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  1. Global Warming
  2. Could it possibly be real?
  3. I feel horrible.
  4. What if there was nothing?
  5. Blackberry Messenger Pokémon group
  6. DBZ Rom hacks?
  7. Does it hurt?
  8. Satanists
  9. Oxygen discovered in Space
  10. Dinosaurzz
  11. [Theory] Law of Conservation of Problems.
  12. You're sentenced to 6,060 years in prision!
  13. Ga Ga Goo Goo
  14. Telling a child the truth.
  15. Polyamory
  16. Relationships Between Older and Younger People
  17. Liquid water discovered on Mars
  18. On the subject of "pride days"
  19. Scientists transform skin into brain cells without stem cell usage
  20. That guy said black. GET HIM!
  21. 31 Elite Special Forces ops killed in largest loss of life in Afghan War
  22. Anonymous to release confidential information from hacked law enforcement websites
  23. Riots in Tottenham, North London.
  24. Tom's Interesting Little Experiment
  25. What did you saw last?
  26. Breasts vs Pecs?
  27. What's your Japan Life ID?
  28. A thought
  29. iPods in class
  30. Game Over for the Democrats: Harry Reid reveals his 3 "Super Congress" picks
  31. Isolationism / interventionism
  32. Other Chat Thoughts and Improvements/Revamp/Q&A
  33. Hey guys, ca you rate my Fire Red team? :D
  34. Creationism and Intelligent Design in Schools
  35. Is it selfish to have children?
  36. High Stress, High Pressure, High School
  37. Crime in Norway
  38. Permission From Nintendo?
  39. Check out the birthdays today...
  40. Humans and Other Animals
  41. Take it, please, I insist.
  42. Ten-year-old dies in footlocker
  43. The Food Thread
  44. The bookstores are untouched?
  45. Transgender
  46. Nationalization of energy
  47. Bullet proof skin?
  48. Adventure in the city?!!! =D
  49. Share your 3Ds miis via QR codes!
  50. Equality vs. Individuality
  51. The Unrest in Libya
  52. Sex at Dawn
  53. Surprise Earthquakes rattle Colorado and Washington DC
  54. Born bad
  55. Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple
  56. What if?
  57. Pokecommunity History
  58. Atlantis: Lost or Lie?
  59. Hurricane Irene
  60. ~September 2011 Daily Chit-Chat~
  61. Puns and RPs
  62. The Paranormal
  63. Bulbagarden forums
  64. Do you think it's acceptable for one to date their own cousin?
  65. the world is full of people we don't need anymore
  66. Does privacy exist for those still living at home?
  67. Moderator Revolution
  68. signature for mikosage :D
  69. The Internet: Packaged
  70. Need help
  71. Hard work versus talent.
  73. Contagion
  74. Before and after 9/11: how the event changed the world
  75. Supercomputer predicts world events
  76. The Official Conspiracy thread
  77. 17 Year Old Tricks Hospital Into Thinking He's A Doctor
  78. Random Fact - World's Heaviest Woman at 700 Pounds
  79. Ethics
  80. Study: SpongeBob SquarePants "bad for kids?"
  81. Michigan to require BMI reports on kids
  82. Republican 2012 Candidates
  83. I'll Be Mrs...
  84. How big are C cup breasts?
  85. Religion and Laws
  86. Marijuana as a Medicine
  87. So apparently gay people don't exist according to this right-wing nut
  88. List of Failed States
  89. My Youtube Channel
  90. why?
  91. Playstation or Xbox?
  92. Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, kills himself because of anti-gay bullying
  93. Troy Davis denied pardon from US Supreme Court
  94. Time Travel
  95. E ≠ mc²
  96. Obama strickens No Child Left Behind Law
  97. Watch this and tell me what you think.
  98. Custom Computer Stuff
  99. Michael Jackson and drugs
  100. www.victoryroad.net
  101. Grown man hunts down and attacks child who kills him in Call of Duty game.
  102. 11-year-old banned from making touchdowns.
  103. *BOO!* Halloween Discussion Thread!
  104. Every Day I'm Shuffling!
  105. Woman Sues Cap'n Crunch For Tricking Her
  106. BookByYou Question
  107. Amanda Knox acquitted
  108. Woman discovers her long-term boyfriend was actually a woman
  109. Occupy Wall Street
  110. Principal assualts student for wearing GSA t-shirt
  111. Best waste of time: planet Jupiter mistaken for a distress flare
  112. California School Inadvertantly Reveals Standardized Test Scores
  113. Human 'cloning' creates embryonic stem cells
  114. Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, dead at 56 from Pancreatic cancer
  115. NYPD spied on Muslim inhabitants
  116. Steve Jobs' virtual DNA to be fostered in Apple University
  117. Julian Assange has most nobel prize nominees ever
  118. Diabetic rats cured with their own stem cells
  119. Fiery, fearless civil rights icon Fred Shuttlesworth dies at 89
  120. The thing in the sky?
  121. "Woof! Meow! Paulie want a cracker!" Pet Discussion
  122. Pepper spraying vigilante gets arrested for pepper spraying
  123. Bull sharks invade golf course
  124. Police called over man taking a picture of his daughter
  125. American City Repeals Law Against Domestic Violence
  126. Individual Rights vs. Group Rights
  127. Huge Eruption on the way?
  128. Harry Potter actor arrested for possession of explosives
  129. Tumblr anyone?
  130. Outrage after toddler run over, ignored.
  131. Jamie Hubley, Gay 15-Year-Old Ottawa, Canada Teen Commits Suicide, Cites Depression,
  132. Samsung seeks iPhone 4S embargo in Australia and Japan
  133. Level 40+ Father arrested for beating a level 16 daughter in a 'medieval duel'
  134. Detroit-area father has his 9-year-old daughter be a designated driver
  135. Exotic Animals on the loose in Ohio
  136. Iowa couple dies holding hands after 72 year marriage
  137. Libyan forces capture & kill Muammar Gaddafi
  138. Senator pushes for Abortion discussions on the web to be restricted.
  139. Black woman walks in a Korean supermarket, chaos ensues.
  140. Media fear merchants
  141. Obama: All U.S. troops leaving Iraq
  142. Linda Harvey: "Don't let gay doctors treat your kids"
  143. Study rebukes skeptics: Global Warming is real.
  144. lol u mad republicans?
  145. Gay couple and their family forced to leave an Ontario Tim Horton's
  146. Will Humans Evolve Further?
  147. Celebrity mishaps. Why do we care? - Pop culture in the news
  148. When I get Bored
  149. Gay Public Displays of Affection
  150. debt fear over children's game
  151. Hate Crime: A Savage Hypocrisy
  152. College/University life
  153. Scientology: Cult or Religion?
  154. World Population to hit 7 Billion
  155. "Money can't buy happiness."
  156. How important is freedom of speech?
  157. Should voting be compulsory everywhere?
  158. Will the Royal Family always be adored?
  159. Ban on plastic bags
  160. Judge William Adams Beats Daughter for Using the Internet
  161. Being bullied? Just act less gay, advise teachers
  162. Eating in Grocery Stores
  163. Hey guys
  164. Successful Cold Fusion experiment?
  165. Random Chat
  166. Resign
  167. It's Better to Plant a Cabbage than a Rose
  168. Violence
  169. Conrad Murray found guilty of Michael Jackson's death
  170. Anonymity
  171. 2011 Election Day Results & Discussion
  172. "Forum" Threads - WTF?
  173. I'm an American so I'm too lazy to really give a crap
  174. Where do we go after we die?
  175. US Supreme Court to Review Health Care Law
  176. Western black rhino declared extinct
  177. The influences of technology
  178. Has Spongebob completely gone downhill?
  179. Liberty under attack! Lying on Facebook could become a crime.
  180. H.R. 3261: Stop Online Piracy Act
  181. Man arrested for shooting at the White House
  182. Selective Service System
  183. Congress declares pizza to be a vegetable
  184. Walking through doors makes you forget stuff, apparently.
  185. EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration
  186. Russia wages war on "emo kids".
  187. Ration vs. Emotion.
  188. The Christmas Thread (Got any decoration pics? Post them here!)
  189. had a question
  190. What can we tell about a person from their looks?
  191. Teen Mom
  192. Why are you a Citizen of your Country?
  193. Public Assistance Programs
  194. yea...im a schizo....
  195. Black Friday Shopper collapses at Target; receives no help
  196. Forum Mafia
  197. What do you eat rice with?
  198. Severus Snape, evil or a saint?
  199. Harry Potter
  200. Woman arrested after racist rant on tram
  201. Is peer pressure a good thing?
  202. Ex-Girlfriend sues Ex-Boyfriend for 'crappy' tattoo
  204. Fox News at it again. Tries to get gay english teacher fired because he was in porn
  205. Member of the Year - 2011!
  206. 2011 is almost over now!
  207. Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future
  208. creating light out of a vacuum? neutrinos breaking the speed of light?
  209. Illinois man faces 75 years in prison for videotapping the police.
  210. Senate approves Indefinite Detention provisions for American Citizens
  211. 7 year old defends himself, accused of sexual harassment
  212. Study: Religious people harbour deep mistrust of atheists, about equal to rapists
  213. Ron Paul kept out of RJC’s GOP forum, critics cheer
  214. Stop the Bullying!
  215. Teenager kills himself because of a test result
  216. NASA Discovers First Non-Earth Habitable Planet
  217. 2012 end of the world? not any more
  218. Virginia Tech on lockdown after second deadly shooting
  219. Seeking self-validation or being egotistical?
  220. gay penguin couple become fathers.
  221. The Spaceship Question
  222. Contacting State Governments
  223. Deadly Attack in Liege, Belgium
  224. help please :(
  225. Why do you wear the clothes you do correctly?
  226. Are we alone in the Universe?
  227. High School’s Incest ‘Prank’ Is Year’s Dumbest, Grossest Idea
  228. Indonesian Police Raid Punk Show, Shave Mohawked Kids
  229. The Russian teenager took his life dummiest trick
  230. Sex.
  231. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dead at 69
  232. Nothing to fear, but fear itself
  233. 2011: The Year in Downfalls
  234. My stepmother just called the police on me.
  235. I'm Getting Married
  236. Canadian HIV vaccine gets green light for human testing
  237. U.S. Supreme Court upholds voter ID law
  238. Requirements for Adopting
  239. Stereotypes
  240. Foul language and censorship
  241. Rare two-headed baby born in Brazil: conjoined twins share one body (with video)
  242. The Illuminati
  243. Religious beliefs
  244. Parakeets
  245. U.S. Customs (gah)
  246. Absolute Evil?
  247. Animal Conservation
  248. When do you become an adult?
  249. Is hitting a child the right thing to do?
  250. "Like father like son".