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  1. Russia wages war on "emo kids".
  2. Ration vs. Emotion.
  3. [News] The Christmas Thread (Got any decoration pics? Post them here!)
  4. had a question
  5. [Discussion] What can we tell about a person from their looks?
  6. Teen Mom
  7. Why are you a Citizen of your Country?
  8. [Discussion] Public Assistance Programs
  9. yea...im a schizo....
  10. Black Friday Shopper collapses at Target; receives no help
  11. Forum Mafia
  12. What do you eat rice with?
  13. Severus Snape, evil or a saint?
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Woman arrested after racist rant on tram
  16. Is peer pressure a good thing?
  17. Ex-Girlfriend sues Ex-Boyfriend for 'crappy' tattoo
  19. Fox News at it again. Tries to get gay english teacher fired because he was in porn
  20. Member of the Year - 2011!
  21. 2011 is almost over now!
  22. Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future
  23. creating light out of a vacuum? neutrinos breaking the speed of light?
  24. Illinois man faces 75 years in prison for videotapping the police.
  25. Senate approves Indefinite Detention provisions for American Citizens
  26. 7 year old defends himself, accused of sexual harassment
  27. [News] Study: Religious people harbour deep mistrust of atheists, about equal to rapists
  28. Ron Paul kept out of RJC’s GOP forum, critics cheer
  29. Stop the Bullying!
  30. Teenager kills himself because of a test result
  31. NASA Discovers First Non-Earth Habitable Planet
  32. [News] 2012 end of the world? not any more
  33. Virginia Tech on lockdown after second deadly shooting
  34. Seeking self-validation or being egotistical?
  35. gay penguin couple become fathers.
  36. The Spaceship Question
  37. Contacting State Governments
  38. Deadly Attack in Liege, Belgium
  39. help please :(
  40. Why do you wear the clothes you do correctly?
  41. [Discussion] Are we alone in the Universe?
  42. High School’s Incest ‘Prank’ Is Year’s Dumbest, Grossest Idea
  43. Indonesian Police Raid Punk Show, Shave Mohawked Kids
  44. The Russian teenager took his life dummiest trick
  45. [Discussion] Sex.
  46. [News] North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dead at 69
  47. [Discussion] Nothing to fear, but fear itself
  48. [News] 2011: The Year in Downfalls
  49. My stepmother just called the police on me.
  50. I'm Getting Married
  51. [News] Canadian HIV vaccine gets green light for human testing
  52. [News] U.S. Supreme Court upholds voter ID law
  53. [Discussion] Requirements for Adopting
  54. [Discussion] Stereotypes
  55. [Discussion] Foul language and censorship
  56. [News] Rare two-headed baby born in Brazil: conjoined twins share one body (with video)
  57. [Discussion] The Illuminati
  58. [Discussion] Religious beliefs
  59. Parakeets
  60. U.S. Customs (gah)
  61. [Discussion] Absolute Evil?
  62. [Discussion] Animal Conservation
  63. [Discussion] When do you become an adult?
  64. [Discussion] Is hitting a child the right thing to do?
  65. [Discussion] "Like father like son".
  66. LMFAO
  67. [Discussion] Holiday hop has a lack of people this year
  68. [Discussion] Japanese Illegal Whaling off the Coast of Antarctica
  69. Happy new year everyone!! check this out!
  70. Other Chat: New Year Improvements, Q&A, and Feedback
  71. 2012 chat- a new year
  72. Member of the Year 2011 - Results!
  73. [Question] Not sure where to put this
  74. [Discussion] Should alcohol be banned?
  75. The Student Chat Thread
  76. Rewarding good behaviour
  77. [Discussion] Boys Will Be Boys
  78. Internet vs. reality
  79. Help with fan game
  80. [Discussion] Do children have it easier today than before?
  81. [Discussion] Should school attendance be a legal requirement?
  82. [News] California teen boycotts Girl scout cookies over inclusion of trans child
  83. Money
  84. Do actions speak louder than words?
  85. Career, College/School, Job, Life Questions
  86. [Discussion] Legalizing Marijuana
  87. [News] American citizen sentenced to death in Iran for "spying"
  88. [Discussion] Have we sacrificed liberty for civility?
  89. [Discussion] The Relationship Thread
  90. [Discussion] Is prison a good form of punishment?
  91. [Discussion] Do schools teach the right things?
  92. [News] SOPA & ACTA
  94. Need a file
  95. [News] Megaupload Shut Down
  96. [Discussion] Wikipedia's reliability as a source.
  97. Affordable Care Act and the Religious Exemption
  98. [News] Cat killed, LIBERAL painted on corpse.
  99. Advice?
  100. [Discussion] Not Enough Hours In the Day
  101. [Discussion] Australia Day!
  102. [Discussion] Is violence ever the answer?
  103. Attractive People
  104. Breast milk cheese? Have you seen this?
  105. [Discussion] Eating pasta?
  106. At least 73 dead in football (soccer) match incident in Egypt.
  107. Man sets himself on fire
  108. [Discussion] What Is the Proper Role of Government?
  109. "If girls didn't exist, you wouldn't be born!"
  110. [Discussion] Right to Work
  111. [News] Federal Appeals Court rules Prop 8 Unconstitutional
  112. [News] Washington lawmakers pass gay-marriage bill
  113. High possibility of Nuclear war within 3-6 months?
  114. [Discussion] Your opinion of poverty?
  115. [Discussion] You encountered a cyberbully on the internet. What do you do?
  116. Terra Forming
  117. [News] Ten years after decriminalization: Portugal drug use halved
  118. Role Play?
  119. Buckle up! It's the law.
  120. [Discussion] Who Will Survive in America?
  121. [Discussion] 'It is mankind's main purpose to reproduce in order to continue the human race'
  122. [Discussion] Redesign Life
  123. Any Adele Fans here? :)
  124. [Discussion] Fakegate
  125. How do I make a good thread?
  126. [Discussion] Are we losing our intelligence?
  127. [Discussion] Help!
  128. What if Social Media was gone tomorrow
  129. the origins of ShadowGirl
  130. [News] The End: 2040, not 2012
  131. What theme on here do you use?
  132. [Discussion] Dating
  133. Which site background are you using?
  134. Have you ever encountered a pedo bear?
  135. [Discussion] KONY 2012
  136. [Discussion] The Death Penalty
  137. [Discussion] "There's no time to be young."
  138. [Discussion] The Illuminati
  139. [Discussion] Autism
  140. [Discussion] Iran's Nuclear Program
  141. [Discussion] Immortality
  142. [Discussion] The 'End of Life' debate
  143. [News] Lone U.S. Soldier murders 17 Afghani civillians
  144. [Discussion] Vegetarians
  145. [Discussion] Homosexuality.
  146. Penguin Camera: the cutest thing you will probably ever witness
  147. [Discussion] Gender Disparity
  148. [Discussion] Reproductive Rights & The War on Women
  149. [Discussion] Abortion.
  150. [News] New ancient species of Human discovered?
  151. [Discussion] Was Darwin wrong?
  152. [Discussion] "Third World Empire"
  153. [Discussion] The viability of Nuclear Power, post-Fukushima
  154. [Discussion] Modern Mysteries
  155. [Discussion] PC popularity
  156. Random Weird Things and Bugs.
  157. Manga Naming Convention?
  158. A Narwhal's Bacon
  159. The Hunger Games
  160. [News] Trayvon Martin, 17, shot and killed by Neighborhood Watchman
  161. [Discussion] Student Chat Thread v2
  162. [Discussion] Multi-level marketing
  163. [Discussion] Relationships and Authority Figures
  164. [Discussion] Finding things.
  165. [Discussion] Reputation
  166. [Discussion] Do schools handle bullying properly?
  167. masterlugia's pre 15 posts Thread (Ask me questions)
  168. Someone still up at this time?
  169. R.I.P Edd Gould
  170. Jung's Cognitive Functions/Myers Briggs
  171. [Discussion] Dreams.
  172. [Discussion] Forums.
  173. [Discussion] Which version of hell is more frightening and despairing to you?
  174. [Discussion] What is life?
  175. Hate towards Early-year Teenagers
  176. Help me please,Arigatou~
  177. [News] Jack Tramiel, father of the Commodore 64, passes away at age 83
  178. [News] Homophobes might be secretly attracted to the same sex, study finds
  179. [News] Rick Santorum quits presidential race
  180. [News] Two 8.0+ Earthquakes strike the Indian Ocean
  181. [News] North Korea Test Rocket Fails
  182. [Discussion] Potential
  183. What is a friend?
  184. [Discussion] Horse Racing
  185. [Discussion] !0 Year old has some fine Boobs
  186. Noob needs help!
  187. Lavender Town Syndrome.
  188. [Discussion] Opponents of Gay Marriage Think Their Own Union Is Unshakable
  189. Music
  190. [Discussion] when are you no longer a child ?
  191. How do I ace an interview
  192. [News] Child kills father over Playstation
  193. [News] Mining asteroids could boost space exploration
  194. [News] Animal rights protester agrees to be tortured
  195. Any good pokemon jokes?
  196. [Discussion] Going Away To College
  197. [Discussion] Soccer Discussion
  198. [News] Cops in Simi Valley, CA forced to watch porn to enforce new condom law
  199. [Discussion] Homeschooling
  200. [Discussion] Animal Testing
  201. The Weirdest Things About Animals...
  202. [Discussion] Wisconsin Recalls
  203. [Discussion] Oh, that's "normal."
  204. [News] Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency
  205. Ran out of ideas
  206. [News] Nazi Party gets 8.4% of the seats in the Greek Parliament
  207. [Discussion] Removing the US First Amendment?
  208. Leader of Israel Centrist Party Kadima Agrees to Join Netanyahu’s Coalition
  209. [News] North Carolina passes same sex marriage ban
  210. [News] US President Obama says same-sex couples should be able to marry
  211. What is with Pokecommunity and gay privileges?
  212. [Discussion] Should women be allowed to go around topless in public?
  213. Anyone Good at Making Sprites NEEDED!!!
  214. [Discussion] On the Dating of an ex's friend/friend's ex.
  215. [Discussion] To what extent should a politician's personal life matter?
  216. [News] Newly discovered Mayan calendar goes beyond 2012
  217. [Discussion] Time
  218. [News] Abused woman gets 20 yrs in jail for self defense
  219. [Discussion] The Apocalypse
  220. [News] Ron Paul ends Presidential campaign
  221. [Discussion] Freedom of speech vs Right to privacy
  222. [Post & Discuss] Pictures of your house/Where you live
  223. [Discussion] Is everybody equal?
  224. New Avatar!
  225. Minecraft Craftbook!
  226. [Discussion] Pokemon Coma Theory (Revived)
  227. Which Pokemon look like which generation?
  228. [Discussion] Humanity: Inherently good or evil?
  229. [News] Girl suspended over a fake account committing suicide
  230. [Discussion] University Selection Processes
  231. [Discussion] Veg*ns
  232. Anyone know of a good way a 14 year-old can make good, fast money?
  233. [Discussion] Difference Among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
  234. [News] Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man’s Face
  235. [News] Family robbed after teen posts photo of money on Facebook
  236. [Discussion] Adult Films Beneficial or Detrimental to Society?
  237. [Discussion] You are what you eat
  238. how old is everyone?!
  239. [News] Mars One: Dutch initiative to colonize Mars as early as 2023
  240. [Discussion] Uh-oh, relationships!
  241. [News] Man stabs himself, throws intestines at police
  242. [Discussion] This ain't no Star Trek!
  243. [Discussion] The Nature Of Gender
  244. Dark Dubstep music
  245. Funniest thing today
  246. [News] Evolution removed from South Korean textbooks.
  247. [News] Mother 'high on marijuana' drives with her baby on the roof.
  248. [News] Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survives recall election as voters reject unions
  249. [News] Disney Channel Bans Fast Food Ads
  250. [Discussion] Why do people treat children better that adults ?