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  1. [News] U.S. DoD removes combat restrictions on women
  2. [News] North Korea to make 3rd Nuclear test; threatens U.S. with missile strike
  3. [News] Health officials warn of antibiotic 'apocalypse'
  4. [News] Catholic Health says fetuses are not people
  5. Because it's easier..
  6. [News] Potential cure for AIDS discovered by Australian scientists
  7. [News] Pedophile escapes jail, says he didn't know sex with a 13 year old was illegal
  8. [Discussion] Is the internet making us dumber?
  9. [News] Texas wants to give tax breaks to companies that don't provide full health insurance
  10. [Discussion] Corporations are people too, my friend.
  11. [News] UN: Israeli settlements 'illegal'
  12. [Discussion] The 2013 Australian Federal Election
  13. [Discussion] Is the Environment Worth Saving Anymore?
  14. [Discussion] Is privitizing state operated services a good thing?
  15. [News] Robot 'Love' Experiment Goes Wrong
  16. [News] Congress Considers Limitations on U.S. Drone Strikes
  17. United Kingdom legalizes gay marriage
  18. [Discussion] Public/Private
  19. [Discussion] Passion
  20. Got Wii/DS games? Help me out xD
  21. Homeless surfer guy saves people from crazy person
  22. [Discussion] Mars One
  23. [News] Pope Benedict XVI to resign February 28th
  24. Favorite Pokemon girl?
  25. [News] Earthquake detected in North Korea; Nuclear weapon detonated
  26. Hopeful or Pessimistic?
  27. [Discussion] why are some teenagers so rude ?
  28. [News] The Christopher Dorner Thread
  29. [News] U.S. posts 3 Billion Dollar budget surplus in January 2013
  30. [Discussion] Comment of Techno/Dubstep Music
  31. [News] Oscar Pistorius faces murder charge
  32. [News] Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia
  33. [Discussion] North Korea and/or Iran
  34. [News] Alabama Republican - "A baby is the largest organ in a body"
  35. [News] Republican wants to make it illegal to introduce new laws
  36. [News] Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'
  37. [News] Pistorius Case
  38. [News] Democrat says that women don't need guns; should just whistle instead if being raped
  39. [News] Israel awards oil drilling license in the Golan Heights
  40. [Discussion] Just Chat Thread
  41. [Discussion] The Growing Importance of College Education
  42. [Discussion] Skepticism of Science
  43. [Discussion] The F Word
  44. Journey Into Space!
  45. [News] Isael's Ministry of Transport creates palestinian only buses
  46. [Discussion] Too straight for the gay bar.
  47. [News] OK WHAT. Child cured of HIV.
  48. [Discussion] people now say ADHD is not real
  49. [News] Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea
  50. [News] Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I
  51. [Discussion] Teachers are obliged to develop children's morality
  52. [News] Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58
  53. Making friends.
  54. [Discussion] Which theme?
  55. [News] North Korea to end peace pacts with South Korea
  56. [News] People arrested and/or fired for doing Harlem Shake
  57. Black Hawk Mines: Kanye West Excited Father-to-be
  58. [News] Premier of Quebec makes you walk instead of taking the bus if you can't speak french
  59. [Discussion] So I want to take up running...
  60. problem:DS R4i Nds LL revolution problem
  61. any unused club nintendo codes
  62. [News] 14 Adults functionally Cured of HIVs
  63. ok lets starts something nice
  64. Me and Diversity Pumpkin created a new forum today
  65. [Discussion] Did NATO go too far?
  66. The Lounge
  67. [News] Westboro Equality House - Home accross from WBC to be painted pride colors
  68. Want to go to Everfree with anti-brony family
  69. Can I evolve my Omanyte with a stone?
  70. [Discussion] Guns
  71. Children should be allowed to get bored
  72. [News] U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on Prop 8 & DOMA
  73. [Discussion] Origins of Easter
  74. [News] North Korea to enter state of war with South Korea and United States
  75. [Discussion] Women?
  76. [News] Mom Sends Son, Jihad,Wearing T-shirt That Says "I Am A Bomb" & "Born On Sept. 11"
  77. [News] North Korea nukes Seoul, Tokyo, and Las Angelas.
  78. [News] Airline to increase fares for overweight passengers
  79. [News] Small Georgia Town Passes Law Requiring Residents to Own Guns
  80. [News] Ankle Monitors On High-Risk Offenders Malfunctioned For Years
  81. [News] Wellington man's mail 5 years late
  82. Important information regarding Other Chat & Discussions
  83. [News] North Carolina debating bill that allows them to declare a state religion
  84. Discussions & Debates Forum Rules (2013)
  85. [News] H7N9 Bird Flu strain spreading in China
  86. [News] First evidence of 'Dark Matter' found
  87. [News] Record Ice Melt cause identified
  88. [News] Ancient 'Gate to Hell' discovered
  89. [News] Study: Nuclear power prevents more deaths than it causes
  90. [News] Saudi Arabian court deals out paralysis as punishment
  91. [Discussion] Hate Crimes
  92. [News] Overseas tax havens exposed
  93. [News] Georgia High school still holding segregated proms
  94. [News] Itallian Scientist - Vaccines make children gay
  95. [News] North Carolina Bill seeks to curb college vote
  96. [News] Religious bigotry halts Tennesse school voucher plans
  97. [Discussion] GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  98. [Discussion] Extraterrestrial Intelligences
  99. [News] A duck gives birth to a chicken.
  100. [News] Second arrest in stabbing of Boston mother pushing stroller
  101. [News] North Carolina considers new limits on divorce
  102. [News] States moving to outlaw the taping of animal abuses
  103. [News] Animal rights group PETA exposed via graphic pictures
  104. [Discussion] Your thoughts on Obama's budget proposal?
  105. [News] NATO Airstrike kills 11 Afghan children
  106. [News] H9N7 Bird Flu shows necessity for controversial GOF Research
  107. [Discussion] Perspectives on Atheism
  108. 17-Year Locusts Returning
  109. [News] Republicans Revenge - GOP pushes to strip courts ability to block laws
  110. [News] Rape Case Solved By 'Anonymous' in Less Than 2 Hours Despite "No Evidence"
  111. [News] AFA says 'homofacists' will force Christians to wear badges like the Jews in WW2
  112. [Discussion] Students Told to Take Viewpoint of the Nazis
  113. [News] US and China to collaborate on climate change and cybersecurity
  114. [Discussion] Respect
  115. Animal Cruelty
  116. (2013) Help & Advice Thread (Post Your Problems)
  117. D&D Resource Thread
  118. [News] Human Genome Patents in Court
  119. [News] MAJOR Explosion at Boston Marathon
  120. Chávez's heir Maduro wins elections in Venezuela by 1.5 points, 7 dead in protests
  121. [News] Researchers create rat kidneys in a laboratory
  122. [Discussion] Indigo Children
  123. Ryan Ferguson - Serving a 40 Year Sentence For a Crime He Didn't Commit
  124. [Discussion] Is the U.S. too involved in foreign politics?
  125. [News] Dangerous Letter Tainted with Ricin Intercepted at U.S. Capitol
  127. [News] Texas Fertillizer Plant Explodes
  128. [News] Shooting at MIT
  129. [News] Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)
  130. [News] Boy Scouts propose allowing gay scouts
  131. [Discussion] Gun Violence... a quest for peace
  132. [Discussion] New Religions
  133. [News] France Legalizes Gay Marriage
  134. [News] Missouri Republicans move to stop issuing Drivers Licenses
  135. [News] Conservative group photoshoped minorities from Voting Rights mailer
  136. Converted Left-Handedness
  137. Promoting Bullfighting..?
  138. The Atacama humanoid
  139. [News] Texas Judge: First amendment allows people to create animal torture videos
  140. [Discussion] President Barack Hussein Obama
  141. [News] Washington Republican introduces bill that would legalise discrimination
  142. [Discussion] After Death
  143. Free Will and Atomic Interactions
  144. [News] Person denied chance to become a cop - Because he scored to high on a IQ test
  145. Libertarian UK Independence Party (UKIP) surges in local elections
  146. [News] Texas teen points to heavens, gets 4×100 relay squad banned from state championships
  147. [News] First Working 3D Printed Gun Made
  148. [Discussion] "Fracking"
  149. What is synthetic rubber?
  150. [News] Hanging Gardens of Babylon definitely existed, just not in Babylon
  151. [News] Twitter infographic shows U.S. Hatespeech patterns
  152. [News] Minnesota Less Than 24 Hours From Becoming 12th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  153. [Discussion] Client-Attorney Privilege
  154. [News] Abortonist Kermit Gosnell convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to life
  156. [News] Heritage Foundation to Republicans - Focus on scandels, don't pass legislation
  157. [News] Texas Judge to lesbian couple - Split up or lose children
  158. [News] Yahoo to buy Tumblr for $1.1b
  159. [News] EF4 Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma Suburbs
  160. April 25: 14 Years After Appeal, Falun Gong's Persecution Continues
  161. [News] Wash. florist sues state in gay wedding case
  162. [News] Gay teenager faces charges over relationship with younger girlfriend
  163. [News] Gay marriage opponent kills himself in Paris' Notre Dame
  164. [News] Red Cross Lifts Ban on Homosexuals [Men] Donating Blood
  165. [News] Soldier killed in terror attack
  166. [Discussion] Obesity and Media
  167. [Discussion] Affirmative Action
  168. [Discussion] Crowd Funding / Crowd Sourcing
  169. [News] Man kicked out of KSA for being "too handsome"
  170. [News] Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh released from federal prison
  171. Vocal Minorities
  172. [News] Controversial Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ending Congressional career
  173. [News] The Party of Liars?
  174. [News] Child suspended from school for 'Pop-Tart Gun' recieves lifetime NRA membership
  175. [News] Nigeria Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Gay Marriage
  176. Say NO to "onechannel"!!!!!
  177. [News] Chinese Government profiting off Iraq War
  178. [Discussion] Political Correctness
  179. [News] Magnet Train now arriving at Saffron City...
  180. [News] NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily
  181. new global friendcode exchange website
  182. [News] U.S State Dep. Officials Allegedly Involved In Organized Drug and Prostitution Crimes
  183. [Discussion] Same-Sex Marriage (That ol' thread again)
  184. Russia to ban 'telling kids that gay people exist'
  185. Man Who Exposes Crime faces more Jail Time than Criminals Do
  186. [Discussion] How many children should people have?
  187. [News] Us to provide arms to Syrian Rebels
  188. [News] Report: Great Britain spied on G-20 Conference diplomats
  189. [News] Political Moderate Hassan Rouhani elected Iranian President
  190. [News] Landmark Supreme Court case rulings expected within days
  191. [News] Texas Governor begging for a Government Handout
  192. [Discussion] Why burn fossil fuels?
  193. [Discussion] Sexual Partners and STI Testing
  194. [News] Cop kills a litter of kittens in front of screaming children
  195. [News] NJ Supreme Court Makes Kidnapping Legal
  196. [Discussion] Human organs 'could be grown in animals within a year'
  197. [Discussion] Polluting to death: China introduces execution for environmental offenders
  198. [News] TDEC - If you complain about the water quality, you may be commiting Terrorism
  199. [News] Conservatives vow to ignore Supreme Court ruling if it in favor of marriage equality
  200. [News] No Prop 8 decision today, but another important decision came out today!
  201. [News] Mother charged with murder after daughter accidently kills herself
  202. [Discussion] Dating Sites
  203. [Discussion] Voting Rights Act dealt major blow by the Supreme Court!
  204. [News] Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act
  205. [News] Prop 8 effectively stricken down by the Supreme Court!!!
  206. [News] Australia's PM ousted
  207. [Discussion] Brazilian Riot
  208. [News] Rick Perry calls a second special congressional session to pass abortion bill
  209. [Discussion] What should secular law govern?
  210. [Discussion] Mathematics, discovered or invented?
  211. [News] Same-sex weddings under way in California after stay is lifted
  212. [News] Study: Major U.S. Companies pay 1/3 of the legal tax rate
  213. Favorite Water Types
  214. [News] Egyptian President Morsi overthrown in Coup d'Etat
  215. [Discussion] Deciphering the code. What (wo)men want.. Really.
  216. [Discussion] What is China's image in the world?
  217. [Discussion] What is America's image in the world?
  218. [Discussion] Where is racism today?
  219. [News] Venezuela offers asylum to NSA Leaker Edward Snowden
  220. [News] Wisconsin Governor signs abortion bill requiring ultrasounds
  221. [News] Costa Rica Accidentally allows same-sex marriages
  222. [News] Plane crash lands in San Francisco, 2 dead, hundreds injured
  223. [News] Terror strikes Bodh Gaya, serial blasts rock Mahabodhi Temple
  224. [Discussion] Autism
  225. [Discussion] Elitism - The best versus the rest
  226. [Discussion] Why do (should) children obey their parents?
  227. [Discussion] Concealed-Carry permitee's engage in freeway shootout
  228. [News] Jury Finds George Zimmerman Not Guilty
  229. [Discussion] What isn't wrong with this Cheerios ad?
  230. [News] $120 white shirt by Kanye West... sells out.
  231. [News] City of Detroit files for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy
  232. [Discussion] Rolling Stone's 'Boston Bomber' cover issue
  233. [Discussion] Tiger Moms
  234. [News] Woman who reported rape in Dubai sentenced to 16 months in jail
  235. [News] Girl gets banned from school trip for eating chocolate
  236. [Discussion] Religion & Healthcare
  237. [News] David Cameron cracks down on online pornography
  238. [Discussion] Intelligence gathering & Torture
  239. [News] Bank reposses wrong house and destroys persons belongings
  240. [News] Plan B pills now over the counter - agree or disagree?
  241. [Discussion] Washington vs. Texas: Voting rights battle rages on
  242. [Discussion] Minors making life-changing decisions
  243. [News] Ohio Attorney General to appeal dying man's wish
  244. [Discussion] "Fat Shaming" Actually Increases Risk of Becoming or Staying Obese
  245. [Discussion] Russia's Anti-GayCrackdown
  246. [Discussion] Dolly, The First Cloned Mammal.
  247. [News] Pope says "who am I to judge" gay people
  248. [Discussion] News Media Bias Analysis Thread
  249. [Discussion] A Dark Hypothesis.
  250. [Discussion] What about the state of children these days?