team?
  94. 3rd Generation: Mt. Pyre vs Pokémon Tower
  95. 3rd Generation: Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough With Commentary!!!
  96. Hoenn favorite pokemon
  97. RSE: Latias or Latios
  98. Some quick ?'s.
  99. 3rd Generation: help me choose a horrible team
  100. Ruby/Sapphire Remake
  101. to sydian
  102. 3rd Generation: TMs
  103. FRLG: Pokemon Fire Red
  104. 3rd Generation: Wireless Adaptor
  105. RSE: Ruby or sapphire
  106. RSE: Claw fossil or Root fossil
  107. 3rd Generation: R/S/E Vs. FR/LG
  108. RSE: Who is in your team CURRENTLY?
  109. 3rd Generation: Deoxys
  110. 3rd Generation: Music in third generation
  111. RSE: The sun and the moon.
  112. Rate My Team + Lapras or Cloyster?
  113. 3rd Generation: Honest to Goodness Heart Scale!
  114. Need People for ROM Hacking
  115. RSE: Which Bicycle Did You Choose?
  116. FRLG: Were you aware of the Sevii Islands?
  117. RSE: What kind of hat does Ruby/Brendan wear?
  118. FRLG: The Eevee.. glitch?
  119. FRLG: Good LG Team?
  120. Need Sapphire/Ruby File
  121. walkthrough
  122. RSE: Favourite Battle Frontier Facility
  123. RSE: Emerald Fail
  124. RSE: What Do You Think Is The Best Hoenn Starter?
  125. 3rd Generation: How to change pokemon type?
  126. 3rd Generation: Favorite-Type
  127. Ruby Team
  128. FRLG: Islands 8 & 9
  129. RSE: help with unlz!!!!
  130. 3rd Generation: Favourite attack
  131. Is there a jotho/kanto mod for R/S/E
  132. 3rd Generation: Who is your favourite gym leader?
  133. RSE: Japanese Emerald AR codes?
  134. Pokemon Online Battle (E,S,R,FR,LG)
  135. What is your strongest TEAM on Gen 3 Games?
  136. 3rd Generation: Hamachi Servers!
  137. RSE: The Most Difficult Gym
  138. FRLG: Removal of Time
  139. RSE: Winstrate Family
  140. 3rd Generation: Cut
  141. RSE: Cycling Road
  142. Pokemmo!
  143. Best Method To Catch A Latios Without A Master Ball ( Generation III R/S/E )
  144. 6 Best Pokemon , Moves ( Generation III R/S/E )
  145. Fight a legendary pokemon more than once
  146. RSE: Favorite Starter Pokémon
  147. 3rd Generation: Hamachi Server
  148. RSE: Is there any gender modifier code for pkmn ruby?
  149. FRLG: Best Team?
  150. Can Action Replay ruin my Pokemon Sapphire?
  151. RSE: Favorite RSE Moment?
  152. A nuzlocke with feel
  153. 3rd Generation: What part annoyed you the most in the 3d Gen Games?
  154. 3rd Generation: Dream Team?
  155. 3rd Generation: FR & LG
  156. RSE: Really quick Question: Mirage Tower?
  157. Are my 16 Pokemon games counterfeit??
  158. 3rd Generation: Fake Game Disposal
  159. Is my Pokemon Crystal fake?
  160. RSE: Team Magma or Team Aqua?
  161. Best Moment of FR and LG?
  162. Most Underrated Pokèmon?
  163. FRLG: I Want Mew!
  164. FRLG: Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan ?
  165. 3rd Generation: Be Supernatural
  166. Wynaut just use it?
  167. RSE: Does anyone else use the E-Reader too? :D
  168. 3rd Generation: A new time of challenge! :D
  169. 3rd Generation: You know what really grinds my gears: Fake Pokemon Games
  170. RSE: Did anyone get stuck solving the regi trio first time?
  171. RSE: Drake, the Captian of the Abandoned Ship. Could it be?
  172. RSE: Mirage Island
  173. 3rd Generation: I have finished Ruby 42 times!
  174. RSE: Did anyone else think the North and South of Route 104 were different Routes? :D
  175. RSE: Poochyena: Good or Bad?
  176. I've lost 2 games because of my sofa :(
  177. RSE: Luvdisc: Good or Bad?
  178. RSE: Favorite Gym Leader?
  179. Remake?
  180. 3rd Generation: Rivals
  181. RSE: Nosepass
  182. RSE: Johto Pokemon: Good or Bad?
  183. 3rd Generation: Do you prefer R/S/E or FR/LG?
  184. pokemon emrald walkthrough
  185. pokemon emrald
  186. RSE: Underated or meant to be
  187. Nuzlocke challege on Emerald
  188. RSE: Favourite Gen 3 PvP Moment
  189. RSE: Beat the Elite Four, what kind of music?
  190. 3rd Generation: First Legendary Pokemon?
  191. 3rd Generation: Favorite Attack Animation?
  192. RSE: Favorite Town/City?
  193. RSE: Some good gameshark for vba Pokemon emerald
  194. RSE: Good or Bad: Corphish?
  195. FRLG: Making a good pokemon team
  196. Converting Savegame Problems!
  197. FRLG: Raikou, Entei and Suicune!
  198. FRLG: Which starter do you think is the best?
  199. RSE: Shedinja
  200. RSE: Original Connection
  201. RSE: Your favorite music from R/S/E?
  202. RSE: Need help build Ludicolo's moveset
  203. RSE: The Lati Hunt
  204. RSE: How do I EV train with all those trainers all around?
  205. Poorly translated games
  206. 3rd Generation: Who was the Hardest E4 Member to beat?
  207. 3rd Generation: Team Discussion: What's Your Style?
  208. 3rd Generation: Fire/Leaf green vs Ruby/Saphire/Emerald
  209. wifi battles
  210. RSE: A question about EVs...
  211. Reputable Sellers?
  212. FRLG: ¤ Welcome to the Hall Of Fame! ¤
  213. 3rd Generation: THE FIRST LVL 100 POKEMON !!!!!!!!
  214. FRLG: Battle tips and best Pokemon
  215. FRLG: Which Team ?
  216. 3rd Generation: e-Reader?
  217. RSE: Did you bother with Beldum?
  218. RSE: Groudon, Kyogre, or Rayquaza?
  219. RSE: Castform!
  220. 3rd Generation: I'm stuck :(
  221. FRLG: deoxis?lugia or hooh?
  222. emerald trading
  223. FRLG: Modded FR/LG that can get all 151 Pokemon
  224. FRLG: YourTeam?
  225. RSE: exchanging saves between R/S/E
  226. Pokemon Ruby Egglocke: Send me some eggs! :D
  227. Egglocke ROM
  228. 3rd Generation: How'd you beat the Elite Four?
  229. IV/EV/NATURE help
  230. FRLG: Good Pokémon to use to beat Misty
  231. Expectations for a Gen 3 remake?
  232. Unused Trainers in Pokemon Emerald
  233. RSE: The Battle Frontier!
  234. Pokemon: GEN3-PARADISE
  235. Ideal Emerald Team?
  236. FRLG: How should I tweak my team to improve it?
  237. RSE: A Chinese Emerald!
  238. RSE: Best Places to EV Train?
  239. FRLG: The first Pokemon you caught is ......
  240. 3rd Generation: Favorite Hero\Heroine ?
  241. FRLG: Dome and Helix Fossil?
  242. FRLG: Whom did you used Master on?
  243. RSE: Hall of Fame!
  244. FRLG: "A Punch Filled with Destructive Power!"
  245. 3rd Generation: The Reason of your fondness toward gen 3
  246. RSE: "Wait, I was supposed to help!"
  247. FRLG: Dragonite Moves
  248. What NOT to like about Gen 3
  249. FRLG: favorite type?
  250. RSE: I am Scared of Kyogre.