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Cipher 2008
August 13th, 2007, 12:02 PM
Okay, so this is the Water-type deck I've just put together. Quite frankly, it's just to get my own back on the Blaziken-Infernape decks that plague my local tournament (ironically, I've got an Infernape-Typhlosion deck in the making, so admittedly I'm not much better), but it does have a small strategy.

Pokémon (15)
2x Crawdaunt ex (Holon Phantoms #99)
3x Corphish (Holon Phantoms #62)
2x Omastar (Power Keepers #20)
3x Omanyte (1x Power Keepers #56, 2x Holon Phantoms #74)
2x Glalie (Power Keepers #30)
3x Snorunt (Power Keepers #64)

Trainers (25)
4x Mysterious Fossil
2x Glacia's Stadium
3x Strength Charm
2x Buffer Piece
3x Energy Restore
2x Mr. Stone's Project
2x Prof. Elm's Training Method
1x Castaway
4x Rare Candy
2x Holon Mentor

Energy (20)
3x Warp Energy
17x Water Energy

I know it's pretty bad, but the vast majority of my good cards aren't legal in HP-on.

It's one of those "More Energy = More power" decks. Crawdaunt ex is powered up by Energy cards and can keep the opponent's bench only half-full, taking out a powered-up Pokémon every time the opponent foolishly puts down a weak Basic. Its Retreat Cost is half of the reason I put Warp Energy in there.

The other half of said reason is Omastar. Pull Down can keep Evolved Pokémon at bay for as long as Omastar can stay out there. Hydrocannon can also do 70 damage with four Energy cards, which is enough to take out any Fire Pokémon. (And yes, I am planning to take out the delta Omanyte.)

Glalie is...really just there because Glacia's Stadium helps the deck, and can also help Glalie itself by reducing the damage to it. Plus, Double-edge is ace for three Energy.

Strength Charm. I put this in when I noticed that neither Glalie's Double-edge nor a Crawdaunt ex with just three Energy on it could OHKO an Infernape. Nuff said, really.

Buffer Piece just helps, really. 20 damage might not seem a substantial amount, but when it comes down to it, it could make all the difference.

Energy Restore is there to take back the Energy that have had to be discarded. This deck's power really does come from how many Energy cards are in play, so they're really needed. Mr. Stone's Project, again, to pull Energy cards (preferably from the discard pile).

Prof. Elm speaks for himself. As does Holon Mentor. And Rare Candy.

Castaway is a godsend (I'm planning to get a couple more). Supporter, Tools and Energy. Just what could be needed at the right time.

Warp Energy's for the Omastars and Glalies, the two-Retreat Cost Pokémon of this world. Or deck.

That's, um...it. Fire away, I know it's pretty rubbish, but hopefully it's only a temporary deck anyway.

Marauding Master
September 7th, 2007, 5:06 PM
I tried Crawdaunt and leaves much too wish.