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PokéCommunity Rules

We want PokéCommunity to be a fun and inviting place for all members. This means we have a few simple rules to follow and standards to uphold in order to ensure everyone has a good time and stays safe. These rules are not exhaustive, but they'll give you a good idea of the kind of atmosphere we wish to preserve.

Please note that, if you are not at least 13 years of age, PokéCommunity no longer accepts parental permission in the form of a completed COPPA document to create an account. All users must be at least 13 years of age to register - even with permission from a parent or guardian.

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Major Offenses
Violations of the following rules are taken very seriously and will result in an infraction or ban.
  • Respect others.

    We do not tolerate bigotry, including, but not exclusive to, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Do not troll, harass, attack or vilify others.

  • Keep content safe for work.

    Providing or linking to inappropriate content, such as pornographic or violent materials, will result in a ban. Users with inappropriate names will be banned.

  • Distribute content that you're permitted to.

    Don't plagiarise works — content posted on PokéCommunity originally from other sites must have the appropriate license or permission given. Don't distribute stolen artwork, music, TV show recordings, ROM or disc images of games, etc.

  • Everyone has a right to feel safe.

    If anyone ever approaches you on or off the site and brings up uncomfortable or inappropriate subjects, please let a staff member know immediately. If it's happening to you, it may be happening to others and coming forward helps us stop it sooner.

Minor Offenses
Violations of the following rules may result in a warning or infraction.
  • Follow the topic.

    When posting, keep to the discussion’s topic.

  • Don't swear excessively.

    PC is home to a wide age range of users. Please keep inappropriate language light and occasional.

  • Don't share your account or passwords with others.

    You will be held responsible for any infractions or bans you receive.

  • One account per member.

    The PokéCommunity does not permit the use of multiple accounts by a single person. Alternate accounts will be banned on sight and the original account will receive an infraction.

  • Don’t advertise.

    Ensure links to content are relevant to a discussion where applicable. Unsolicited advertising will be removed and can result in a ban. The use of advertising services to obscure links is also not permitted.

  • Monetary transactions are restricted.

    You may offer or look for paid services (such as art, writing, coding) on the site, but PokéCommunity will not be held responsible for any transaction issues that might occur. You are not allowed to sell physical goods or solicit monetary donations.

When a rule is broken...
  • We may intervene in discussions.

    Moderators may post moderation comments about any issues they have with a thread, including arguments causing the topic to derail or minor rules being broken. Follow the advice of moderation at all times.

  • We may restrict access to or remove content.

    Content is typically removed if it runs afoul of our rules. Threads may be closed from further discussion or removed if they’re irrelevant, a duplicate thread exists, or if the behavior in the thread reaches unacceptable levels.

  • Warnings, infractions or bans may be issued for misconduct.

    You may be given a warning or infraction for breaking our rules. Consistent misbehavior may lead to a ban. Bans from the Discord Server may carry over to the forums and vice versa.

  • Report the post.

    If you notice a post that requires moderator attention, you can help us by pointing out to the moderation team. You can do this by clicking the Report button on that post and explaining why you think it breaks the rules.

Dispute resolution

You may not necessarily agree with the decision taken by a moderator. If you feel you've been unfairly infracted or an issue has been improperly handled, you may civilly raise the issue by sending a private message to the moderator in question. We will only discuss moderator actions taken with the person who received the infraction or ban.

If you're unable to resolve any issues you have with a moderator, you may contact a Moderator Lead or Administrator to look into the situation. Note that any decisions made by the Administrator team are final.

A list of such staff members and their contact information can be found on the Forum Staff page.