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  1. Guns
  2. Children should be allowed to get bored
  3. [News] U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on Prop 8 & DOMA
  4. Origins of Easter
  5. [News] North Korea to enter state of war with South Korea and United States
  6. Women?
  7. [News] Mom Sends Son, Jihad,Wearing T-shirt That Says "I Am A Bomb" & "Born On Sept. 11"
  8. [News] North Korea nukes Seoul, Tokyo, and Las Angelas.
  9. [News] Airline to increase fares for overweight passengers
  10. [News] Small Georgia Town Passes Law Requiring Residents to Own Guns
  11. [News] Ankle Monitors On High-Risk Offenders Malfunctioned For Years
  12. [News] Wellington man's mail 5 years late
  13. Important information regarding Other Chat & Discussions
  14. [News] North Carolina debating bill that allows them to declare a state religion
  15. Discussions & Debates Forum Rules
  16. [News] H7N9 Bird Flu strain spreading in China
  17. [News] First evidence of 'Dark Matter' found
  18. [News] Record Ice Melt cause identified
  19. [News] Ancient 'Gate to Hell' discovered
  20. [News] Study: Nuclear power prevents more deaths than it causes
  21. [News] Saudi Arabian court deals out paralysis as punishment
  22. Hate Crimes
  23. [News] Overseas tax havens exposed
  24. [News] Georgia High school still holding segregated proms
  25. [News] Itallian Scientist - Vaccines make children gay
  26. [News] North Carolina Bill seeks to curb college vote
  27. [News] Religious bigotry halts Tennesse school voucher plans
  28. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  29. Extraterrestrial Intelligences
  30. [News] A duck gives birth to a chicken.
  31. [News] Second arrest in stabbing of Boston mother pushing stroller
  32. [News] North Carolina considers new limits on divorce
  33. [News] States moving to outlaw the taping of animal abuses
  34. [News] Animal rights group PETA exposed via graphic pictures
  35. Your thoughts on Obama's budget proposal?
  36. [News] NATO Airstrike kills 11 Afghan children
  37. [News] H9N7 Bird Flu shows necessity for controversial GOF Research
  38. Perspectives on Atheism
  39. 17-Year Locusts Returning
  40. [News] Republicans Revenge - GOP pushes to strip courts ability to block laws
  41. [News] Rape Case Solved By 'Anonymous' in Less Than 2 Hours Despite "No Evidence"
  42. [News] AFA says 'homofacists' will force Christians to wear badges like the Jews in WW2
  43. Students Told to Take Viewpoint of the Nazis
  44. [News] US and China to collaborate on climate change and cybersecurity
  45. Respect
  46. Animal Cruelty
  47. Help & Advice Thread
  48. The Round Table Rules
  49. [News] Human Genome Patents in Court
  50. [News] MAJOR Explosion at Boston Marathon
  51. Chávez's heir Maduro wins elections in Venezuela by 1.5 points, 7 dead in protests
  52. [News] Researchers create rat kidneys in a laboratory
  53. Indigo Children
  54. Ryan Ferguson - Serving a 40 Year Sentence For a Crime He Didn't Commit
  55. Is the U.S. too involved in foreign politics?
  56. [News] Dangerous Letter Tainted with Ricin Intercepted at U.S. Capitol
  58. [News] Texas Fertillizer Plant Explodes
  59. [News] Shooting at MIT
  60. [News] Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)
  61. [News] Boy Scouts propose allowing gay scouts
  62. Gun Violence... a quest for peace
  63. New Religions
  64. [News] France Legalizes Gay Marriage
  65. [News] Missouri Republicans move to stop issuing Drivers Licenses
  66. [News] Conservative group photoshoped minorities from Voting Rights mailer
  67. Converted Left-Handedness
  68. Promoting Bullfighting..?
  69. The Atacama humanoid
  70. [News] Texas Judge: First amendment allows people to create animal torture videos
  71. President Barack Hussein Obama
  72. [News] Washington Republican introduces bill that would legalise discrimination
  73. After Death
  74. Free Will and Atomic Interactions
  75. [News] Person denied chance to become a cop - Because he scored to high on a IQ test
  76. Libertarian UK Independence Party (UKIP) surges in local elections
  77. [News] Texas teen points to heavens, gets 4×100 relay squad banned from state championships
  78. [News] First Working 3D Printed Gun Made
  79. "Fracking"
  80. What is synthetic rubber?
  81. [News] Hanging Gardens of Babylon definitely existed, just not in Babylon
  82. [News] Twitter infographic shows U.S. Hatespeech patterns
  83. [News] Minnesota Less Than 24 Hours From Becoming 12th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  84. Client-Attorney Privilege
  85. [News] Abortonist Kermit Gosnell convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to life
  87. [News] Heritage Foundation to Republicans - Focus on scandels, don't pass legislation
  88. [News] Texas Judge to lesbian couple - Split up or lose children
  89. [News] Yahoo to buy Tumblr for $1.1b
  90. [News] EF4 Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma Suburbs
  91. April 25: 14 Years After Appeal, Falun Gong's Persecution Continues
  92. [News] Wash. florist sues state in gay wedding case
  93. [News] Gay teenager faces charges over relationship with younger girlfriend
  94. [News] Gay marriage opponent kills himself in Paris' Notre Dame
  95. [News] Red Cross Lifts Ban on Homosexuals [Men] Donating Blood
  96. [News] Soldier killed in terror attack
  97. Obesity and Media
  98. Affirmative Action
  99. Crowd Funding / Crowd Sourcing
  100. [News] Man kicked out of KSA for being "too handsome"
  101. [News] Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh released from federal prison
  102. Vocal Minorities
  103. [News] Controversial Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ending Congressional career
  104. [News] The Party of Liars?
  105. [News] Child suspended from school for 'Pop-Tart Gun' recieves lifetime NRA membership
  106. [News] Nigeria Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Gay Marriage
  107. Say NO to "onechannel"!!!!!
  108. [News] Chinese Government profiting off Iraq War
  109. Political Correctness
  110. [News] Magnet Train now arriving at Saffron City...
  111. [News] NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily
  112. new global friendcode exchange website
  113. [News] U.S State Dep. Officials Allegedly Involved In Organized Drug and Prostitution Crimes
  114. Same-Sex Marriage (That ol' thread again)
  115. Russia to ban 'telling kids that gay people exist'
  116. Man Who Exposes Crime faces more Jail Time than Criminals Do
  117. How many children should people have?
  118. [News] Us to provide arms to Syrian Rebels
  119. [News] Report: Great Britain spied on G-20 Conference diplomats
  120. [News] Political Moderate Hassan Rouhani elected Iranian President
  121. [News] Landmark Supreme Court case rulings expected within days
  122. [News] Texas Governor begging for a Government Handout
  123. Why burn fossil fuels?
  124. Sexual Partners and STI Testing
  125. [News] Cop kills a litter of kittens in front of screaming children
  126. [News] NJ Supreme Court Makes Kidnapping Legal
  127. Human organs 'could be grown in animals within a year'
  128. Polluting to death: China introduces execution for environmental offenders
  129. [News] TDEC - If you complain about the water quality, you may be commiting Terrorism
  130. [News] Conservatives vow to ignore Supreme Court ruling if it in favor of marriage equality
  131. [News] No Prop 8 decision today, but another important decision came out today!
  132. [News] Mother charged with murder after daughter accidently kills herself
  133. Dating Sites
  134. Voting Rights Act dealt major blow by the Supreme Court!
  135. [News] Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act
  136. [News] Prop 8 effectively stricken down by the Supreme Court!!!
  137. [News] Australia's PM ousted
  138. Brazilian Riot
  139. [News] Rick Perry calls a second special congressional session to pass abortion bill
  140. What should secular law govern?
  141. Mathematics, discovered or invented?
  142. [News] Same-sex weddings under way in California after stay is lifted
  143. [News] Study: Major U.S. Companies pay 1/3 of the legal tax rate
  144. Favorite Water Types
  145. [News] Egyptian President Morsi overthrown in Coup d'Etat
  146. Deciphering the code. What (wo)men want.. Really.
  147. What is China's image in the world?
  148. What is America's image in the world?
  149. Where is racism today?
  150. [News] Venezuela offers asylum to NSA Leaker Edward Snowden
  151. [News] Wisconsin Governor signs abortion bill requiring ultrasounds
  152. [News] Costa Rica Accidentally allows same-sex marriages
  153. [News] Plane crash lands in San Francisco, 2 dead, hundreds injured
  154. [News] Terror strikes Bodh Gaya, serial blasts rock Mahabodhi Temple
  155. Autism
  156. Elitism - The best versus the rest
  157. Why do (should) children obey their parents?
  158. Concealed-Carry permitee's engage in freeway shootout
  159. [News] Jury Finds George Zimmerman Not Guilty
  160. What isn't wrong with this Cheerios ad?
  161. [News] $120 white shirt by Kanye West... sells out.
  162. [News] City of Detroit files for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy
  163. Rolling Stone's 'Boston Bomber' cover issue
  164. Tiger Moms
  165. [News] Woman who reported rape in Dubai sentenced to 16 months in jail
  166. [News] Girl gets banned from school trip for eating chocolate
  167. Religion & Healthcare
  168. [News] David Cameron cracks down on online pornography
  169. Intelligence gathering & Torture
  170. [News] Bank reposses wrong house and destroys persons belongings
  171. [News] Plan B pills now over the counter - agree or disagree?
  172. Washington vs. Texas: Voting rights battle rages on
  173. Minors making life-changing decisions
  174. [News] Ohio Attorney General to appeal dying man's wish
  175. "Fat Shaming" Actually Increases Risk of Becoming or Staying Obese
  176. Russia's Anti-GayCrackdown
  177. Dolly, The First Cloned Mammal.
  178. [News] Pope says "who am I to judge" gay people
  179. News Media Bias Analysis Thread
  180. A Dark Hypothesis.
  181. What about the state of children these days?
  182. Misanthropy and Humankind
  183. [News] Study: Family planning saved taxpayers $10.5 Billion USD in 2010
  184. Bradley Manning Verdict - Discuss?
  185. College - Is it worth it?
  186. Is the United States destined to become one of the most unsafe countries?
  187. [News] Senate GOP pushing bill that will prohibit new worker protection laws
  188. [News] Bus driver forces gay couple to sit at the back of the bus
  189. [News] Texas Republicans want Davis to pay for her filibuster
  190. [News] Woman fined $219 for providing incorrect bus fare
  191. [News] Threats against embassies 'very reminiscent' of pre-9/11 chatter
  192. [News] Washington Post purchased by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos for $250 Million
  193. [News] Angered by suspension, police chief orders militia to deny entry into public meetings
  194. Illuminati Conspiracy..?
  195. [News] Foster Mother Charged In Murder of 2-Year-Old Girl
  196. [News] Russian Man trolls bank with modified contract
  197. NOT HELPING - Script Question Thread
  198. Was Karl Marx a Bad Person?
  199. Morality, why do you think something right/wrong?
  200. [News] Teens Face Child Porn Charges in Cyberbullying Case
  201. Policemen - do you fear them, or respect them?
  202. Stop & Frisk
  203. [Discussion] Thoughts on Abortion
  204. [News] Family in shock after hate letter targets teen with autism
  205. [News] Bradley Manning wants sex change.
  206. [News] Justice Department to sue Texas over voter ID law
  207. [News] US gun culture is 'corrupting the world'
  208. Donkeys and Elephants Duking it out
  209. Aesthetic relativism
  210. Playing Sports and Saving Lives
  211. [News] CIA files reveal U.S. helped Saddam Hussein gas Iranis in '88
  212. The Syrian Civil War Thread
  213. Immortality
  214. The N word.
  215. [News] Anti-Vaccine 'MegaChurch' linked to TX Measles outbreak
  216. Gay adoption - why are homosexuals considered unworthy parents?
  217. GBAtemp doesn't respect others as much as here.
  218. The Irony of Sadness
  219. The Internet and its negative Effects on Society
  220. [News] Romania: Stray dogs kill 4-year-old near park in Bucharest
  221. Why do you suppose many people don't investigate their belief system?
  222. [News] NSA’s pipe dream: Weakening crypto will only help the “good guys”
  223. Morality - why do we feel it is right to push our morals on others?
  224. Never Forget.
  225. The Pokemon Stadium. Where is it?
  226. [News] Twerking Punishment for 7th-grader: Public Shaming
  227. Changing the past
  228. Are we all martians?
  229. Torture
  230. Stem Cell research & Gene Therapy
  231. What happens when we die?
  232. [News] 12 confirmed dead in Washington, DC Navy Yard shooting
  233. Your Pokecommunity History
  234. Global Pandemics
  235. Entering a digital dark age?
  236. Self-Harm
  237. Bartow and Bombs.
  238. sports are so sexist
  239. Postgenderism
  240. Unreliable Doctors
  241. [News] Iran-US Detente?
  242. The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts
  243. [News] Obama introduces first-ever corporate carbon emission limits
  244. [News] 11 injured in mass shooting at Chicago park
  245. [News] Bus driver caught texting and driving.
  246. Human Nature: Good and Evil
  247. Human Nature: Reason and Emotion
  248. How much does it pay to be pretty?
  249. Is religion still relevant?
  250. "The Right To Bear Arms"